Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.20
September 20, 2008, 11:59 pm
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*edited* I kinda had a feeling it was a little awkward, so I referred to another source.. Hopefully it’s better XD

Wow.. The 83Line is amazingly active today, lol. My brain cells feel overworked XD, okai, kidding. 😀 I love it when the boys are updating lots. 😉

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.20 23:13
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

Title: …TVXQ…

..Dong Bang Shin Ki’s new album name has been revealed…^^

I liked the song a lot when I heard it before it was revealed..

Yunho also said he liked the album a lot this time …^^

Recently, Jaejoong has been saying ..Hyung, you’re so irresponsible.. how can you act coquettishly..

Ya~~You’re always acting coquettishly towards Hyung…Hush~~!!You’re only doing this to Hyung..ㅋㅋ

Junsu, just stared at Hyung!!!Why are you like that~~!!!You really make people embarrassed..ㅋㅋ

Do you like Hyung?ㅋㅋ

Yoochunie..I often admire your shoulders..You little monster (?)..^^

Changmin-ah..~~~You’ve become a man now…^^Handsome..!!

5 Handsome Dongsaengs!!!!As the status of a sunbae, I still have a lot to learn from them…^^

Please give lots of love…Because we’re also preparing for our 3Jib now…

Please support it lots once it’s released..ㅋㅋ!

This time, please give lots of support to Dong Bang Shin Ki..!!!(E.L.F, understand?^^)

Hyung will also give them encouragement!!!!Dong Bang Shin Ki KingWangJjang!!!

Us!!!!!!(Because we are) sm’s children (?) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s really a blessing to overcome any difficulties..^^

Please credit & link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13, Pearl Jungsoo



83Line 킹왕짱! ♥ Teuk’s such a loving Hyung. AAKSJKJDJSHDJSHDJSHDJHKSDK -keyboard smash-

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Thank ya

SM’s children haha

Comment by pazma

the world’s greatest leader…
he cares about everyone in SM family 🙂
how cute!

슈주 hwaiting~

Comment by Min Jee 이민지

omo…. he’s so cute as always….
good relationship with his dongsaengs….
great bonding with dong bang shin ki…
dongbangjunior love forever….

Comment by nawwarah

teukie is so nice!!!
bcos of teukie give support to dbsk.i’m going to support dbsk too!!
suju n dbsk

Comment by urisujuoppa

teukie’s so sweet… but what’s coquetish?

Comment by kiirohana

Dongbangjunior <333333333
JungSoo is tooo cute ❤
Thaanks 😀

Comment by Waah~

Yay for oppa!!

Comment by koncettina

^^ so cute~
dongbangjunior ♥

i can so imagine junsu doing that..

Comment by nicoleviolence

OMG! Leader-shi is so adorable being a hyung there, he must be very happy to see Dongbang boys back to Korea. DongbangJunior love reunited <333. Yes I will support DBSK no matter what *run to order their new album*

Comment by Rin

Jungsoo such a good hyung. <<33333.
Im broke TT_TT
where is money when you need it?

Comment by Angel

BTW, thanks for the translation. <3333

Comment by Angel actually feeling hysterical right now knowing teukie oppa is giving DBSK oppas lots of support!!!
thats what i love bout SUJU &DBSK..they are really good friends and supports each others’ backs!!
suju & dbsk oppas fighting!!!

Comment by iloveeeteukoppa

jahaahhahahaha he cares about our boys *-*

Comment by Deborah

haha teukie is so adorable!
true fan xD


Comment by Michelle

it’s so vute of eetuk.. supporting his dongsengs

Comment by ^monster^

He’s such a wonderful hyung! Haha 🙂 He really loves DBSK… requesting ELF to support them.

ELF’s response: Sure thing Eeteuk! 🙂

Comment by sallysync

yeah~~changmin so manly and handsome now..kekeke~~
eteuk so loving hyung~~love him..
and super junior 3th album..
can’t wait suju with a new song..

suju figthing!!
leetuek figthing!!

Comment by lotadiaz

He’s such a sweet hyung alsjdkfls <333.

Thank you for translating <33!!

Comment by spazzes

DONGBANGJUNIOR<3 dont worry teukie… cassi and elf are the best of friends !! 🙂 HWAITING DBSJ !

Comment by lovemixin

OMGSH!! what a loving hyung!! >.< waah i love DBSJ~ makes me swoooosh in the air!~

Comment by redandrosy

LOVE FOR DONGBANGJUNIOR!! teukie cares for everyone!

Comment by emyLi

SM’s children are the greatest^^
ELF will always support SJ13 and DBSK^^
You’re such a great hyung, Teukie oppa
OMG I love this entry so much
P/S:Please let me translated this Teukie’s oppa entry into Vietnamese

Comment by linh

Aww! Teukie oppa is so supportive of DBSK! Well, DBSK and SuJu always support each other.. thats why they are called ♥DongBangJunior♥!

*ILU ilovejr!

Comment by SJ-Love

Cassiers and E.L.Fs = 가장 친한 친구 ^^
DBSK hwaiting!!!

Comment by SooMi

arrasso teukie oppa!!
you are such a loving hyung!
i love dbsk as well as the other SM children?!hehe(SM artist).

Comment by wenela

4th album of TVXQ is being like this.
So 3rd album of SUJU should be more than TVXQ for 2 times….


R u agree with me, Teukie ?

Comment by cadiac (Thai E.L.F.)

teukie is so much love, let us all support the sm family! ♥

Comment by querubin

how cute!!!
love him!!!^^

Comment by Biela

how i wish eeteuk oppa became my brother~~!!
you’re so lovely~!

Comment by pikahcun

oh goodness
teukie . you are so funny.
Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior .
of course we will give them lots of
love . 🙂 we got that Teukie .
haha why am i talking to Teukie when i
know he’ll probably won’t read this .
SM’s children ! okai .

Comment by maryngo

ah~ teukie entry so sweet.
i love how he respect and honor his dongsaeng ^-^

always and ELF and CASSIE ❤

Comment by asyancutie

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