Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.07 (2/2)
October 7, 2008, 10:33 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.10.07 18:58
In the folder ‘澈’..

Title: K i s s

It’s been a long time since I talked to Donghae on Messenger (MSN?)

Even though I really would like to screenshot the funny and interesting discussion topics^-^

But there are many places that have to be mosaic-ed, so I pass (-┏)

Donghae is a dongsaeng who’d go..

Kim Heechul @#$&!(@#**$!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ”

and curse at me before escaping and I’d only laugh at him^-^

Ah! Of course I’m the hyung who’d go ‘Haw Haw’ and give him a hooking karate shot (?) ^-^

Also Donghae is..

The only one who’s allowed to come into the shower when I’m showering^-^

Ah.. Did Hankyung and I take a shower together beforeㅡㅡ?

Also Donghae is..

The only one who’s allowed to wake me when no one else dares to, even through hitting my butt^-^

Of course, if I were to wake up earlier, I’d smack Donghae on his face and wake him up^-^

In short, Donghae is..

If I say among the members, my character’s like $#%&@ and no one else dares to bother me

Donghae is one who can ride on my shoulders* and get away with it?ㅋㅋ

My beloved dongsaeng^-^

*N.B Sort of meaning that he can get away with anything even though he might be ‘disrespectful’ to Heechul..

Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라
Please do not take out! Linking back is fine^^;;;

AKAJSKJASKJSKDJSKJSKJDKSJDJK &@*&*&*#&*@&$*!@!*@. You really made my day Heenim, ilusm! 13 reunite, please!


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waaa~ heenim really miss donghae that much!
i miss the 13 of them together!!
13! RE-UNITE!!!!

Comment by sapphire13angels

kyaaah~ heechul! such a sweet hyung *_____*
I’m pretty sure that donghae is quite annoying XD hahah!! but it’s nice to know that no one’s getting angry ^^

Comment by youjuchan

yah, 13 reunite!please, please please!!

im very very attractive to heenim if he shows care to his doengsangs.
love yah heenim!
donghae!advance happy birthday!♥

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

ZOMG this made me spazz like crazy! i chanced upon this blog sometime earlier this year and i’ve been following each and every cyworld update (esp of heechul) while quietly spazzing…BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH! dongchul looooooove!

heechul is a such a sweet hyung sometimes…but sometimes he just seems so moody and emo. what an enigma he is. x)

Comment by ♥enchantzment

AWWW so cute 😀

Comment by mel

kiyyaaaaaa !!! omg loves !
hahahaha. sweet !

Comment by yin

Oppa gonna kill me now
i really love the time the two boys stay together.
they like the real brothers ^^
Thank you

Love it!!

Comment by miadong


Comment by Fefa

did heechul put up the kyuteuk kiss gif himself??

Comment by iya

who is in the gif? eeteuk and kyu?

Comment by -=yushin013only=-

DongHae *3*

i’m translating this into spanish, thanx a lot for your works *-*

Comment by ALI

ah after read it i really really want to be donghae
take a shower with heenim^^
thank 4 translated it

can i translated it to thai
thank you very much

Comment by swe3tless

MYGOSHMYGOSHMYGOSH. omona. both of them are my LOVE. hehehehe

Comment by kimshey/sheykascooby/sayshey

this is love…
its nice…
the gif is love,,,
he must really be missing donghae

Comment by foreverhispetal


i just love it when heechul talks about other members, like tell stories about them and their so adorable love ♥

this makes me miss more and more the 13 of them together…

Comment by yan

Who ‘s kissing Kyu on the gif. and did HeeChul put the gif. himself ???

Can’t help falling in love with Heenim once again.

Comment by Peach

too sweet n adorable~~~^^
hehehe donghae n heemin*_*
i nvr new heemin can b so lenient toward donghae^^
(ofcourse i new dat he n donghae was very close cuz of during their training days

Comment by mizztaznchick

LOOOL, the GIF is KyuTeuk! Did Heenim mistake Teukie for himself? Anyway, the post is so sweeeet. 🙂

Comment by Joannetay

LOL isnt the gif kyu though?
whys he talking about donghae? anyways that was so cuuuuuuutee
ahh heechul ilusm
13 pleaseeee

Comment by EternalELF sweet Heenim~~~

the “hooking karate shot” is so funny..

Heechul and Donghae + Hangeng is ♥! too..I miss them together..T_T

Comment by Cris_Xang

the gif is teuki n kyu at sukira.. LOL

so much love from heechul to his dongsaeng..>.<

Comment by mei an

so cuteee >,<
i love it!
yeah superjunior look like a real brother 🙂
oo. i miss when all of them perform together T.T
HUHUU… when will i see that again?
thank you so much to translate this ^^

Comment by jasmineplay25

soo kawaii ^__^
wish i have an oppa like hee chul

oooohh…it’s been a while since i read ur post [i was out of town]
thankss soo much 4 updating hee chul’s cyworld entry ^___^

Comment by cheflab

I love everything in this post.
From the Gif to the “Did Hankyung and I take a shower together before?” XDDD

Comment by Password486

I love how Heechul oppa describes the members of Suju. Like the Hangeng one.alskdjdfghljljkfhdljfhljglf
And this. Its so direct yet sweet.
SJ 13 please come soon. I miss all of them together on stage.


Comment by SJ-Love


Thanks for posting! Ah – finally no emo-Heenim.

Comment by mrckdexter

haha.. thanks for translating…
i thought heenim will say donghae can ride on his shoulder only on his birthday…
he’s a lovely hyung and of coz lovely oppa to us.. =)

Comment by weizhen

so sweet!!~
so cute!~
miss SJ13..:)
can’t wait 4 next year..

Comment by meHEARTsuju

in the gif who is that?
heechul or leeteuk or donghae?
reply please…

Comment by rina

AWWWW!!! ^-^ It always amazes me how that little cutie can get into everyone hearts! Oh, to have even just a friend like that would be priceless!

Comment by amasakireyoko

heenim hwaiting!!

Comment by WeLuphJaejoongie

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