SJ-M Scans on Aug Issue of Unlimited Entertainment
September 28, 2008, 11:43 pm
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A magazine from China 😀 Pictures of them from Star Entertainment Factory! Gah! I’ve yet to watch that show“ 😦 Time, please be on my side!

I LAV LAV LAV LAV LAV X 1239029302930290930 the last picture! 😀 Goodness me. I totally spazzed and keyboard smashed when I saw it.. Esp. Hae’s facial expression on the 2nd & 3rd tiny pic in the top row! Ahhhh I miss dorky Hae~ T__T And Kyu. Gosh. That hot bod’s full of mojo x__x Coordi-nuna, please give him more singlets to wear! 8D You just killed me and got me rocketed into outer space. thankewsomuch. ♥♥♥

Pardon me, but Siwon in the 2nd pic holding his back gives me the impression that he’s turning into an Ahjeossi– MUAHAHA SO KEWT anyways. And gosh, the Shibrows pwn, no joke. I love it how Henry stuffs the cherry tomatoes into his cheeks! 귀여운!!!

Credits; Kyu’s Baidu Bar
Please do not take these scans and watermark it as your own!

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i know how you feel.
they are so donghae! my hangeng!
and kyu has change a lot!
oh, i love sjm..

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

I love the last picture! Was it Kyuhyun with that “Hey you” hand sign?!
Oh yes, I love ShiBrows too! Btw, wad does PWN mean?

Comment by SJ-Love

omo! i almost fell off my chair with donghae’s (as well as kyu’s) cute expression! lol~~ i miss seeing those dorky faces of donghae…

Comment by yan

Thanks a lot for scanning.
If i were their stylist, I would make them all wear singlets all the time, LOL.
Kyu’s laugh is so cute.
And the pic of Henty with his mouth full is just too adorable! I wanna pinch his cheeks so badly.
Too bad we didn’t get too much Zhou Mi there.

Comment by devy1988

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