SJ-M at Sohu Fashion Mag Interview 2008.09.16
September 16, 2008, 11:53 pm
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No Kyu T__T No Zhou Mi T__T And.. What happened to Siwon’s hair!!

Credits; Super Junior M ifensi


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oh dear, Hangeng ge seemed to lose weight!!! DongHae oppa looked tired too. they worked so hard for the concert but didnt get enough rest i guessed! Please take care!

Comment by choco

maybe kyu still were in the rest that he mentioned in his fancafe..?
but where’s zhoumi..? ;-;

waaaaaaaaa~~ henry is always so gorgeous ♥¬♥

[and I like siwon’s new hair xDD]

thank you so much for sharing!!

Comment by daniS2jiyong

yup.i agree w/ u ilovekido,wat happen 2 siwon’s hair!omg,i loved his hair wen he tied up…n now wat happen?it’s sooooo bleh:P…o,well he’s still hawt:0)

Comment by mizztaznchick

Somehow I like Siwon oppa’s hair like that! Haha.
I wonder wth KyuMi were doing during the interview…

Comment by SJ-Love

why are they so handsome.

Comment by wenela

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