Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2008.10.10 (2/2)
October 10, 2008, 11:43 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.10 21:23
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..Love Fighter..
박정수 2008.10.10 21:23

..Leeteuk’s Love Fighter..

Not in Super Junior’s name but in Leeteuk’s name…

The first time that a program is under my name..

After 5 years of waiting, what I wanted to do has been realized early..

A program which has been called insufficient and with only much talking.. A rubbish program..

I heard many people did not want me to be the mc..I was in lots of stress and agony..

Worrying too much…

The day when I was the longest running mc on cable tv..and the longest time a program has been no.1 on the (tv) ratings..

Even the accompanying ratings for the same day would increase..It really received lots of love..

No matter where we went..(Everyone) thought well of it…Thought well of it…

Word by word, I’m truly grateful..

This valuable period of time..Has given me opportunities to develop..

Although (each) broadcast is only about 40 minutes ..2 weeks worth of program..Requires almost 9 hours of filming..

A time where I fought against myself ..I mustn’t lose to myself…

I’m feeling relieved yet sorry…

Because there’s more things to do in the future..So I must be even more humble..And more hardworking..

Cheer up..Jungsoo-ya..^^;

Original Source; 박정수
Please do not take out! Linking back is fine~


You always make my heart crack into 989238928398239 pieces. T__T
Same sentiments anyone? ♥♥♥

He just makes being an ELF so much more worthwhile. ^^;;;


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same sentiments.. ME ! TT^TT
jungsoo oppa ! cheer up ! <33
he always make me feel lik
just sitting next to him and smile
and tell him everything’s great. 😡

so … drama scene.

Comment by yin

Jungsoo oppa…im proud of you!!! you will be the greatest MC someday…and ELF will always stand behind you.

hi im new to this site…thank so much for updating all their cyworld entry…this is really meaningful is like your bring me closer to SUJU..^.^…

Comment by Ellie


Teuk figting!!! you will have new projects in the future for sure >.<!!!!!!

thanx for tah translation, i’m putting this in spanish :3

greetings 🙂

Comment by ALI

first one to comment!!
waa eeteuk oppa look sexy even though with cloth on..
haha what it’s in my mind rite now(@_@!)

leader shii fighting!!

Comment by pikahcun

ahh i’m so late to be the 1st one

Comment by pikahcun

You express to everyone that you can do this!
“a program has been no.1 on the (tv) ratings..”

Your attempt doesn’t lose ^^

Cheer up JS!!!

Thank ya.

Comment by pazma

>< i really dont like when he post things like that.. but his other post, about the ‘why’… i understand him..
thank you for translating ^^

Comment by Debbie


Comment by donghae

eeteuk hyung.
so adorable..
how come people didnt like him to be MC?
love you leader. ^^

Comment by geng^^geng

oppa, fighting! you make me proud, baby!XD

Comment by gaegood

oppa take care of your health don’t want to see u so stress out!!!! i just really wanna be there just to take care of you but sadly i’m not.. and i don’t know if it will happen…. just take care …..

Comment by marianne arevalo

guess who’s this;

i copy + paste.

You always make my heart crack into 989238928398239 pieces. T__T

Comment by me.

My dear Jungsoo oppa..
sometime people doesnt see d other side of us
the side w full of happiness,
full of desires,
full of willingness,
they can say anything
but only we know what happen,
what the feeling
and ya…
even how hard d journey goes,
even how many tears and sweats,
memories always remains in our heart
so dont ever give up,oppa~

*oppa,im oso wish they dont make any change..omo~if d program change d new mc,its not Leeteuk Love Fighter anymore..sounds weird to me..btw,oppa..HWAITING!!!

Comment by irzs_2ue

dont worry too much oppa!!!
cheer up!!
you are such a great MC…
and many projects will be there on your way!!!

JS fighting!!

saranghae oppa!

Comment by triune.lei

Mr. Jungsu Park, you have to believe in your capabilitities because we all do.

I know you can do it.

Comment by sallysync

wow congratz to teukie oppa!
i knew he can do it.
i didn’t doubt of it!
you’re the best MC teukie oppa!

You always make my heart crack into 989238928398239 pieces. T__T
Same sentiments anyone? ♥♥♥”
thanks for asking this..everyone has the same reaction.haha

Comment by wenela

you had worked very hard
Hwaiting oppa!!!!
I will always beside for support you ^^

Comment by SooMi_Lee

jung soo oppa…
Fighting n cheer up!!!!!

Comment by mei an

so i never really followed love fighter cause there weren’t many subs, but did the program do well? the way he writes it kind of confuses me.. people didnt want him to be mc before the show aired right? not during..x.x orrrrr hhmmm.

sidenote: he looks like he has on one too many shoelifts but it makes his legs look dammmnnn sexyy with those clothing. ^_^

thanks for translating

Comment by rwlove

You always make my heart crack into 989238928398239 pieces. T__T
Same sentiments anyone? ♥♥♥

He just makes being an ELF so much more worthwhile. ^^;;; ” <—-I AGREE.
Esp the last line…
Teukie oppa hwaiting! We never doubted you!

Comment by SJ-Love

Jungsoo you’ve done great.
Cheer up.

Comment by Sara

[…] Why are Teukie’s cyworld entries always so depressing? He always seems so happy but once he starts expressing himself he always sounds so sad. Poor thing needs cheering up! I don’t watch Love Fighter because for one thing it’s not available for us here in the Philippines but I heard it’s doing well, ratings-wise? I love that he has a project of his own that isn’t the least bit related to Super Junior/SM or associated with another Super Junior member (think Heenim and Kangin’s ‘Xanadu’). He should be proud of himself, I think. […]

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aww he’s so sweet and humble. I am happy he reached his dream 🙂 ELF is proud of him!!

Comment by sureyya

I almost cry when reading his CY along with the news of ending to be the MC for LOVE FIGHTER. This is what oppa love to do as well as being SJ. Finally, the last day has come. I believe that there will be another chance for oppa in the future. Love him so much.. TT
Cheer Up my lovely guy ~

Comment by miadong

cheer up eeteukie..
We are here for you..all your hardships do have rewards..


Comment by norievic

we arereally proud of all your accomplishments as well as SJ’s…

Just always be happy….


Comment by yan

teuki oppa!!whatever you do,i will always prop you from behind…be patient because we all here behind you….sarangheyo!!!

Comment by tuki-tuki

Thats the way to go!

Comment by KangincumShow

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