Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.09.23
September 24, 2008, 2:07 am
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Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2008.09.23

2008.09.23 22:08 지금은

I don’t know …

My everyday, everyday, in between being busy and not,

Repeating, repeating …

So bored …

So bored …

Credits; OnlySJ13
Original Source; 김종운


Sigh, perhaps.. A little time off would do him good. *heart cracks into 1982918392839832 pieces*

Wow.. Today has been utterly busy so far XD KAJKDJKJD. I’m still spazzing over Hanchul, btw ^-^* Argh. But Yesung’s killing me bad, I really wonder what’s happening.. Supy withdrawal symptoms perhaps?


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you’ve been very busy with all those post ilovekido, thanks for your hardwork.
i was sleepy and tired then but when i saw heechul’s post about him and hangkyung,it made me awake and let me read yesung’s post and that made me awake more..gosh, how can i sleep now?

anyway, yesung’s diary entries make me worry. hope there’s nothing wrong..

Comment by wenela

please, start asking again for the entry to not be taken out, soompi is turning into a copy/past of your blog lol XD

Comment by hyorin

welcome to my life…..

Comment by Alice

omg, he posted a lot, i’m @_@
thank you for sharing ^^

Comment by Deborah

OMGG, it seems like yesung feels like his daily pattern is getting tiresome T____T ITS OKAY YESUNGIIEEEE!

Comment by lovemixin

Omo, I do not like the sound of this.

Why are you bored, dearie? I thought you guys are busy with recording of the 3rd jib? -___-

Comment by June

now sj-m except hen+jo are in thailand

Comment by bee

yesung ! feel better!

Comment by Anonymous

yesung feel better

Comment by ysfighting

Oh~ I am worry about him.. He seems to be emo ya.. hwaiting!
Thanks for the post!

Comment by Joann Yong

Ouch…That hurt. Why?!
I think its Supy withdrawal symptoms too…
I wish I could teleport right away to his side and hug him.
Yesung oppa HWAITING!

*So many entries, you must have tire yourself out. Rest well! before I 4get, Thank you and ILU ilovejr!

Comment by SJ-Love

poor yesung oppa..
come to me..
i will be with you everyday..hehe

get rest yesung oppa..


Comment by lotadiaz

AWWW~~~ a little rest might have became a negative impact instead 😦 withdrawal symptoms.. hmmm. yesung jus rest well for the time being!! Feel better eh! dun feel bored, ask heechul for the online games he played or take good care of heebum since that poor cat is so naked now~~ keke
Anyway, thanks for all the translations and hard-work you’ve put in getting every entry translated!! ❤
i really appreciate it! Muack muack

Comment by emyLi

Life could get better!!!

Comment by kangpu

we have the same thinking. ._.

im seriously bored with life.

ilovejr, i hate uu. [for not being online when im on,)..

but then i love u as well. ah such contrast..


Comment by sayuu

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