Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2008.09.30
September 30, 2008, 11:23 pm
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Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.30 14:00
In the ‘* Y.S 지나간느낌..’ folder..

Japan Namecard Exchange Event..

Minsung Hyung’s behind ;; ㅋ

Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.30 13:58
In the ‘* Y.S …’ folder..

My alter-ego (Thank you LaCrymaMosa! I couldn’t find a better word! ^^)

Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.30 13:57
In the ‘* Love is ..’ folder..

Translations on the picture;
1. Those who work hard and are sincere towards love
2. Those who are scared of getting hurt and hence fearing depression
3. Those who are not satisfied with barely a single type of love
4. Those who hurt others for the sake of their own love
5. Those who do not work hard, but want to attain love easily
6. Those who are not challenged and are merely ‘looking into the sky’ (meaning that they’re hoping for it to miraculously dawn on them)

Which are you?

Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.30 13:54
In the ‘* Super J ..’ folder..

Japan Budoukan Fan Meeting~

I was in a really good mood that day ;;

Yesung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.30 13:51
In the ‘* Y.S 무대위에서 ..’ folder..

Japan Budoukan Fan Meeting ^^

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김종운
Jongwoon ah~ T__T
I have a feeling he’s getting lonely.. With Supy’s activities ending and SJ-T going to Japan.. He’ll be the only one left in Korea with Kibum, who’s busy with Chunja’s.. So what will Yesung do!? 😦

Btw, his song for Tazza, “Love Hurts A Lot” is AMAJINGGGG ♥♥♥ BLAST YOUR SPEAKERS HERE. And OMGGGGG. Han Ye Seul’s acting in it~ I LAV HERRRRRRRR. She’s so pretty! Esp. in Couple of Fantasy with Oh Ji Ho! *__*

& Please K.R.Y, come back with a full album. Kyu BB T__T It’ll be great if they did a cover of one of Leehom’s songs.. And sing it in Korean.. Like a Korean version of “Kiss Goodbye”! But then again, wishful thinking on my part XD

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i so agree with youu!!
‘kiss goodbye’ will sound amazinng~
performed by our lovely Sj-KRY
Yesung Oppa and SuJu Hwaiting~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

emo!yeh makes me sad 😦 which is why i’m so glad of his featuring in the Tazza OST. hwaiting yesungie ❤

Comment by querubin

yes yes, please k.r.y come back with a full album *my fave sub group*
thank you ilovejr ^^

Comment by Debbie

poor Yesung :(( don’t feel lonely~ come to me ^^ *lol*
I miss them being united T____T and this proves that he also does 😦
I really like the third picture~ I’m curious about which one he thinks he is :S
thx for translating ^^d

Comment by youjuchan

Thanks so much for your translation

but for the pic of ELF, i think the words 나의 분신 mean my alter-ego.

Comment by LaCrymaMosa

why SuJu T going to Japan??

Comment by RadEchiZen

thank you for this and the previous translation. i agree with you… he’s starting to feel lonely. it is a repeat of that time when SJM debuted and people were wondering what yesung would be doing. except he wasn’t emo then since we know now he had been working on supy. if he’s being emo now, it could be he has little to do… or maybe, if SM’s thinking of launching him as a solo (like taeyeon with ‘if’), then maybe he’s feeling nervous and stuff. ^^;;

i hope he’ll stay strong always. i love you, jongwoon-ah!

Comment by June/rasinah

Oppa. T^T
The fact that he put a lot of entries in his cyworld means that he has too much time on his hands and nothing better to do. :c
I want to squish him so bad.

Comment by Tina

aw!,,,i feel bad for him….
i hope SJ T will go there after the 6th and all SJ M activities will be done so KRY will reborn again ^^
i want them so bad…>.< T-T

Comment by foreverhispetal

OMG! A Korean version of Kiss Goodbye is such a good idea!!!
Yesung oppa is indeed getting lonely…(I want 2 hug him so bad)
I heard ‘Love Hurts( a lot)’ already, and it just punches straight into my heart…Then after replaying it for about 2 or 3 again today, I realise my eyes were wet. BUT I dun even understand what he is singing. well, maybe only for the mianhe(X2) part.
KRY should come back with a full real album…I miss Yewook…
*I see a little bit of Yesung oppa’s skin.. xD
Yesung oppa HWAITING!!!

*Thanks ilovejr for the translations. Thk you thk you!(I wish I could hug you too!)

Comment by SJ-Love

haha, ‘i was in a really good mood that day.’ he’s so cute. ❤ there’ll be many other good days to come, oppa, so please just hang in there.
and KRY comeback~ *___*
thanks for translating!

Comment by artisticvoice

oh poor yesung oppa!! that’s why he’s sad!!
dont worry yesung oppa!!
i also want sj- KRY.

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

awww… it looks like he really misses the boys since most of them are so busy with their own respective schedules… well, i hope that he could turn this thing positively for himself… we share the same sentiments with you oppa….

always be strong and happy!!! ~~

Comment by yan

why is my Sungie being left out ?


P/S: i translated it into Vietnamese ^^ thankz soo much for sharing ^^

Comment by R.13

hjx hjx oppa seems to be very lonely TT_TT
My poor boy TT_TT
SJT will be in Japan soon, his 5 dongsaengs in SJM are in China, Ki Bum is busy with his drama, Kang In and Hee Chul are busy with Xanadu..
My boy is very lonelyTT_TT
I wish I could share the loneliness with him
Thanks so much for your translation
And Can i translated this entry into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

oh man, I feel so bad for Yesung.
His entries are so emo lately..

Comment by !Main

It’s best if the 13 will be together.
I miss them altogether. )))))):

Comment by !Main

yesung oppa entry so emo lately..seems like he’s gotten in love or something..
maybe SJT is in Japan and also the rest is in China.yet Kibum busy with Chunja..he must feel lonely.. Poor Yesung oppa~~
but we ELF will always support him ne..
Yesung oppa Hwaiting~~
p/s : love him singing the ost.^^

Comment by ninonoi


Comment by Angel

It’ll be better if Yesung goes to Japan with SJT to play and watch. Fans will be glad to see Super Junior

Comment by Ori

Yesung oppa,if you feel lonely with noone by your side..,it’s easy,just come to one of your ELF’s house,then I can guarantee(with this heart of mine)you will never feel lonely anymore!You’ll be hilarious!How is it?A good idea or not?

Comment by agassi_

Ah, I think you are right.

Jongwoon-oppa must be lonely…I certainly can’t wait for their third album to come out in March^^

At least then, they will be more active and Jongwoon won’t be so bored or lonely anymore ><

Comment by mochistar

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