Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.10.02
October 2, 2008, 11:20 pm
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Ryeowook’s Fancafe Message 2008.10.02

China’s October 1 is National Day.
So there’s a week of holidays called ‘China’s Golden Week’.
SuperJuniorM have no activities scheduled, so Hankyung Hyung and Zhou Mi Hyung have gone back home to spend the holidays with their families.
The other members are also doing their personal things at our dorm ^^ ㅋ
Yesung Hyung singing, “Love Really Hurts” has got us together watching “Tazza” and playing cards~
Manager Hyung has started playing cards with us members, clearing up the rooms, doing some exercise and then it’s just up to there~

I heard recently it’s starting to get cold in Korea, everyone, please be careful not to catch a chill!
I’ll stop writing here ㅋㅋ Good night~

P.S The ahjumma at our hostel has gone on holiday too~

Original Source; `Fill Me In Ryeowook`


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Everytime he posts I feel so.. calm and happy.
Ryeowookie is a great kid and I really like him s2

thank you for posting it ^^

Comment by Debbie

yayyyy! i saw yesung’s name when i scrolled down and immediately cheered. yewook! at last! ❤
hope yesung’s cheered up by it as much as i am.
as usual, thank you so much for the translation~

Comment by artisticvoice

ahhhhh, i find it so cute how ryeowook just had to add that the ahjumma has gone on holiday ^_______^. does that mean they have to do the housework themselves now?


wookie, you’re such a cutie *____*

Comment by shazzii

cute ryeowook =3

Comment by foreverhispetal

Awww I love Ryeowook so much!
My fav!!!

Comment by koncettina

i didnt know my birthday is china’s national day!!
i miss super junior 13..
yesung’s song is really nice. his voice will melt you.

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

wow.. HK and ZM has gone for holidays.
All the Koreans in SJ-M must be missing home too, right??

Thank you for your translation ^^

Comment by view_zaa

Why don’t you go back to Korea in your holiday.
I think there are many people thinking of you somuch, including your Yesung hyung also.

Thank you for your translation ^^
I would like to translate into my Thai language, please email me if you have any suggestion.

Comment by mondaymay

ryeowook!!! finally they get a break. always looking tired and thin these days.

Comment by rwlove

Oh yay! That means YeWook is reunited? YAY YAY YAY!
Then hopefully, Yesung oppa will not be so lonely and emo anymore… Yay! Im so so so happy!!! ^^

Comment by SJ-Love

Miss you and love you ryeowook! Take care, eat more and smile more! *hug*

Comment by cookiedough

omg hes so cute and caringg

Comment by EternalELF

the way wookie writes is so cute ^^ ahjumma goneee…. so he’s the head chef!! eiei

Comment by natngnear

Our Wookie is just very adorable^^
His msg is so cute
Hope our 5 oppas will have more time to relax^^
Thanks so much for your translation
And Can i translate this into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

thanks for translating wookie’s fancafe message! he is so cute!! lol.. now they have to do the housework n’ wookie gets to cook for them!!! lol!!! hehe.. n’ they are watching “tazza” and getting so more rest!! thank goodness!!

Comment by smiling*sunshine

hi! could you give me the links of Super Junior Member’s Cyworld/fancafe? please! please!! thank you so much in advance!!!

Comment by cinnamon

loving ryeowook!!

Comment by rosalinda

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