Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.23 (1/3)
September 23, 2008, 9:40 pm
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Okay.. There seems to be a lot to update today, lol. I see lots of entries from Heechul AND Yesung~


Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.23 15:26

Title: 希 對 庚 / Hee VS. Geng
In the ‘澈’ folder..

Beijing Fried Rice expert, Geng

3 minutes cooking expert, Hee

The expert who will put lots of chill slices on top of the ramyun to make it spicy, Geng

The one who calls for Hankyung when there’s no rice at home, asking him to create something from nothing, Hee

The expert who knows how to dance more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese dances, Geng

The expert who knows how to dance more than 10 Korean female singers’ dances, Hee

When asked to sing, he’s just like a shy bride, singing softly, Warm Boy (?) – Small Voice Geng

Even if people stopped him, he’d start to dance Tell Me, Warm Boy- Ful* Hee

Faster than anyone else, and different from others, the one who imitates my expressions, Geng

In the past 3 years, the one who only imitates Geng, Hee (Others : Yang Ban Kim/ Noble Kim, Horse)

The one who calls from China and says he misses me, but ends up quarrelling (with me) in the end, Geng

The one who happily picks up the phone in Korea but only knows how to scold people, Hee

The one among the other 12 who is able to straightly see my youthful (?) body, Geng

The one among the other 12 who is able to give Hankyung a revolving flying kick, Hee

Ah Really miss himㅋ

N.B * -Ful as in Wonderful.
Credits; OnlyHeechul, OnlySJ13
Original Source; 신데렐라


*touched to tears*

This is one of my favouritest Heechul posts EVER. So heart-warming. *___*



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i laughed nonstop reading it. its so cute when he say he can dance more than 10 female singers’ dances.

he made himself sound so “inferior” compared to hankyung. haha..

this has got to be one of the bestest bestest best heechul post!!! he really misses his beijing fried rice. lol.

this is really such a break from my stressful sch work.

Comment by love.

AWWWW i missed Hanchul. this is so sweet~~~~

Comment by emyLi

touches the heart…. hanchul FTW!

Comment by kiirohana

really touching~~~ love hanchul forever!!!!! but hw come “the one among all 12” ???? not 13 ???

Comment by lovesuju13

Because 13 is Hankyung ^_^
so 12 other members to kick him lol.

Comment by Anonymous

thxxxxxxxxx u for million time……thxx u much * hug and kiss*

Kim HeeChul u are so cool…

My beloved GengChul are unbelievable ~~

* cry in joyful *

Comment by Thien Kim

@ lovesuju13:
Sorryyyy I made a typo.. Lol

Comment by ilovejr

OH MY GOD! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s sooo adorable

Comment by ciaodahling

omg~ this is sooo cuuuteee <33 *touched*
poor chulah 😦 he misses his chinese man so much xD~

can i post this on my blog? if not then its okey ^^ but i just want to share this one XD this is soo damn cute <33

Comment by youjuchan

this post is so fun to read….
n its touching yet funny…

Comment by hudsy

oh my god, they are like real brothers. it’s so obvious that Heenim miss Han ge :D. thanks so much for uploading this !

Comment by choco

Aw… I miss HanChul!! ~.~

This entry is so heart-warming ^^

Comment by min_is_mine

reading makes me laugh, warm my heart, and make me wanna see HANCHUL together again!!!

Comment by sapphire13angels

awwww i miss my HanChul! 11.22 seems too long for their reunion…

its been a while since i last posted but thanks so much for all the super junior updates i need!

Comment by 16candles

HANCHUL my favorite couple..
oh poor heechul he misses hankyung.(i miss hangkyung too.)
oh my gosh. im awake now!!

Comment by wenela

Omo … omo HanChul <333. I’m dying right now T__T Heechul really misses him

Comment by sushimadness

Gah, so sweet., That pic is nice as well. Heechul and Hankyung are ultimate love

lovesuju13: I don’t think he was counting Hankyung, since Han can’t give himself a flying kick

Comment by gina


Comment by Maria

AAHH!!! This was waaaayy too cute for me to handle! <33

The expert who knows how to dance more than 10 kinds of traditional Chinese dances, Geng

The expert who knows how to dance more than 10 Korean female singers’ dances, Hee


Comment by panda

i was about to cry~! lmaooo that’s sooo sweeeeeeeeet!

Comment by katrina

Can I translate it? This is….this is Hanchul. So sweet, so lovely, so…Oh, i’m touched. Heechul really miss his Geng T^T

Comment by puppy

That was very sweet.
Go HanChul!!!

Comment by koncettina

ah hahahaha… i bet these two bicker so much when together & Hee really misses that… this is just a fraction of their brotherly day-to-day/daily activities. It’s refreshing for him to share a concrete entry w/c is far from his usual intricate entries i’ve read so far. As usual, enlightening their fans…

btw, Hee said 12 cuz he didn’t include himself for he is talking about himself (as a given 13th – not to be confused of the #13 kyu tho but the 13th)

Thanks for sharing kido…

Comment by justcuz

sooo sweet…

Comment by cheflab

correction on the “btw” … I meant he said 12 cuz he didn’t count Hankyung for he is talking about Hankyung as a given 13th… sorry for the confusion… just realized after… ooopppsssy

Comment by justcuz

heechul!!!! ❤

Comment by esther~

Han Chul!!!! Han Chul!!!!
I miss Han Chul so much!!!
Chul misses Han so much and so do i TT_TT
Poor ChullieTT_TT
I want Han Chul so badTT_TT
P/s:can you let me translate this entry into vietnamese?

Comment by linh

Aww… I miss HanChul too! And EunHae!
Heechul oppa, I love you so much for this!!!
This is so heart-warming, yep touvhing…
I want to hug him now…
They both look like bad boys in that picture.

Comment by SJ-Love

so sweet….and cute!!!^_^
loveee them!!

Comment by Biela

ah!!!i miss them too.

so sweet of heechul tt he really miss hangeng.

Comment by kam

I love Geng!!!
and I like Chul , too!!!
GengChul is perfect couple!!!
I love U!!!

Comment by kangpu

I love Han!!!
And I like Hee , too!!!
HeeGeng is perfect couple!!!
I love U

Comment by kangpu


lmao at the 2nd one “geng knows more than 10 traditional chinese dances, hee knows more than 10 dances of other singers.”


Comment by querubin

mizz hanchul a lot..

glad to see their together..

Comment by mei an

AHHH.. this is sweet. i love them!!!

Comment by aralovessuju

haha i love reading this.
theyre like close brothers.
heechul always make me laugh-
even in writing haha

Comment by asyancutie

Aw that’s sweet!! ❤
Hilarious comparisons
Especially the one with Hankyung- 10 traditional dances with Heechul- 10 Korean Femlae Dances
Haha Miss HANCHUL =[

Comment by purplefanatic

Opposites attract.

Comment by Inny

awww, so sweet. i absolutely love this entry. aww chullieee.

hanchul-ALWAYZ! ^_^

Comment by 7samira7

hahahaha… he’s funny… he really know how to make people laugh…

Comment by totally05

what site is heechul’s home page?
i wanna see it..

thanks a lot.

This poem is AWESOME!

Comment by chuei

thanks for translating
best post ever
hanchul love
love you guys

Comment by Anonymous

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