1st Premium Event in Japan Book Scans
September 26, 2008, 1:11 am
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I’m not exactly sure where this is from.. But it says official photobook scans?? Hmmm. 8D

All in thumbnails~ Sorrryyy cos they’re uber huge. *___*

Credits; as tagged, OnlySJ13


I LOVE GENG’S SMILE. IT JUST BRIGHTENED UP THE DARKEST OF ANY TUNNELS 😀 😀 😀 Please do that more often Beijing Fried Rice!!! I want MOARRR OF THE 83LINE T__T


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Bought the DVD and they confirmed it’s been sended to me days ago. Hope the photobook is a little present?? I think not, I know how greedy people are -_______-‘

Maybe it’s some kind of Japan site where you can pick your own photo’s to be filled in the official photobook. o______O Anyone got a link to this site???

Comment by duffje

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw *-* beijing fried rice *-*
loved those pics, thank yoooou *-*

Comment by Deborah

like it. take it.
thank you … 😀

Comment by labusiam

emh.. may i know who even already bought this dvd, what is included in there??

Comment by RadEchiZen

Oh oh oh! They all look nice nice!!!
My Hyukkie oppa looks so HOT.
Sorry, my bias. 😛

Comment by SJ-Love

love the pics. thank you.
their smiles completes my day..

Comment by wenela

Yeah!!! I asked some people, they gave me this site:

You can pick your own photos ^^…

But… NO ENGLISH T_______________T

Comment by duffje

i love their smiles especially teuki’s….

thanks for sharing!

Comment by yan

oppa……so cute…^^

Comment by anis~suju

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