Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.13
October 14, 2008, 3:23 am
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.13 21:54
In the ‘天’ folder..

신데렐라 2008.10.13 21:54

A conversation topic we had when we were in Japan

‘G’ Teuk (I think he meant GaeTeuk) : Hyung~ The name ‘ELF’ was given very well ㅎㅎ

Manager Hyung : That is, that is ~ Because Hyung took pains to name it~ㅋㅋ

Me: (Game invalid) Ah.. Even if I’m ‘undead’ I’ll be awesome

Manager Hyung : (Playing the game together) Why ‘undead’ again;; Just use Orcs Orcs* will doㅋㅋ

Me : Our fan’s power is large, if not why are they called ‘Tauren’?

Manager Hyung : Dwarf

Me : Gnome

‘G’ Teuk : Ya! You play fewer games ㅎㅎ You’re like an invalid ㅎㅎ

Me : Ah Hyung! Don’t you think calling an ‘undead’ is better? Undead ㄱㄱ

Manager Hyung : No; ELF is better, why do you want to suddenly change it to ‘undead’ ya;;

Me : Uhm.. ‘Undead’ has a forsaken will, it is immune to fear..

Manager Hyung : Yes! So that’s why.. You yourself can be ‘undead’ ㅋㅋ

Me : Ah I can’t take it any more ㅋㅋ I have to leave a message at my fancafe, discuss a little on ‘undead’ ㅋㅋ

‘G’ Teuk : What about your Petals~ㅎㅎ

Me : Flowers will wither but ‘undead’ is will never die!!

Also, it will just follow me!! Uhahaha!! Definitely ‘undead’!!

Topic ends


Anything that’s related to me shall be classified as Undead ㄱㄱ

ELF (you) don’t need to worry that Oppa has gone crazy

ELF and Undead are under the same Horde so they get along well

How about that? Really easy?

Shall stop playing my game (-┏)

N.B * Apparently that’s game language @__@ Sorry, but I’m all fail at cyber gaming terms.

Credits; OnlyHeechul, LoveChul, OnlySJ13
Original Source; 신데렐라
Please do not take out! Linking back is fine~


LULZ at Heenim’s amajinggg gaming terms. Gah! I didn’t even know they were in Japan until I read on Baidu that this fan saw them in.. a convenience store in Harajuku? 0__0 WOW. So lucky!!!

Btw, I actually subbed the WGM cut with Eunteuk to only realize that the video I downloaded had a missing codec -___-”’ So I guess I’ll try to find another version tomorrow and encode the subs ^^


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THat is quite confusing…..
Yay for Heechul being undead!

Comment by koncettina

haha i’m guessing they’re referring to warcraft..those are the races: night/blood elves, orcs, undead, tauren, dwarves and a bunch of others…but..Oo i’m not sure if there’s a hidden meaning behind that conversation cause it’s so..random lol. he wants to change ELF’s name to UNDEAD because theres a skill called “forsaken will” which causes immunity to fear. soo he thinks SJ fans are immune to fear? yeah random haha.

but elves are the best looking =]

Comment by rwlove

hehehe…heemin’s crazy n happy again~~~^^
lol hahaha i feel sry 4 u…but anywayz thxx 4 subbin it really fast…cant wait 4 it…it look funni^^

Comment by mizztaznchick

It makes me so happy that Heechul plays the Horde xD The fact that he wants the fan group to be named after a Horde race just makes me go all fangirl!

But his reason is even better xD (I would have smiled if he picked Orc for their racial ability~ Angry fans unite~ Lol)


Comment by Tankun

Wait, so us Petal fans are now called Undead? AHAHAHAHA XDDDDDDD Oh, Heenim, I luff you XDD

Comment by lovemelodies

It seems like he and the manager are playing Warcraft ^_^

Heenim’s such a gamer!

Comment by ghizuu

He’s really weird.

Comment by sallysync

love gamer heechul LOL

thanx for the translation 😀
i’m putting this in spanish :3

Comment by ALI

Thanks for the explanation rwlove! (Wookie fan?)

I would have been completely lost otherwise >.<

Well, then – in the name of Heenim, I declare myself an Undead Petal!

Comment by Mr C K Dexter

keke Heenim, stop playing warcraft!! xD

Comment by haru

Heechul plays World of Warcraft?! Hahah, noice!
I want him to play with me. *__*
I actually have an elf character, LOL.
Horde, ftw! I hate the Alliance, psh.

Comment by Dessa

wait does that mean that the manager got the name E.L.F. from playing warcraft???? we are named after a game???? LOL…just kidding.

Comment by Ellie

that was confusing…

Comment by sara

aaah…hee chul oppa..never fails to cheer me ^__^ undead?? no matter what..ELF will always love yOu

~btw..its that heechul bday cake …uwaaa sOOO pinkY…i like

Comment by cheflab

really confusing…

Comment by mei an


Comment by gaegood

I was laughing so much as I read this!!!
Oh Heechul oppa…you’re such a joker. XD

Comment by SJ-Love

it’s me again, i did link this entry, again if it’s not okay, i can delete it… ^^

Comment by aitsukame

Haha, noway, heechul plays WOW:D i play it too, but i play at alliance, sorry 😀

Comment by kate

i always love seeing heenim’s conversation posts…

Heenim must be a crazy gamer!! lol!
their convo is really confusing…. they are using gaming terms (? i think). And it’s so cute heenim insisting on “undead”.

Comment by yan

hahaha..heechul oppa made my day once again..
thanks for posting,,
btw, is that cake refers to donghae’s birthday????

Comment by alwaysuju91

i dont understand gaming terms also but surely heechul is undead and me too will be undead.haha
dont worry heechul ELF understands.hehe

p.s heechul’s bday cake is soooo cute..and its sooo pink and yummy!lol

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

YEah..I think they are talking about warcraft..ahaha..i play that a lot..

so, are we now called undead?

ahaha..yep yep yep..’fear’ isn’t in ELF’s vocabulary when it’s for Super Junior..hwaiting!!

Comment by cris_xang

ah a little bit confuse
heenim seem a game addict
he wrote many entry about game keke

anyway can i translate it to thai
thank you very much and plz keep work hard

Comment by swe3tless

Hahaha, im Undead!<33
I love you Chullie~ ❤

Comment by Chelsea omg Heenim kills xD

i like to be undead now LOL!!!
i like to be with heechul oppa always!!!
take care oppa!!!!!!XD

Comment by jemmie

i’m undead as heechul says it so..LOL
ramdom heechul has got me crazy!!

Comment by CassiELF


Heechul is awesome. Lok’tar Ogar, FOR SUPER JUNIOR!

Comment by Dominique

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