Yamaha ‘Fino is More’ Press Conference in Bangkok 080924
September 24, 2008, 11:55 pm
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Fresh out of the oven!

OHMYTEUK. YOU GOT ME MURDERED & DECAPITATED (Okay, I’m exaggerating I know.. XD) !!!! ♥___♥
It’s so cute hearing about Teuk giving back this fan her wallet which she left in a gift for them since the previous time (Did I get it right?).. Bringing it back all the way from Korea AND looking for the owner on stage. AHHH LEADER-SSHI, YOU’RE SUCH A SWEETIE *___* ilusm!

*edited with more*

AJHDSJHDKskjd Ming’s hair and Siwon’s specs ^^~“

& some lots more here!

Credits; pingbook


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o_o they went to thailand? my mind is too occupied by dongbang boys that i lost touch with reality, which is suju XD
they look good ^^ siwon and specs?! ohmy~~~
how’d you define sophisticated, smart lookin’ and sexy in one word? siwon! XD (omg, im so corny)

Comment by ultranguik

In the fourth picture, Siwon’s hand on the lady’s shoulder. No! I can’t be this jealousy.

Comment by Nataly

they went to thailand??huhuhuu
teukie-teukie!!! sooo sweet ^___^

Comment by cheflab

oh my oh my!! they are so gorgeous!!
who’s that girl?
yamaha!! let suju come here in the philippines or let me just come to see

Comment by wenela

OMG!teukie did that??!*melts!!!!!*that is so sweet!!

Comment by 10tookie24

I’m so sad T^T

I know they came to Bangkok but I couldn’t see them because I have class on the evening session.

So Sad!!!!

Comment by paecute

Siwon looks so cute in glasses!!!
Shld be ugging for my exam tmr, so bye!
I’ll be back..earliet tmr! To comment more!

Comment by SJ-Love

Leadershii is so sweet…
EunHyuk was not his usual self..(Just my thought)

Comment by eaglemiso

oppa. look at you. you’re all
skinny. you must be working
really hard. TT-TT

Comment by hanbyul

love them!~^^

Comment by bielaHEARTsuju

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