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September 24, 2008, 6:11 pm
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PLEASE READ! Edited July 2009

  • On how to credit if post is allowed to be taken out
  • Which posts can be taken out (& please credit; OR & link back if you do!)

Okai.. I’ve gotten some feedback.. ^^;;; Thank you so much~~

I’ve been going onto Soompi and I realized that some kind souls have been copying and pasting my translated entries there for other Soompiers to read.. But it kinda stretches the page since I copy, for example, Heechul’s original post and keep the paragraphing intact so readers don’t lose the actual feeling when enjoying it..

So for now, I guess I’ll keep all entries inside here only, unless I feel that it’s alright to take it out.. Shorter entries perhaps? But translating into your own language is fine.. Just leave a comment saying that you’ll be doing so and I’d greatly appreciate that! And sometimes, I don’t allow it to be taken out for I’m afraid that there might be some phrases that are mistranslated too ;_;

And as per normal, if you’re taking it out when I allow it (I will state so if I don’t allow it, the rest are okay), please credit & link back to ‘‘ 😀

You can view how to credit appropriately here! And if you do have any queries or whatsoever, leave a comment and I’ll try my best to reply asap! 😉


If there’s any enquiries, feel free to email me at superduperlove[at]!

Credits to for the blinkie! :)
Added 2009.08.03

A fellow E.L.F emailed me about this,

Calling for more Singaporeans/people interested to go to Singapore to see SJ, please sign the petition!

It’s directed to the company who recently successfully brought F.T.Island to Singapore so I would say that there’s a high possibility that this might succeed if the response is good.

Click here to sign the petition!


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Heey ^^
Just commenting again to let you know that I translate their entries to Portuguese to K-Utopia’s [] forum, okay?

Hope you’re okay!
Fighting o/

Comment by Debbie

i translate in Thai

Thank for your english translate so much
fighting !!

Comment by mamiez

i’ve translate to indonesia.
is that okay ??
i love u for translate this! XD

Comment by geng^^geng

do you mean you’re not going to post here translated cyworld of suju boys anymore.?
*about to cry*

Comment by wenela





Comment by pazma

hi! ^^ i am asking permission…if i can take your translation and post it on our community blog?…can i?..for all your translations except the ones that you’ll prohibited ^^

Comment by foreverhispetal

Would you indicate in all entries whether we could take it out? Or only those specified [do not]must remain here? your site rocks btw 🙂

Comment by Apple

@ wenela:
Nope of course not! 😀 It’s been a joy posting translations of the Suju boys’ entries.. So I’ll continue to do that.. Until my brain can’t take it anymore XD Just that for those who take out and repost onto other sites, I’m afraid I might want to have minor restrictions on that.. ^^;;;

Hope you understand :^D

@ foreverhispetal & Apple:
I’ll specify if it can be taken out! 😀 Others~ Shall remain in here.. Especially those longer ones ^^

Thank you so much!

Comment by ilovejr

oh…i will not take out all of your translations ^^,,,hehehe,,,but idk the other users from the blog…^^ i’ll just drop by here to visit you’re translations ^^ every single day as possible ^^….hehehe…ILU for the translations and keep it up ! ^^ …..i want your msn/ym…can i have it?…lol i want to know you more ;P if that’s fine with you ^^

Comment by foreverhispetal

Hii 😀
I’d like to thank you very much for your great work. I’ve got a fan forum for Super Junior, we are Italian. I use to take out your translation and translate them in Italian for my users. I always write something like this:
Translation in Italian: Merill @ Super Junior Forever

Is that ok? Can I still take out your translations?
Take care,

Comment by Merill

@ foreverhispetal:
Okay~ I’ll add you! 😀

@ Merill:
Sure but you could link back to! Thank you for spreading the love~~

Comment by ilovejr

oh yeah, i understand you ilovekido!!
thank you very much for this.
i want to know you more also.hehe. but i guess you are so busy to chat. hope to be friends in ym.hehehe
well anyway, thank you very very much for all of this..
keep spreading the suju love..:)

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

Hi ^^
Do you mind if I translate Heechul cyworld into Spanish?I will give you credits of course 😉
Thank you for all your translations!

Comment by Skye

im ravensungmin in multiply..
i took out some of your entries and place them in mine..
I hope it is ok with you?=(

i wanted to spread SUJU as well in that site..
there are a lot of fans out there that are so excited to know what is happening to the Super Junior in real perspective via your interpretations of the Kor. Cyworld entries of the Super Junior..^_^

i already credited and linked back to your entries..

i am so amazed how great you are in doing these interpretations..

i hope that you will let me repost some of your entries in mine..^_^


hi.. haha.. i’m too anxious, i’m sorry.. can i take out your translations for sj boys? i have the same blog community as foreverhispetal…
i’ll take proper credits… and will not take out those entries that you prohibit to take out

Comment by aitsukame

hello? idk where to reach you
Your Fishy bday post will be late?

Comment by ys1106ys♥

hi ilovekido… i took your post bout donghae’s call out on sukira. Dont worry i have linked it properly..
i posted it on
thank you very much!♥

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

ilovekido, i didnt continue to post it at

Comment by wEnGsKiE♥

i’m new here….actually i would like to ask whether u could do me a favour and translate the message from tvxq xiah at their official web…it is written in korean and there was a pic of eunhyuk so i’m curious about the content

Comment by apple

i’m new here…i was wondering whether any of u here could do me a favour to translate tvxq xiah iple message from the official has a picture of i’m curious about the content.

Comment by apple

Hi, I was wondering if you are going to translate Jungsoo’s reply to Donghae’s msg on his cyworld?
You translated Donghae’s msg but not Jungsoo’s reply.
I really want to know what he said.
Sorry if this sounds annoying T__T
Thank you so much for translating super junior’s cyworld entries for us non-korean fans ^^
I really appreciate your hard work

Comment by oinkie

hi there! >.<
i was wondering can i have your permission to take out but with full credit!! i promise..!
i really x1000 want your permission to take out Teukie Oppa’s entries? can i do that? please..T.T
thanks for the hardworks!^^

Comment by bLiNg bLiNg

Hello ^^

First, I would like to thanks a million for your jobs >< I can not stop to smiling durikng read their posting and your translate is very useful.

And can I ask you about the permission to take your translate out of here ? I will trans to Thai language at only.Then I will credit to you as your appropriate.

Thanks 😀

Comment by kiss[teukize]radio

Hi~~ I’m new to this ~~^^~~

First, I really want to thank you for your great translation
I love SJ so mux so I want to translate some SJ boys’ entries into Vietnamese.
I’ll only take it out of here with full credit as you require ~~
Hope you’re okay ~~

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much ~~

Comment by BiKyn

Hi~ I’m Viet Nam E.L.F~ I’m from

I want to translate information to my language^^I promise that I’ll give full credit and link to your site^^

Thank you so much for your hard work. I’m really appreciate it~

Merry Christmas~ ^^

Comment by Naochan

thanx alot for your translations…
and i don’t know if it’s okay, can i have the link to sungmin’s cyworld? the one in soompi unfortunately is incorrect.
but if it’s not okay, it’s fine though, i could just go here and read your translation instead.

Comment by bbm

Hi. Is it possible that you post the URL of the SJ members? I really wanna see their minihompy..

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Comment by owbEe

hey there. i’m a big fan of suju espc. eeteuk oppa. so, i juz wonder if u can translate my letter (a short one) for him (eng –> korean) and post it in his minihompy so that he can read it.. I really want him to have a look at my letter. I know it’s such a big favor but i’m dying to have his reply on it. please3, help me……… T_T

*I’m Malaysian, currently working on a petition to have SuJu Super Show concert here.

Comment by happyvirus

@ happyvirus:
Hi there~ I’m afraid I’m not able to help you as the Korean I know is very limited ;_;
Thank you for visiting!

Comment by ilovejr

Hi, we’re from 360kpop family

Thank you so much for taking time to translate all the Sj’s entries.
I won’t ever take them out of our blog~
However, can I translate some of them into my language – which is Vietnamese – and post them on our fansite?
This is our fansite, in case you wanna know ^^
I promise that I’ll credit and link back to you properly

I’d be really appreciated to get your permission.
Once again, thank you so much~!!!!!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you~!^^

I filled my email and website boxes above, you can email me anytime you want. Thank you!

Comment by Hee

i’ve translated them into Thai
Hope that it’ll be okay.

and i always left all of your credits!

Thanks a lot for all of your translating

Comment by korawan

I’m from

I want to translate information to my language-Vietnamese^^I promise that I’ll give full credit and link to your site^^
I hope u agree
Thank you so much for taking time to translate all the Sj’s entries.

Comment by hanh25

I’m from

I want to translate information to my language-Vietnamese^^
I promise that I’ll give full credit and link to your site^^
I hope u agree
Thank you so much for taking time to translate all the Sj’s entries.

Comment by hanh25

@ Hee, korawan & hanh25:
Sure you all may 🙂 Thank you all for coming here!! ♥ You’re welcome!

Comment by ilovejr

ilovejr, i’m sorry if this is considered a spam ^^”

I just want you to know how appreciated we feel to get your permission

Thank you so much~!!!!!!

Let’s spread the love~ 🙂

Comment by Hee

Ilovejr, i’ll translate this to Indonesian.

Can i do this??? I may ask your permission before. 🙂

I will give a proper credit to your blog page.

Thx a lot because you always update this. 🙂

Hwaiting. ^^.

Comment by Caroline

hii…ilovejr, i just want to say thanks for make this web..
you’re really nice for share with us.hehehe….
since i don’t have any friends that love suju, i don’t have anyone to talk about them..T_T

i’m sorry before, but can i know where do you from?
because it’s really cool that u can translate those korean languange^^

and to Caroline, i’m from indonesia..may i know where do u put your translate?^^

anyhow..sorry for my long comment…
once again i just want to say that i really happy that i found this web^^

please reply… thx b4

Comment by beth

I’ll begin to translate this month’s entries to swedish if it’s keke with you~


Comment by happysungmin

Hello, I’m a Vietnamese E.L.F ^^
First, Thank you so much for your translation.
Do you mind if I translate some of yours into my language and post them on my blog(so I can carry out my wish, just like yours ^^- spread the Suju love).
I promise that I’ll give full credit and link back to your site.
(You see, there are some E.L.F who translate them into Vietnamese. But I still wanna do it myself because with me it seems to be so meaningful ^^)
Hope you’ll agree.
Again, thank you so much for your hard work.

Comment by Quyên

Hello, I’m a Vietnamese E.L.F ^0^
I’ve been watching your wordpress for about… a month. First thing, I ưant to say thank you for everything you ‘ve done for E.L.Fs.

I don’t have an ID here at first, but after a month, I decided to sign up just to say thank you ^^. You’re really great ~~!!!

And …

I’m Sorrrryyyy!! Really, really sorry sice I’ve been translating the Cyworld entries to VietNamese for our site. So I leave this message to ask you the permission to translate them.

Although I ‘ve credit and link back when I translate, but I don’t have your permission since I’ll notice the rules >..<

Now, I want to ask you for the permission to trans the entries. This is the sites :
and my user name there is also setoreira.

Once again, thank you for all the works you’ve done. ^.^ . I hope that you’ll forgive my shortcoming and allow me to translate. I’ll apreciate your permission very much~ I’ll credit and link back to ur site. Thank you very much!!

Plz keep up the hard work!!~~ Hwaiting!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes! Saranghae~~ ^o^

Comment by setoreira

Hi there…
Just drop bye a couple months and I’m thankful to you…
You’re as popular as the suju member since I’ve read so many people round the world reading your posts…
You’re doing the right thing by asking those who had grabbed your translation to add the credits or link to your site.
Keep doing the great work..!

Comment by Yoo Mi

Hi Yoo Mi:
Wow thank you!! But I don’t think I’m as popular as them xD

I’m really glad that more people are joining the fandom, international especially.. And hopefully my site has given people more reasons to love the boys!! 😀

It’s a little sad when people just take my translations cos it’s hard work most of the time.. And it takes up my time as well.. So I’d be contented with some credit for it xD

Thank you so much ♥ You made my day with your lovely comment *-*

Comment by ilovejr


this is a first time i visit your blog

thank you for your translate

and i translate this to thai

Can i do this ? I will give your credit

thank you very much


Comment by bOw

hy…saranghaeyo kyuhyun oppa!!

Comment by ixora


Thank you so much for your translation 🙂

I’ll translate the info into Thai and I’ll take your credit 🙂

Thank you again for your kindness 🙂

Comment by minx

hi, can i translate your entries in Chinese and post it in to the forum? and i will refer here on the translation as well.

Comment by helen

@ helen:
Hi do you mean you want to translate into Chinese? Or…
I would like it if you don’t take it out in whole and link back instead ^^

Comment by ilovejr

thanks so much for the translation,
maybe sometimes i will take it to my blog (if I’m too lazy for translating =p) but will always credit n linkback to you^^ Is that ok?

Comment by mei an

@ mei an:
Please do not take it out in full!~ Thank you~

Comment by ilovejr

anyong haseo…
i am tya at banjarmasin too…
i just want to ask you, how about if we make some gathering in banjarmasin for ELF, i really want to make it, but i need more elf to o this… if you can call me 085249221150, maybe we can talk……
hope banjarmasin can have elf gath like another city too….

Comment by tya

Hi Hi~ n_n!
I recently found your wordpress…i realle love your translations twt
thanks for translating all twt!

oh, and…can I translate the entries to spanish *-*? please~! Obviously, I’ll put the credits n_n!
This is the forum~->

thanks x3!

Comment by EveLyn~Su

Thanks for your kindness translating suju’S cYowrld

my name is Nichan from Indonesia, I like all bout K-Pop(Suju is included) so I post all bout them in my page, and thanks for this page…

so i do your order and this is my blog:

Comment by Nichan

@ Nichan:
Hi I’d appreciate if you link back and not post everything out.. Thank you ❤

Comment by ilovejr

Do you let me to translate it in Thai?
I will share Donghae’s entries (and everything that have Donghae inside)at

Thank you^_^

Comment by NaNcRaZy

hello there,
i’ll be creating a blog about heenim.
and im going to translate some of your heechul entries to malay language.
can i?

Comment by super.atiq

@ super.atiq:
Yes you can, but please remember to credit and link back! thank you ❤

Comment by ilovejr

hello .. our new blog has been created , we give them super junior updates , and we’re going to translate some from your blog . would you mind ?
thanks a lot 🙂

Comment by zuperzunior

@ zuperzunior:
Hi, may I know what language will you be translating them into? ^^

Comment by ilovejr

Dong Hae, I just want to love you….Do you know….In “So I” haha

Comment by lovesuju1997

i like you all.
and i like your song.

Comment by angle

my name is angle
hei,do you want to know i like someone in your group!!.
And i like two boy.
one in your group and the in tvxq group.

Comment by angle

Why don’t suju come to Vietnam? Dong Hae
Make sure you also know, there are many fans of Suju in Vietnam, right? So why do not suju come to Vietnam …..
I just hope, you will go to Vietnam….
I still love Suju ….I still love Dong Hae ….^^….
So please reply me soon
P / S: I am not good at English ….. Because I’m in grade 6 …. Sorry …. I’m so so sorry! Sorry sorry nega nega ….^^

Comment by lovesuju1997

Wishing you a successful Super Show 2
17~7, a beautiful day ^^
Love you,
ELF in Vietnam

Comment by lovesuju1997

Can I take some information about suju from this website??And paste it into VN’s webpage???

Comment by zujulovesuju97

@ zujulovesuju97:
Yep you may take out those that do not say “Please do not take out” but please remember to credit and link back, thanks!

Comment by ilovejr

Thank you….

Comment by zujulovesuju97

Can I ask a question, OK
How can I contact you, ilovejr….
Please reply me

Comment by zujulovesuju97

@ zujulovessuju97:
Hi you can email me 🙂 superduperlove13[at]

Comment by ilovejr

sorry!!!Are you ….Lee~Dong~Hae??

Comment by zujulovesuju97

Sorry….Are you….Lee-Dong-Hae???Hihi

Comment by zujulovesuju97

ilovejr ah!
where are you from ?
Do you know Korean ?
have you lelf your comments in SuJu’s blog?
have they replied

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

Hey there!

A while ago we contacted you about the SM Town Europe Project. However, until now we haven’t received an answer from you yet. In case you didn’t get our message, here it is again:


Hey there,
I’m writing to you in the name of the SM Town Europe Project Team. Next week (July 15.) we’ll start the first European project for all the fans of SM Entertainment artists.

We hope to convince SM Entertainment that the European market has a huge fanbase, so the artists will maybe hold a concert in Europe someday.

SM Entertainment will get an envelope with a book full of SM Town Fans from all over Europe. How exactly it works you’ll see on the project website, that will be online next wednesday, the address we’ll give you after your answer when you`ve applyed to the project.

This is an official invitation to participate in our project. We write to all the European fan sites of SM artists, and hope you and your members will be a part of it! If you know another SM artist fansite, blog or community please send them this email, so that we finally reach every fan in Europe.

Please reply as soon as possible – don`t send a private message, but answer to following address:


your SM Town Europe Project Team

Comment by SM Town Europe Project

OK we will send^^Where are you from?

Comment by zujulovesuju97

Hey I’m carla thanks for all the translations so far and also I got some questions how does the cyworld work and someone said u were gona stop translating ? But anyways is it ok if I get ur email just in case lols thanks so much
Fighting saranghae

Comment by Carla

@ carla:
Hi Carla! I will try my best to translate everything but sometimes I will leave entries out.. Because there’s only 1 of me and I’m not paid to do this.. I’m just a poor student after all Lol ♥ It’s all for the love of the boys so I will continue whenever I can ^^ So I won’t stop, in the meantime 🙂

You can email me @!

Comment by ilovejr

Thaks for all the hard work. I’m in love with suju for 2 years now and this is the first time I’ve known them this much. Watch many of their tv programes but i dont know much about their pesonality yet. Love u so much. Hope super junior come to Vietnam. Suju fighting ❤

Comment by MjbabeVN

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super Junior!
Will you come to VietNam and celebrate a show?
I live in VietNam and very want to see you!

Comment by elfvn

Wow i’m amazed. I’m a korean E.L.F. and i was enormously impressed by all the translation you did with the things that super junior members wrote. i’ve always read those things with ease since korean is my mother language. seeing all the works you have done i can really feel how much you love them! anyways i had a nice time at your website. hope we can also be everlasting friends! adios!

Comment by YoojinJeong

@ YoojinJeong:
Hi Yoojin! Wow you are so lucky~~ 😀 I mean.. To be a Korean and all xD Haha I’m learning Korean now and it’s all fail-ish so.. I still don’t understand most stuff. 😦 Thank you for your comment. 😀 You made my day!

It has been slightly more than a year doing this and.. I just feel the boys deserve so much more ♥
Btw your English is really good! Hope we can be friends 😉

Comment by ilovejr

oh and if you need any help regarding translation, contact me anytime. i’d really be glad to help you. though i don’t relly have much time since i’m a senior in highschool, i’d still be thrilled to do something that would help foreign E.L.Fs to know more about super junior 🙂 feel free to ask me (though i can clearly see that you speak korean sooooo well, and don’t really need any help! i’m really impressed by the translating work you have done so far)

Comment by YoojinJeong

@ Yoojin:
Oh no!! I don’t speak Korean well at all D: I’m only learning it now.. Beginner level! Hehe I translate from Mandarin so it’s easier for me.. 🙂 Do you have msn? ^^ Thank you for volunteering!!

Aja fighting!!

Comment by ilovejr

hi, i was wondering if i could take your translations out to post on my blog- fanaholic@wordpress? with credits of course^^ and for the entries that i can’t take out, you will be stating it on the entry itself?

Comment by fanaholic

@ fanaholic:
Yep you may. Those that can’t be taken out, please link back instead! Thank you 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

I don’t understand this…Have they ever been to Singapore?I think …”yes, they’ve”…So what does this meant?
“A fellow E.L.F emailed me about this,

Calling for more Singaporeans/people interested to go to Singapore to see SJ, please sign the petition!

It’s directed to the company who recently successfully brought F.T.Island to Singapore so I would say that there’s a high possibility that this might succeed if the response is good.”

Comment by lovesuju1997

@ lovesuju1997:
Nope, they haven’t been there.. ^^
It’s for Singaporeans who would like SJ to go to Singapore.. They are welcome to sign the petition^^

Comment by ilovejr

thanks for the info about the petition =)
hope that things will go well.

Comment by cass

AAAHHH!!! it will be the best if SJ could come to singapore..

Comment by carol

There should be a petition like this to bring them to the USA! We love Super Junior too!!!

Comment by etruscangirl

super junior………………..
come on to indonesia

Comment by sarah love siwon

hi friend super junior

Wow thank you!! But I don’t think I’m as popular as them xD

I’m really glad that more people are joining the fandom, international especially.. And hopefully my site has given people more reasons to love the boys!!

It’s a little sad when people just take my translations cos it’s hard work most of the time.. And it takes up my time as well.. So I’d be contented with some credit for it xD

Thank you so much ♥ You made my day with your lovely comment *-*

than you
I`m in kuwait arabic

Comment by mona

hi suju i love you ❤
i really want to see you 😦

can i be your friend OwO

Comment by heba

Heey ELF’S take a look ;D

Comment by 1000beauty

Fact about Heechul ..
when someone hurt taemin and SM hide that
heechul go to the hospital to see taemin and there was jonghyun and key ,,
so he told jonghyun that when he will finish his scedual he will call him to give the “we don’t know” person lesson for hurting our precious little baby,
then jonghyun be weird about how heechul just called taemin ..

Comment by jongkey

I love Su. JU. so much they have been in my hart 4 Ever

Comment by argelyn

I’m not sure if this is a right place to leave this message but today I found a great poll about a Fantasy casting for HanaKimi Korean version “””” Beautiful You “”””
If you like Super Junior , please visit and participate to vote for Super Junior !!
The poll URL is !
And we have Hanakimi korean version Character video 😀
The video URL is
Thanks in advance 🙂

Comment by hanakimiby

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