Yamaha Fino CF
September 21, 2008, 7:21 pm
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The combined version!!


credits; sushimadness@youtube

1. Fino Teaser

LOLLLLLLLLL Donghee-ya!!!!!! Too cute! Hae’s 0__0 expression is just priceless.

2. Fino Can Speak

Heechul’s 5 (ha) is SO HOT. *___* And Ming’s pronunciation really sounds so Thai.. Does it? Any Thai E.L.F care to share who has the best pronunciation? ^^ It’s so good to see Geng with Happy 😉

3. Fino Fitness

Dongheee. You’re growing on me much. ♥___♥ That scream at the end.. FULL OF WIN!!!

4. Fino Fashion

This is kinda like Hae’s solo CF at the beginning. AKJSKJDKJSDKJSKDJSD.

5. Fino Music

ROFLOLMAO at Hae banging at the Fino. And Siwon. WHY ARE YOU SO INCREDIBLE AT ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ASIAN LANGUAGE. Please bless me with your ability!!!!!!! And Kyu hitting the tires!!!!! HOTNESS!

My favourite.. Has got to be ‘Fino Music’.. Kyu’s so adorable inside!!! 😀 Aish, if only there was another one with all of them but I guess that’s too many people to have the focus remain on the Fino. XD


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OMY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!
i can confirmed that sungmin has the best pronunciation
it is definitely THAI.

I love the fitness one so cute >_<!!!

and Hae is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeee

Love this CF!!!

Comment by yoh


I saw it already.

Fino – can speak
Ming is the best!!!! His pronunciation is so clear and Hyukjae as well.

Fino – Fashion
Hae said “my fino is wardrobe”
super cute!!!!! ><

Leeteuk and Siwon speech were not clear but that’s so adorable! I love it 😀

Comment by paecute


Heechul “5” is so cute.

Comment by paecute

Oh yes, if you didnt pint it out I wouldn’t have realise Siwon oppa’s prowess at languages!
Oh damnit Hae. Bloody cute!!! You have Kyuhyun bias like me or Kyuhun oppa is your fav. member?
Shindong oppa was so cute too! His expressions when looking at the cake! ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

Yes Minnie pronouce Song ( 2 ) So THAI!!!! cute

And Hae….555+ fashion icon

Comment by cadiac (Thai E.L.F.)

I think Sungmin’s pronunciation is so clear too,
but I love Hankyung’s pronunciation ^^

Actually, they all did a wonderful job on this CF.

I’ve totally gone crazy watching them speaking Thai.

Arrrrrrrgh!!Too CUTE!!!!

I love Fino music& Fino Fashion. (Donghae is so cute)

Comment by nefernoon

No Yesung and Kibum 😦 but all of them are totally cute xD I love Hae’s clothes

Comment by leo148

I thought sungmin and hyukjae was the best….
but donghae solo part was really good too..
siwon and kangin… for me is the cutest though

Comment by kpop-th

As Thai , to be fair have to admit that all of them can pronouce those number in Thai equally well, but to be bias, i think No.7 is the cutest ahhhh.

Comment by Peach

Any Thai E.L.F care to share who has the best pronunciation?
– i choose Sungmin & Hyukjae they’re pronounced very clear ^^

Jungsu oppa in Fino Fisness he said it in cute way >.<

abt Donghae part i think that sentense too long and hard for him but he can do it well *cool*

Comment by fonzii

well lao and thai are similar and i’m half lao.
sungmin’s was clear, but i think kangin was best with 7 =D too cute.
and in general i have this bias for donghae and siwon speaking different languages xD
finally a cf i understand!!!

Comment by Angel

WHAAA donghae face priceless!!
ohh how i miss them so much.
GOMF&MIKE with suju..what can get better than this.

Comment by asyancutie

yup yup. sungminnie’s pronounciation’s the most thai :]

Comment by mywind

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