Kyu & Siwon 12Plus CF Filming Pictures
October 15, 2008, 2:45 am
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Saw some amajing photos~ *__* AHHH KYU BB~ Increasing his mojo by the day! XD

Harlow Photog Choi~

Credits; [KKBC-DHC]4iipk8b[v, @siamzone, Pleum@siamzone, Nok,iiz

& I think these will be the new designs for the 12+ Pocket Colognes for Kyu & Siwon! Kyu’s pictures are from 2Jib, lol.


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Some of the photos on the bottles are old!
But they’re doing so well!
Good for them!

Comment by koncettina

I can’t believe Kyuhyun is the next face of 12plus…… with Siwon..
arg.. Can’t wait for the adv to come out..

Comment by kpop-th

OH WOW HOW CUTE 😀 12Plus is just awesome lmao 😀

Comment by querubin

are those really the new design….i doubt it because the picture of them are old….do you mean the bottle? but then they dont really look new…

Comment by Ellie

oh oh.. is that smell like kyuhun???
i want to buy them!

thanks for posting..

Comment by aralovessuju

Ohhh I love that pic outside the cut <3. Why are they both so perfect, le sigh.

(And I fail at commenting, but THANK YOU for translating the recent cyworld entries! Heechul seems weird again (or weirder than normal lol) XD. And yay for Donghae cutting his hair!!)

ALSO. You ROCK for translating those JJ Lin lyrics <3!! I can’t wait for his album to come out, seriously T___T.

Comment by spazzes

oh i love the pics..
hope to see that CF!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

I want to buy the cologne! But is it for man/guys only?
I dun want to smell weird like manly Siwon and Kyuhyun though!

Comment by SJ-Love

The cologne’s target is for teen female.

The smell is sweet and nice.

Kyuhyun said he prefers the blue one coz it’s SJ colour, while Siwon prefers the pink one as it’s a symbolic of love.

However, Kyuhyun now become good commercial presenter as he said that
although he and Siwon only mentioned about 2 colours but it doesn’t mean that the purple-package cologne is not nice.

They all smell good.

Fans should spray them for seeing SJ at the airport.

Comment by Crysty

wow,cool i never knew that there’s an actually cologne endorsement by kyuhyun.haha,i wish i could have one.tsk tsk. >.<

Comment by eihnjeil

i’m thailand

i have it more ~ ^^

Comment by ida.chirr

it’s so cool n cute boys

Comment by fenny

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