Heechul’s Cyworld Updates 2008.10.07
October 7, 2008, 11:10 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.10.07

Love calling out to sadness
The calmness bringing about separation

Heechul’s Storyroom Update 2008.10.07 17:40

希 (Hee)
44 2008.10.07 17:40

Cigarettes are harmful to the body

Even though you know it, it’s hard to quit

Love really hurts

Even though you know it hurts, but you can’t free yourself from it


Should I choose to smoke the cigarettes which are harmful to my body..

Or experience the love which causes heart pain..

Credits; LoveChul
Original Source; 신데렐라


The “Love Really Hurts” theme is pretty rampant now.. Inevitable cos it’s just so apt ;;;


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2nd would be okay too. . .

Heechul is so cute. .
Altough i often don’t get what he’s talking ’bout in cy. . .
The same happen at yesung cy too. . .
Both of them ‘AB’ right?

Suju hwaiting!

Comment by HoTaRu

what happen with my heenim
ah… i hope he’ll be ok soon

anyway can i translated it to thai
thank you very much

Comment by swe3tless

is he smoking again? i thought that he already quit? i am worried about his health…=(

Comment by crystal

*coughHangengsmokecough* 🙂 My emo Heenim 😦

Comment by Rin

wahh hope he doesnt smoke nehhhh… but maybe he does this to help out the geng smoking issue? cuz heenim loves geng ❤

thanks for translating as always

and lol… go type ABs!! ur all so cute and… random? lol

Comment by Hana

wow! another heechul cy update!

i hope he really does quit smoking…
and yeah, the “love really hurts” -emo-ness theme is so in to them right now…as well as being in love (thinking of leeteuk’s latest cy entry). I hope this will all pass by, coz it’s really making them…yeah, emo. :))

and uh, btw, i love the artwork…
and is heechul looking so hawt in that gif pic? ^___^

Comment by yan

ahh I didn’t know that Heenim smokes..

Comment by SN

heechul please do not smoke. it will ruin your life. i want a healthy and happy heechul.

Comment by alice

omg alsjdfksl i just backtracked through a lot of your entries and i don’t tell you this enough, but THANK YOU for translating their cyworld entries <33! they’re really quite fun to read, even when they’re being emo XD.

I remember he started smoking again back in February of this year, then quit again. I hope he doesn’t start smoking again :/.

Comment by spazzes

haha im an AB and im exactly the same like heenim, except his beauty is like the sky digging on my grave [?]
god, i hope hes not smoking again. im still not believing the hankyung smoking though

Comment by EternalELF

Heenim..don’t do both..petals don’t want you to ruin your health..but they also don’t want you to experience a painful love..Love really hurts..

Comment by Cris_Xang

heechul should experience love. (as if he doesn’t)
smoking? you should try sometime but take note its effect. it will be bad.hehe.
hangeng smoke? well, im not against it. he’s a guy anyway..
heechul is such a writer with wild imaginations that’s why i don’t understand his entries sometimes..hehe

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

aaah… so he’s really in love ..

heenim-ah, as much as i want you for myself *cough**cough* please go for love(: you’ll be happy aaand someone will be taking care of our beloved heenim!

aand smoking is bad bad bad for you! no!

Comment by lovemixin

Experience the love! It doesnt always causes heart pain!
Especially for dear Cinderella. Its ‘happily ever after’ 😀
Heechul oppa, dun smoke! Petals will be really sad if u did. 🙂
What can’t our Cinderella do? He can write, draw, joke, scold, sing, act.
*thank you 4 translating!

Comment by SJ-Love

Aww man NO! Don’t!!!!

Comment by !Main

i hope he wouldn’t and never smoke again..
it’s BAD for his health

Comment by ^monster^

i think i’ll choose to smoke the cigarettes..


Comment by renren

does he smoke?~~~~ i don’t think so..
he wants to smoke but he just doesn’t smoke.. right?!~~~~

Oppa~~~~ think about it.. don’t do such harmful things just to not experience being hurt..~~~~~

Comment by kingheemin

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