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September 19, 2008, 9:20 pm
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There have been lots of UFO Town replies recently.. From the China version.. Apparently the boys have been replying in Korean and there’s this translation thingy online that allows the fans to have a look at their replies! Way cool~

P.S Some of them are from the Korean UFO Town replies.. So I kinda mixed them..



E.L.F: I’m going off to work, Oppa fighting! Here’s an encouragement song for you: Get your energy going, I’m the best of all, I must work hard today, fighting!

Heechul: Going to work? ㅋㅋㅋ Get your energy going


E.L.F: Horse~ If you don’t reply me now I’m going to find you!

Heechul: I’ve replied you, don’t come okay. ㅋㅋ


E.L.F: My Jaejoong asked me to ask Hankyung, I’m jealous, Hankyung already has Heechul but (his relationship) with Jaejoong is unclear, did Geng’s performance on Sept 13 mean that he was seducing Jaejoong?

Hankyung: What do you want to know?~~~


E.L.F: Teuk ah— Your white suit you wore today made you look really handsome! What do you think? You’re suave or is Eunhyuk (more) suave?

Donghae: ni men shi wo men de chuan bu!!^^ wo ai ni men^^
* You all are my everything!!^^ I love you all^^
Lol, Hae is too cute to write in Hanyu Pinyin.. and his ‘everything’ is spelt wrongly too! XD

E.L.F: Teukie~ Can’t you give me a reply? I really want Oppa’s reply 555T_T
*5 in Chinese is “wu” so 555 is like “wuwuwu” which resembles the sobbing lingo.

Donghae: I’ve given you a reply^^  


E.L.F: Donghae, I’m currently eating large mooncakes!! Hahaha~
Mooncakes are something the Chinese eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Donghae: I’m currently eating ramen


E.L.F: Oppas are about to come to China already right, I’m really anticipating (the day), it’s such a pity I’m unable and watch you all live, please reply and comfort me.

Siwon: Aiya, it’s okay^^ Isn’t it too far? Don’t need to worry. As long as you have the heart, we are already feeling very blessed ^^


E.L.F: Shindong, I’m still not used to looking at your new image after you managed to slim down || I still like your original ‘chubby’ image.. Quickly go back to the original

Siwon: Hehe.. I will tell him this ^-^ I also hope it’s that way.. -_ㅠ


E.L.F: Princess (Heechul) ah, what surprise will you bring us on 11.22? We will use a passion worth 100 times more than this time to welcome you

Siwon: You’re not fickle to love someone else right ^-^? I didn’t have a change of heart too, currently anticipating^^!


E.L.F: Oppas, I’ve got poisoning… Since I’ve been back from seeing the Oppas, once I close my eyes, I see the look of you guys smiling and waving~ Training has been tough~ Will you Oppas encourage me? SJ fighting

Siwon: My darling, how was today for you^^? Nothing went wrong, I hope? You musn’t have anything wrong ~^^
*JAHSJHADSJHAJDHJDHJ Siwon!! You’re such a gentleman ♥


E.L.F: Wookie~ I saw the pictures of the Sohu interview you did today, your side profile is really very beautiful.. You gave me a shock.. *cough* I don’t know what it’s called in Korean..

Yesung: What about me?……


E.L.F:  Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen Kyu’s like Oxygen
*A play on SHINee’s ‘Love Like Oxygen (You’re Like Oxygen)’

Eeteuk: Woon’s like Oxygen
ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Thanks Teuk, you just killed my lungs. ♥___♥ KANGTEUK FOREVS.


Please DO NOT take out!
Linking back is fine~ Thank you!

Credits;, OnlySJ13

Hae’s replies are sooo adorkable. & TEUK NEVER FAILS TO IGNITE MY POOR, WEAK HEART.


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Thank you , i’m really enjoy reading UFO Town replies .

Teukie really in love with my beloved KangIn … so jealous …

Comment by Peach

how i wish i could reply to ufo too.hahaha..
their replies are soo love…♥

Comment by wenela

Eeteuk: Woon’s like Oxygen

Comment by nica

wahhh teuk really loves kangin…. waaahhhh XD so happy right now!

Shiwon’s so greasy! hahaha “darling” melts~~~

“Siwon: You’re not fickle to love someone else right ^-^? I didn’t have a change of heart too, currently anticipating^^!”—did shiwon just admit he loves heenim???? Shichul!!!!!

as always… thanks for putting up these ufo replies 😀

Comment by kiirohana

hahahahaha i cant stop laughting xDD
i wanna ask you.. who’s your favorite? ^^

Comment by Deborah

lol.. they’re so cute.. i wish they have english UFO where we can also interact 🙂

btw, 555 in chinese represents sobbing? funny, 555 in Thai reads ‘ha ha ha’ !! LOL ^^

Comment by natngnear

I love them so much. ❤
Siwon you prince! ❤
It could also be YeTeuk~ .. but OMG I LOVE KANGTEUK! Teuk admits it~ XD
Youngwoon oppa is totally my oxygen~ <333

Comment by rawrcarebear

Ah, it’s been a while, I haven’t posted any comments, assignments are killing me, LOL. Sad to hear that YT suspended your account. I really appreciate your subbing works, it must be hard. Thanks!

Thanks for posting this, I really enjoy reading their replies, dorky as always but yet so sweet.

HeeChul has something this 11.22? Curious, curious 🙂

Comment by Kraeza

All their replies are so much love!!! ❤
“I’ve replied you, don’t come okay. ㅋㅋ” Not okay!
“ni men shi wo men de chuan bu!!^^ wo ai ni men^^” *squeals*
“My darling, how was today for you^^? Nothing went wrong, I hope? You musn’t have anything wrong ~^^” AWW!
“Woon’s like Oxygen” OMGAHHH. *SCREAMS* I just had a heart attack! Teukie oppa!!!

Comment by SJ-Love


thanks for sharinggggg XDD

Comment by ShineeLove

kangteuk♥ hahaha ^^
thanks so so much for posting this!

Comment by swtsrwlove

“Eeteuk: Woon’s like Oxygen”

This is like the best reply ever!! KANGTEUK FOREVER ^__^

Comment by min_is_mine

@ Kraeza:
11.22 is actually the date for Shanghai’s Super Show ^^

Comment by ilovejr

eeteuk’s reply is just ♥♥♥!!! best ever!!!
kangteuk love in the air!!! lol!!

i just love reading every UFO reply…

Comment by yan

Ah, really? Thanks. Need to keep up with their latest updates ^^

Comment by Kraeza

thanks so much! i always enjoy reading their UFO replies 😀 SWEET!

Comment by emyLi


*will have a more coherent reply laterz.
lol x]
thise post is currently killing my brain cells.

Comment by katrina

As an avid YehTeuk supporter, I’m going to pretend the “Woon” refers to JONGWOON 😛

Ahhh Hankyung XD

Comment by Emi

*screams* Donghae-sshi is such a dork :33 SHICHUL !!! lol Siwon-sshi has such blarney. And Teukie-sshi is so cute ahhah Yesung oppa, I LOVE YOU !!

Comment by dorkHAElove

Laaeeeeeh…… WOON’S LIKE OXYGEN!!!!

Comment by kanginnk

yesung got jealous of wookie lolz. and gosht siwon is such a gentlman. always know how to comfort ppl w/ his generous talk. suju hoyting

Comment by nemo_lovey2002

so funny

Comment by love_kangteuk

I love leetuek

Comment by Anonymous

I love Kyu hyun oppa very much. Kyu hyun oppa . Can you say me your email ????

Comment by love_kyuhyun

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