Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.09.26
September 26, 2008, 8:42 am
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He still sounds a little emo to me, but I hope Thailand did him some cheering up~“

Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.09.26

2008.09.26 02:13 지금은

Back from Thailand
There’s strength when (I’m) with the members

Thank you, members
Even if (we) don’t speak, and rely on looking into each other’s eyes, we’re still very clear-headed (?)

Going through day by day
As long as (we) don’t go that way, at the same time ..
A little by little ..

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김종운


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i agree w/ u,ilovekido,he still sound emo but at least a lil happier :D…awwww i lik how u yesung wrote Even if (we) don’t speak, and rely on looking into each other’s eyes, we’re still very clear-headed…but i dont get da clear-headed part o,well

Comment by mizztaznchick

A nice way to start my day~~ by visiting you! HAHA~~
Yesung must have felt really at ease together with the other members… ya i feel that the emo cloud over his head is getting smaller 😀

Comment by emyLi

This entry…
Oppa must have missed his dongsaengs so muchTT_TT
Oppa hwating!!!
Thanks so much for your translation
And can i translate this entry into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

I didnot go to see when he came to Thailand, very sad. T^T
But my friends said he’s very nice ^^

I’m very glad that he up his Cyworld more than one line ei ei.

Thank you for your translation ^^

Comment by mondaymay

ilovejr, would it be alright if i posted this at the ELF blog@wordpress? ^^

Comment by kpoplover4ever

Aww, yesung oppa!!!
Cheer up!!!
Find strength in being with the members ❤

*I love your profile gif(or whatever that’s called)! EunHae♥

Comment by SJ-Love

He looks sad, ilovejr! =/
Somehow I know how he’s feeling.. but this sadness will pass in a few days, but to pass, he needs to have fun.. that’s why he looks happy with the other boys and stuff…

hope you’re okay, ilovejr!! thank you for sharing this entry!!

Comment by Debbie


are you really lonely..
u make me sad..sob2..

anyway..yesungie looked happy with another member in thailand..have a good day yesung oppa..

yesung hwaiting!!!

Comment by lotadiaz

Never mind~~~

Comment by kpoplover4ever

@ kpoplover4ever:
Oopps! I’m so sorry I typed this in a jiffy before I rushed out of my house this morning so I forgot to say that you can take this out ^^~“


Comment by ilovejr

I don’t know but seeing the boys at the press con I feel like they’re not as close as they used to be. They are so far away from each other, physically and emotionally. You know what they say, “Out of sight, out of mind”. I want SJM activities to stop, and I want Super Junior, just ‘Super Junior’ to make a comeback. I don’t want them to grow apart. It’s really easy since there are so many of them. Especially Kibummie. He doesn’t get any mention at all anymore.

Sorry for the long essay. I just hope some people share my views. Sujuloves13

Comment by Ori

oh thank goodness he’s not that `emo now..
but what’s really happening with yesung oppa!!
why so pessimistic?

Comment by wenela


Comment by kiirohana

@ Ori:
I get what you mean~ T__T Sometimes, I feel the same way too.. It’s been a long time since they went on schedules as a whole (or at least most of them but not as a sub-group status)..

I’m just praying it’ll be SOON.
I miss Kibum lots. ♥ Aish.

@ kiirohana:

Comment by ilovejr

aigoo what was the matter yesungie T_T still it seems his mood has impreoved compared to his previous posts.

guh they are really so much better together. i will look forward to the 3jib!

hwaiting yesung! ♥

Comment by querubin

ah….super junior love..♥

i want to read more of the ufo town replies T-T i missed those thing already =)

Comment by foreverhispetal

thanks for posting up yesung’ s cyworld entry… yesung is feeling better!

I just wish that Super Junior would have some bonding time together! I wish that SM would have them vacation together, like in Hawaii, for a month and let them have some fun together… lol.. my own imagination.. but i hope they will always be friends forever and be healthy! 😀


Comment by smiling*sunshine

I have a feeling all these subgroups is seprating SuJu members. I wish the bond that they have doesnt fade away. I want super junior to be back again. I dont like subgroups anymore.

Comment by Angel

^ LoL. wish=hope

Comment by Angel

yesung has graduated from college…. anybody know what course did he took up?

Comment by cher

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