Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.23 (2/3)
September 23, 2008, 9:45 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.23 19:27

Title: 이 런 신 발 색 깔 ! !/ A Colour Like This Pair of Shoes ! !
In the ‘尊’ folder..

A pair of shoes I bought randomly with absolutely musically-talented Jungmo from the departmental store

However, to make it look more agile* I upgraded it using magical powers

My beautiful handwork was able to make this pair of boots more agile +0.01

The unique purple boots having the possibility of obtaining the departmental stores’ best-seller,

This unique pair of boots has memorized chants


You want me, you’ve fallen for me, you’re crazy about me, you can’t break free

I got youㅡ ooh oohㅡunder my skin

You want me, you’ve fallen for me, you’re crazy about me, you are my slave

I got youㅡ ooh oohㅡ under my skin

I drew another pair for Jungmo but he perspired and politely refused

Finally, Jungmo was shot by a cold arrow which caused his creative ability to decrease by 0.01

Ah I should stop playing this game.. What is this (-┏)

*N.B It sorta means more towards lively than agile? I think..

Credits; LoveChul, OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라




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thx !


its cool~

Comment by mamiez

i think it is really cute. he drew his “trademark” on it. but i dont understand what he is talking about. who is jungmo?

Comment by choco

Those shoes… ROFL!!!!
They are SOOO CUTE!!! ^^

LOL! “미로틱” lyrics just came out of nowhere XDD

Comment by min_is_mine

omg!!! the pictures won’t come out! is it my computer or it really doesn’t come out???

Comment by sapphire13angels

waah.. i want it too..
he really has talent. i like the shoes.

Comment by wenela

I love how Heechul showed his support for DBSK through his own unique way.
Thanks for the translation <333

Comment by sushimadness

i want those shoes<3

Comment by inyeon

wow..Mirotic lyrics!!!!
The shoes are very beautiful^^
Our Chullie is just vert talented
I want to have those shoes!!!
Thanks so much for your translation
And Could I translate this entry into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

Aww! How cute of him!
I knew it was Mirotic’s lyrics!!!Cos of the “I got you under my skin” which makes me *squeal* and fantasize.

*Thank you for translating! The Hanchul one made me so freakin HAPPY and HIGH after reading it the 2nd time!

Comment by SJ-Love

i like the shoes.. hehehe…
want it…

Comment by mei an

eeeeehhh mirotic..omo!!!
very supportive of his lovely dongsaengs!!
love heechul to death!
so cute of him..

Comment by iloveeeteukoppa

i love how the SM family are close and….fan boy-ish haha
heechul very amusing.

Comment by asyancutie

He has a unique way to promote Mirotic. 🙂

Comment by labusiam

HAHA ! i loooove this shoe !
so random and it jsut fits !!
i want i want i want !

Comment by yin

♥ i really love super junior 🙂
more power ♥

Comment by chulleen

♥ i will always support heechul ♥ I love you heechul 🙂

Comment by chulleen

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