Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.10.05
October 5, 2008, 10:31 pm
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Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.10.05 17:15

2008.10.05 17:15 지금은

In the process of getting stabilized (?) ..

The rest are still waiting

It will not be fun if I leave ^^

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김종운


Err. Can someone please.. Tell me what this means!?


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just where would yesung oppa go?
yesung oppa just made me more curious bout him!
oh, can someone please tell me what happen to him?

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

who are waiting?? omo no please emo yesung isn’t coming back yo~~No no no~

Comment by emyLi

sometimes i wonder if yesung oppa is really an alien! LOL

Comment by emma leigh

“It will not be fun if I leave ^^”
what’s that all about?!

think possitive.. maybe he’s still in his grandparents house.. and he is thinking that if he come back to seoul early, his grandparents will be sad..

Comment by sapphire13angels

I think he’s bored.. because he went to his grand’s house, didnt he? and really had fun.. coming back to seoul means to be bored again…

i guess O_O

thank you ^^

Comment by Debbie

i don’t know about this but i can’t help to interpret something that is not good…

he is really emotional these days…

i hope i’m wrong but i think his loneliness kinda eating him up,like while everybody is busy there he is doing nothing…i think leaving the group did cross in his mind but he took into consideration that everyone is so eager to see the 13 boys,together! back in business!!

i don’t know…YESUNG hwaiting!!!

Comment by -=yushin013only=-

“process of getting stabilized” hmmm like emotionally/mentally stabilized? Maybe he’s been thinking alot about his life and stuff…

He’s most likely referring to the members.

And the last line.. maybe he was thinking of leaving SuJU O.o

Yesung be HAPPY!!!!! Yesung fighting!!!!

Comment by chrissy

omg! his words are really tricky.. i am worried… i think he’s thinking about something… you can see in his previous entries that he’s kinda tired and he wants to take a break..

Comment by crystal

maybe.. i think he’s saying that he already getting used alone in the dorm..
and the others are waiting for him…
it’ll not be fun if he just leave the ones waiting for them…
idk too… ahh oppa~~~
what is really going on in your head oppa~~~
lean on me if that’s possible oppa~~

Comment by micha

Yesung oppa…Why are you like that? Make my heart hurt so much…
Where do you wanna go if you leave? Why did you put “^^” when you want to leave? Isn’t leaving a bad thing?
Yesung oppa hwaiting! *hugs*

*thanks <ilovekido

Comment by SJ-Love

just hope he is allright…
just be happy..^__^!

Comment by VIN~~

to the moderator/s… now that im more coherent, just realized that my message earlier could cause some uproar of confusion & chaos… so PLS pls pls dont post my comment earlier… it’s the very long one…. SORRY- didn’t mean to post such, it’s my fault… thanks… im sure you wont post this too… XD much appreciation… will be more careful next time… less work for you…

Comment by justcuz

base on your translation
I can infer these 🙂
w/o him wont be fun=he’s joining the rest soon
So i assume its him getting used to his new state (being alone? singing ost) & he’s going to resume being with SJ soon 🙂
u could read korean? if not how u translate so well! Kudos!

Comment by Apple

his posts lately really makes me worried for him…. he’s like getting really really bored this past few weeks (and maybe missing the other members who are busy overseas). he’s getting us confused!

always be strong and happy yesung oppa! if we could just hug you right now…. *group hug for yesung!* or accompany you there ^__^ Fighting!

Comment by yan

i really worry for this boy T_T he acts so tough but is really one fragile soul. 😦

i really hope that his sadness wont make him do any rash things. still this actually sounds like an upbeat post, although the underlying implications…i just hope im too paranoid.

hwaiting yesungie!!! many people really care for you a lot ♥

Comment by querubin

LOL!!! rabid dog!! XDD ….errr… what? @__@

Comment by min_is_mine

Yesung’s diary entries are sometimes so vague and cryptic 😛 And rarely ever long.

It seems so like him to write like that though XD

I certainly hope he doesn’t mean anything bad by leaving… ><

Comment by mochistar

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