Heechul at Xanadu Fansign 080924
September 26, 2008, 11:33 pm
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They had this when the other boys were in Thailand? Lol.. Plus.. Heenim was wearing the shoes he personalized himself!! Soo cuteeeee!

Plus, more pix of Heenim wearing the tee Yuri9doo got him for his birthday and the same shoes, as seen here!

*droooooooollllllssssssss* 8D What’s with that seductive pose of him sticking his tongue out @___@

Credits; yuri9doo, as tagged


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love heechul! he’s freaking hot in those pics! love his new hair!

Comment by aitsukame

oh oppaaa! you are just too gorgeous! i love the shoes XD

Comment by mui_gei_tal

The tongue thing made me laugh.
And that he was standing by a SHINee poster.
Such love.

Comment by koncettina

He looks so cute wearing a hat!
The shoes don’t look very nice on itself, but how come it looks so nice in these pictures?!

Comment by SJ-Love

so sexy!!
plus the hair..
so gorgeous..

Comment by wenela

omg! he’s so cute in that shirt.. it matches his personalized shoes…lol… btw, i think i’ve seen him wore that shirt before…i just can’t remember when… he’s really appreciative to his fans.. he even wore the shirt that they gave him… i wonder what are the other presents that they gave him for his birthday this year…do you know about it? i am really curious.. you said before that last year they gave him a lot of pink stuffs…lol…

Comment by crystal

heenim is as always, a very sexy sexy being… but the toungue pic….. esbghebvisbvi!!!!! rofl

Comment by kiirohana

@ crystal:
Yeah~ They gave him a Samsung phone, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, a complete suit.. And I can’t remember the rest XD

Yep, he wore it on “To Be Kangin & Heechul”

@ SJ-Love:

@ koncettina, wenela, kiirohana:

Comment by ilovejr

am i drooling to the pics…. @-,@ lol..not really drooling just an expression ;P..anyways!…i like the shoe….its unique i’ll try to make one too ^^…hehe looks fashionable….heechul is so sexy ♥-♥…..

on the picture up there the first big one! is a sinful posture…make me perv..-_-;…hehehe sexy ♥

Comment by foreverhispetal

really? that’s so great!!! his petals are so good to him.. those are really expensive gifts… he deserves to receive presents like that… he must have been so happy because he’s receiving so much love… a million thanks for the info…(“,)

Comment by crystal

hottie heechul!!! omo, such a tease with that tongue thing…*i need some oxgen here!*~lol @___@

i love the shirt…it really suits him plus a fact that it was given to him by his fans….

Comment by yan

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