Super Show 1st Concert DVD
September 19, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Super Show DVD

Finally out for all E.L.Fs who have not been able to catch it LIVE, yet. OMGAH, when are you letting the boys continue with it, SM!? Like.. one in Feb, then July and then Nov.. 4-5 months each time!? T___T

Ah well, it seems like I just have to be satisfied with this.. For now, at least.

Pre-Order Links

YesAsia (Both 52-page photobook included)

  1. With Poster in Tube
  2. With Folded Poster


  1. With Photobook only
  2. With Photobook + Poster

*DVDHeaven URLs edited, thank you EternalELF for notifying! ^^

+ the track list…

Concert Part 1
01 . Intro
02 . Twins (Knock Out)
03 . Rock This House
04 . 돈 돈! (Don’t Don)
05 . 갈 증 (A Man in Love) (Remix)
06 . 거 울 (Mirror)
07 . 멘트 (Ment #1)
08 . 사랑이 떠나다 (She’s Gone)
09 . You’re My Endless Love
10 . Dancing Out (Rock ver.)
11 . The Night Chicago Died – K.R.Y
12 . My Everything (동해) – Donghae
13 . 처음 느낌 그대로 (려욱, 규현) (Chaeum Neuggim Keudaero) – Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
14 . 인형 (이특, 예성) (In Hyeong) – Eeteuk, Yesung
15 . 걸음을 멈추고 (Georeummul Meomchugo) – K.R.Y
16 . 룩셈부르크 (희철, 시원, 성민, 강인) (Luxembourg) – Heechul (?), Siwon, Sungmin, Kangin

Concert Part 2
01 . 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugeo!!!) -SJ-T
02 . 첫 차 (Cheotcha/First Express) – SJ-T
03 . 나 같은건 없는 건가요 (Nagateungeon Eomneun Geongayo/Don’t Go Away) – SJ-T
04 . H.I.T – 히트
05 . One love (은혁+K.R.Y)
06 . 미워 (Hate U, Love U)
07 . 멘트 (Ment #2)
08 . Marry U
09 . Y.M.C.A
10 . Wonder Boy
11 . 퍼포먼스 (은혁, 동해, 신동, 한경) (Dance Battle) – Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, Hankyung
12 . 첫눈이 와 (First Snow)
13 . 멘트 (Ment #3)
14 . 마지막 승부 (The Girl Is Mine)
15 . U
16 . 행복 (Haengbok)
17 . 차근차근 (Chageun Chageun/Way For Love)
18 . 멘트 (Ment #4)
19 . Believe
20 . Final 멘트 (Final Ment)
21 . 앵콜송 Miracle

– Making Film

* Plus : 2 DVD + 52page Photobook

Romanized by me^^ Info credits to YesAsia. 😀



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will it be realeased in indonesia jakarta?
please comment back…

Comment by happyelf271

waaaaah, ive been waiting for this..thanks a lot..

Comment by wenela

OMG! i almost fainted when i see this!!!!
i think i found the ULTIMATE gift for my birthday~
thank you thank you sooo very much!
i love you to death!

Comment by chuuu

wow! yes! thanks!

Comment by kay35

when is the dvd arrive to malaysia?

Comment by leoniie

hope u can reply to my blog..tq ^^

Comment by leoniie

is there any with english subs?

Comment by pikahcun

May I know if there’s any that comes with eng subtitles? yesasia info only shows korean, chinese and japan subtitles which i can’t read any of these. sigh~

Comment by lovesuju13

thank you for sharing this info I’m so buying it *squees* !!

Comment by Anonymous

amaziiing!! i preordered it as soon as i could O_O yayayayayayyyyy!!!

Comment by sureyya

Just preordered it. Yay! My sis is getting it for me for my birthday.

Comment by sueflo

OMG! i am sooo buying this.. thanks for the post. ♥

Comment by mheyca

I can’t order… My parents won’t allow which means I have to buy it secretly when it comes to S’pore… And I got to make sure I have $$$ at that point of time..

Comment by SJ-Love

Hey do you have a new acc for utube? Im Ryukuo62187

Comment by Ryukuo

um i dont think the dvd heaven links bring you to the preordering page. just the pic

Comment by EternalELF

omg u guys get ur copy nowwwww it will be satisfying <333

Comment by EternalELF

ZOMG, i want onnnnnnneeeee! but im not getting it online -_-;; imma go to korea town and check if they have a copy already xD

Comment by lovemixin

AHHHH~~ It’s finally out! *Clicks on the links*
thanks for informing 😀 i’m so gonna preorder it NOW!

Comment by emyLi

wahhhh i just pre ordered this..finally its out!! weeee

Comment by iloveeeteukoppa

no “pink spider”?? must be due to copy rights T-T

Comment by mui_gei_tal

I’m waiting for DVD Super Show ^^
I’m going to order it ^^

Comment by SooMi

I’m so excited!!! I’ll definitely buy one!!! I’ve been saving money especially just for this!!!

Comment by Ires

Is the dvd gonna be released in Malaysia ?
or you have to order it through online ? >.<

Comment by amanda

KyuKhun is so adorable and charming. He’s very intelligent and talented singer and artist. More success to your career and the Super Junior members!!!


Comment by lythyll

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