Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.21
September 22, 2008, 12:30 am
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.21 23:26

Title: 共 存/ Coexistence
In the ‘天’ folder..

From red hair to black hair

From long hair to short hair

Credits; OnlyHeechul
Original Source; 신데렐라
Please credit & link back if taking out!


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i wonder how they manage their hair to look good like that after so many dyeing and everything.well, the power of science..
anyways, he really likes that hairstyle am i right?
he looks good on heechul..♥

Comment by wenela

myb i should said this
“that is my fave hairstyle ever”

Comment by |kimgeumja|

Heh heh. long to short,red to black…
I think all the hairstyles he had so far are wonderful…
Is he’s cyworld layour in chinese???
*Anyway, thanks 4 translating!

Comment by SJ-Love

just so H O T !!!
geez he looks awesome
loves his hairstyles 🙂

suju hwaiting~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

heechul ahhhh~~
he looks gorgeous in every hair style xD

saranghae heechul oppa <33333

Comment by daniS2jiyong

love you in long hair heenim… but short hair is freakishly hot too (:

Comment by lovemixin

ahh heechul! i love all his hairstyles.. esp the golden bride and his current one.. and of course his red/orangey hair from SJT! -SPAZZ-

Comment by love.

I totally agree with you. Heenim looks good on EVERYTHING ^^

Comment by steph

he is hiding one of his best features!!
his eyes!!!! =)
he is always so handsome…

Comment by hudsy

wahaha! with the caption, it’s like a shampoo endorsement!XD

Comment by gaegood

he hides his beautiful eyes..

Comment by aiqha

U always beautiful and kool when to change your style!!!

Comment by Kangpu

heechul is the definition of hot

Comment by sjlove

i love HEECHUL with all his style.. 🙂

Comment by rezz.chulle

heechul u looks pretty in any color/stylish hair.
and i love u for every change u do 🙂

Comment by asyancutie

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