Heechul’s Cyworld Updates 2008.10.13
October 14, 2008, 3:57 am
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Heechul’s Minihompy Title Update 2008.10.13

Nevertheless (she) left

Heechul’s Minihompy Column Update 2008.10.13

To you who’s in my heart
There isn’t anyone else like me

Credits; OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라
What’s with his column update?? @__@

OMGOMGOMGOMG. Erm, nothing much to do with Heenim BUTBUTBUT Hae cut his hairrrrrrrrrrrrr! And I almost couldn’t recognize him! ♥♥♥ Reminds me so much of Mini Drama days~ I miss dorky Hae!!

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And does anyone know why most of them went to Japan? It seems like M minus Geng was there too.. Except Kibum as well.. I was snooping around Baidu and some ELF said that it was to film the Japanese MV of Marry U.. 😀

Some other updates.. Kyu & Siwon are in Bangkok for the 12 plus ad.. In view of recent tensions there, I hope they take really good care of themselves T__T


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Comment by koncettina

I think the column update is a play with the two songtitles he has in his BGM he just added the ‘to’ ^^ … at least I hope it’s that and it has no deeper meaning ㅡㅡ;

Comment by wassereis

why someone broken his heart?

Comment by Jana

ZOOOMG! no waaaaaaaaaay… so the girl thats been giving our heenim emo thoughts dumped him?? aaarrgh, dont worry heenim! she’ll regret it (: and you’ll be able to find someone better that’ll make you happyy… 🙂

Comment by lovemixin

Aw, did he get dumped? ^^;;

Comment by peachdisco

um.. Can I post this link so that people can see donghae’s new hair? XD

Thankyou 🙂

Comment by Mish

aww, what he said sounds like sjt’s song.

Comment by !Main

That girl will be me D:
I’ve been seeing life like it was an awful nightmare and he got affected T__T
(Sorry, i can get ambitious sometimes ne =_=)

And they’ll be filming the Marry U mv for me, aswell. to give me more reasons to live O_O

Comment by me.

ayy i hope no one broke heenim’s heart 😦

hae looks like a 10 year old all over again 😀

Comment by bananafishsticks

bah..pity heenim…

Comment by aiqha

Donghae oppa looks damn HOT with short hair!!!
I’m so in love with his hair now…

“there isn’t any one else like me”…isn’t that a line from SJ-T’s song? Who broke his heart..? Whoever she is, she is gonna regret it later. Heechul oppa hwaiting!

Comment by SJ-Love

i’m so happy that Hae cut his hair,
but i can’t see in the picture clearly >,<
did he cut his hair like when he’s in the mini drama?? omo~

Comment by jasmineplay25

hi… i did link the cy updates for sapphirepearls.. if it is not okay, i can delete it right away… ^^

Comment by aitsukame

lol i deleted my post for sapphirepearls, i realized that i must wait for your approval before posting it… stil waiting for you approval… thanks!

Comment by aitsukame

lol i deleted my post for sapphirepearls, i realized that i must wait for your approval before posting it… still waiting for you approval… thanks!

Comment by aitsukame

-__- uhm, it’s the love virus again..hope he’s not hurt or something…

Donghae with a short hair!!! I’m so spazzing here seeing that haircut that makes me like him the first time!! I hope there’s a clearer and nearer view of that! It’s his birthday haircut!!

Can’t wait for that Marry U JapVer.

Comment by yan

“To you who’s in my heart
There isn’t anyone else like me”
-heechul still praises himself eventhough he’s
broken -hearted..

ive read from somewhere that they went to japan to promote their japanese version of marry u. idk if its promoting or making an MV. only 11 of them came. hangeng and kibum wasnt there because of their drama shootings..OMG, my hangeng’s doing a drama.amazing!

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

@ Mish:
Yes you can ^-^

@ me.:

@ aitsukame:
Sure~ That’s fine~ I’ll state if I don’t allow to take it out at each post.. Esp long entries by the boys ^^ If not others are perfectly alright 🙂

Thank you for asking!!

Comment by ilovejr

I wonder what’s “her” reason leaving Heechul…
It’s funny how he stated his love for the girl [To you who’s in my heart] yet the pride brings about bitterness of her walking away [There isn’t anyone else like me]… who might this gurl be… keep it cool Chulie…

Comment by kitte


Comment by aitsukame

@ wassereis:
I hope so too~ ^^

Comment by ilovejr

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