Donghae’s Birthday Call Out on Sukira

DJs Eunteuk called on Hae today~ ^^;;; AKJAKSJKJSKAJASK at all the Eunhae! ♥ T__T Really miss them so much!

Sukira 2008.10.15 – Donghae’s Birthday Call Out

Teuk: Hello? Hello? Is that Donghae?
Hae: It’s me
Teuk: Donghae-ya~ *sings birthday song* Let’s invite Donghae to say hi to our Sukira listeners
Donghae: Annyeonghaseyo~ I am Donghae. Previously, I was a member of the Sukira (family), although now I’ve left temporarily because I have activities overseas to make SJ more known. But one day, I will return to Sukira’s arms!

Teuk: Sukira’s listeners are very curious to what Donghae has been doing recently
Hae: Recently, I’ve been under the status of SJ-M promoting in China, when I miss the members I’ll return to Korea.. Recently, (we’ve) also been preparing for the concerts, Thailand’s SMTown and Shanghai’s Super Show will be held soon..

Teuk: When will it be held?
Hae: What?
Teuk: When will China’s concert be held?
Hae: Go online to look and you’ll find it
Hyuk: Oh you didn’t know at all~ It’ll be around November
Hae: It should be around the middle of November?
Teuk: It’s on November 22.. Now we’re going to add another day

Hyuk: I understand Donghae’s character, now it seems like he’s not very happy
Teuk: Oh, really?
Hyuk: Are you not very happy right now?
Hae: Indeed, I’m not really happy now.. Last night, our eternal magnae Ryeowook was shouting “Hyung” and saying “Once it reaches 12 midnight, you’ll come out right?” On the 14th night at 10.15pm, he already brought out the cake.
Teuk: Ah, there was a cake at home
Hae: Ryeowook brought out the cake alone, up till now it has only been Ryeowook (who remembered his birthday)
Hyuk: Actually I, truthfully, I really forgot when the clock struck 12
Hae: Indeed
Hyuk: The past few hours before that I’ve been thinking of it, but when the clock struck 12 I actually forgot, it was until the wee hours of the morning that I remembered again.. Donghae was asleep at the early hours of the morning so if I sent a message then it wouldn’t have any meaning.. Today the whole day I was thinking of sending a message at around 11.59pm and that would have more meaning, but now we’re calling out to you already

Hae: Can you do a 1 hour special segment on Donghae today?
Hyuk: Then we’ll just talk for 1 hour today
Hae: Okay, after all, it’ll be the listeners tuning in
Hyuk: But Donghae must talk by himself
Hae: If I don’t have a MC around I won’t be able to say anything, I need the MC’s help

Teuk: Once again, we thank Donghae for taking time off to talk with us
Hyuk: Once again, we wish Donghae a very happy birthday! Do you have anything to say about your anticipation towards the other members? We’ll give you some time

Hae: In a short while, we’ll be celebrating our 3rd anniversary, I’m really thankful to the members who have been by my side and supporting each other mutually.. Don’t get sick.. 3Jib must also be the same.. In the future as well.. Hope that we can be together forever, hope that everybody will be healthy, I also hope the member’s individual careers will be successful.. I love you all

Teuk: I met Donghae when he was in his 3rd year of high school, now I shall say the reason why I like Donghae~ When you finish eating you should be washing your own utensils right.. But because there were many trainees then, so when they finished eating they left.. I went to inspect after that because I was a sunbae then and I saw Donghae washing up that many plates and leftover food by himself.. He also used a cloth to wipe the tables clean, so I asked him.. Why are you here by yourself cleaning up? You should be cleaning up together with the rest.. Who did you learn this good habit from? Donghae said, my father taught me before, at this time, one must stand out and do what he should be doing.. After I heard this, I had a good feeling towards him

Hae: It was because of that day that’s why I have today
Hyuk: It was because of that relationship that you have walked till today
Hae: At that time, Hyung saw that we would make our debut together

Hyuk: It’s rare that we’re able to talk to Donghae today, our mood’s really good, Happy Birthday! Really sorry that because of our schedules we are not able to celebrate your birthday with you
Hae: Then wait till the broadcast is over and head down to the Han River with Hyung. Every time it’s (my) birthday, we’d go to the Han River to order Jjajjangmyun, it depends on whether Teukie Hyung is willing~
Teuk: Then let’s go.. Our Sukira listens have dedicated a song to Donghae.. What song is it?
Hyuk: It’s Marry U

Teuk: Donghae-ya, once again I wish you a very happy birthday, you’re old too now!
Hae: When I first met Hyung I was 16.. Now I’m 23..
Teuk: See you at the hostel in awhile..
Hae: Thank you Sukira listeners!

Please do not take out! Linking back is fine~
So I suppose Hae’s in Korea now too? ^-^* Or is he with SJ-M in China? I’m a little confused with only Wookie bringing out the cake and him inviting Eunteuk to have Jjajangmyun at the Han Gang~“ Lol.
Ahhh~ & It’s so evident that Eunhae can’t be separated for too long.. They miss each other too much 😦 It’s trufax yo. They neeeeeeeddddddd each other.. I can just imagine Hyuk saying, “You’re like my oxygen” to Hae XD Okay. Wild imagination;;;

As to whether they are indeed adding another day to the Super Show schedule in Shanghai, since I heard that there are rumours that it’ll be the only stop in China (Beijing’s cancelled), the Chinese E.L.Fs aren’t too sure about it too^^ But I hope they do 😀 I can’t wait for 13!


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HAPPY BDAY Donghae Oppa
Fishie ❤
EunHae love ^_^

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

I will be happy if they are in Korea right now. They can celebrate his birthday together.
Happy Birthday to FISHY <<<<3333333333333333X10000000+
Thanks for translating.

Comment by Angel

Hi!! So interesting!
I love that silly cutie Donghae..
and Teuk!

Hey! may I translate it to spanish?

Comment by dkun

aslkjskdjfeikdjskdjf, so touching! but I sense a sort of animosity. donghae is so cute!><

Comment by lolly

fact: i’m crying…
i remember his b-day.. when it was 23:59pm in south korea, i was waiting the time to post a b-day message to him.. and prepared a cake too… *feeling weird* wookie is so equal to me sometimes that i think if he really do this cuz he’s my favorite member..
Anyway, just today i went to the beach and didnt listened to sukira, this cute thing happens.. next time ill be at home and listen…
thank you for posting
*reads again and cry more*

Comment by Debbie

-many bday wishes from Canada!!!-

Donhae, ah, such a sweet man. he cares so much about Super Junior!!

aww!! i miss EunHae so much!! i can’t wait till they’re all back together again! it’s been too long! a little confused with the cake thing and Wookie o.O

yay!! Oppa is 23..well..22 in Canada=p

Comment by cng

saengil chukhayo ^__^
Thailand’s SM TOWN?? concert?? wOw
wish i could go there

Comment by cheflab

happy birthday donghae oppa!
may this year brings you wholly happiness~~

Comment by pikahcun

Annyeonghaseyo Donghae oppa, Happy Birthday…. I’m your fan…please come to Indonesia especially in Banjarmasin city…I’m waiting you…

Comment by yuli

i know how donghae felt when only one person remembers your bday! i experienced that.
ryeowook is just sooo kind to bring a cake..even me was touch by his kindness.
Happy birthday donghae!
go spend some time would be great!
*wipes tears*

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

“I can just imagine Hyuk saying, “You’re like my oxygen” to Hae XD” I SO AGREE!
So cute so cute!
I need to go off real soon cos my dad is being a b——.
Shall come back and read this cute lil post later!
Kamsaimida! ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

No wonder why i love donghae a lot ^^ it’s because of this. He always make me smile no matter how long time ago. Really love him my east sea. Happy Birthday

Comment by MiaDong

woho! cute ryeowook… unhappy?? tsk. tsk. i think they miss one another

Comment by aitsukame

Oh gosh. I remembered yesterday my family and I also bought a cake… but they didn’t know it was Hae’s birthday so I was the only one who gave meaning to that cake.

I wish they would all be together again.
HAEppy Birthday. 🙂

Comment by sallysync

Happy Birthday To Donghae
Wish u colourful and happiness everyday

by E.L.F Thai

Comment by Anonymous

Awww, thanks for this. ^^
EUNHAE MAN. And Fishy. ♥♥♥
They’re just so cute…

Comment by Mariel

im alil confused too. :/
hmm . want him happy !
but i bet the other boys are all really busy.
but KYAAAAA ! so nice that hyuk knows what Hae’s feeling ~ EUNHAE ROCKS !!

ermm .. i teared up about the plate cleaning thing.
its so touching . and Hae about his Dad. its so sad.

wish they all can celebrate together.
HAEppy birthday. ^^

Comment by yin

fishie ahhh~~<33
happy bday!!

i wish you many success with suju 13 and suju M <333
and please, be always healthy and happy :3

thnx so much for subbing ^^

Comment by dani♥jiyong

i hope donghae can celebrate with other SJ member(i mean in korea)..
i’m sure he missed korea alot~~~~~~
DOnghae oppa HWAITING!!!!!

Comment by Rachelyty

w0w…donghae is such a nice person…i love him…
really swit..

Comment by roxane ann

ooh! I watch the clip! Heh heh. Eunhyuk is so CUTE.
Now I’m craving so much for Eunhae that I’m searching for Eunhae fanvids on Youtube. 😛

Comment by SJ-Love

happy birthday donghae!!!

Comment by apple

awww… ryeowook is such a sweetie…
happy birthday donghae!!

Comment by mobilezdi

happy birth day donghae oppa!!!

Comment by YUAN

wookie so sweet..

happy bday fishy oppa..

Comment by lotadiaz

Hi donghae
happy birthday!!!
i wis you will
celebrate your birthday

Comment by Anonymous

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