Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry Update 2008.10.06
October 6, 2008, 11:17 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry Update 2008.10.06
In the ‘…Think…’ folder..

Title: Thank You

Not feeling sad just because we are not able to be together forever
But being happy even if we just have little time together

Not feeling frustrated just because we can’t give even more love
But being satisfied just with this standard of love

Not blaming me just for worrying
Although it’s pitiful but I’m grateful that I’m able to love

Not feeling dreary just because you’re the only one giving the love
But feeling the heart pain instead because you can’t give more

Not feeling jealous just because you hear that she’s happy with others
But to treat it as her happiness and be happy along with her

Not giving up easily just because you don’t know what love is
A pure love which you can treasure for a long time
That is how I’m loving you.

-Han Yoong Woon “InYeonSeol (What Karma Says)”-

Credits; OnlySJ13, OnlyJS
Original Source; 박정수


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did he just broke up with a girl??…coz the words he wrote show it…???..

Comment by baby

OMG !!!

“Not feeling sad just because we are not able to be together forever
But being happy even if we just have little time together”

I like this sentense >____<

Thank ya ^^

Take care

Comment by pazma

Oh my~
what happen?
You sounds desperate… T_________T

broke up with another girlfriend?

You still have us, remember?


Comment by rennyannyan

Awww that’s so sweet!

Comment by koncettina

Ohh…Teukkie….<3 /Heart breaks/ I wonder if something happened or he’s just thinking about love….

Comment by lovemelodies

Aww…Thats so nice…(although I dun get more than half of what he is writing)
I wonder is it Eeteuk oppa who wrote that ‘thank you!’ and took picture or he just saw it and took a pic…
Anyway, this is wonderful!Thank you oppa!

*thanks ilovejr

Comment by SJ-Love

why did he wrote this?
did anything happen to him the same with the lyrics?

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

This poem is so sadTT_TT
The first line makes me cryTT_TT
Oppa seems to be in loveTT_TT
Thanks for translating
And Can i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

what does teukie mean?? anyway love the words.. so deep.. thanks for sharing ^^

Comment by ninonoi

the first stanza made me kinda feel like crying, but then I dont want othr people seeing me do that (im in a net cafe or whatever you call it; ) ..

..Just.. T__T ..

Comment by 13!Okaeri:함께

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