Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.15
September 16, 2008, 11:36 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.15 05:02

Title: 우후후후후후후후수후ㅜ훟뭏ㅇㅎ,ㅁㅈㄷㄹ (U hu hu hu hu)

우후후후후후후훗 (U huhuhuhuhuhu hut).,…………
*All the above are random typings, lol

Ah……Sorry…….ㅋㅋㅋBecause I’m too exhausted, so it seems like I’ve gone insane
Today I was supposed to sleep at 2 o’clock**…..Why does time pass by so fast….
**I’m supposing 2am

Anyhow! Really long time no see^^ ㅋㅋㅋ
Chuseok holiday.. There’s time to have a leisure rest!!
(Tomorrow I’m taking a break!…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ…..Although in China, I can only stay in the dorm..)

I’ve been online going to many E.L.F’s blogs and have become someone as known as a ‘blog-hopper’ (?)..
I also played happily on Uxx town ~ A holiday which belongs to me……
And of course when I’m bored I play some games.. And read some books too! Not comics!
Hmm……………..In the end, it’s mostly doing things in my room…ㅠㅠ..

Everyone has been spending their holidays happily right^^?
Ah… Those taking exams…..Eum…….. Take it as (that you’re spending your holidays happily) too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
This year (went by) ‘siuk’***~ and there’ll be a blessed 2009 awaiting~~
And also… a 2009 which you can spend together with Suju^^
***sound of “passing by in a flash”

Ah! And Seoul SM Concert and China’s SM Con!! I’m very happy….
Both of them all rushed with the rain ㅡ.ㅡ….Really very regretful!
Actually, it’s more fun on stage when it’s raining ~~ Everyone will be very excited!
I believe everyone thinks that way too ^^ And also anticipate next year’s SM Concert fully~

Everyone must enjoy their remaining holidays~ And must also handle your allowance properly ^^ Let’s set the remaining of 2008 on fire!!
………………..I was mentioning about handling allowance, but why did I suddenly change to igniting (2008)ㅡㅡ?

Anyhow!! All of us must be happy.. All the days ahead must be filled with laughter~~
When you’re happy When you’re in agony When you’re tired When you’re in happiness.. No matter when, every single one of you with me
With you all.. I am very very happy, you all have become my motivation~~^^

Coming back to the topic.. I….. Like what I said in the introduction, I’m too tired so my mind isn’t really clear…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
The content of the message is really… Not accurate…. Reflecting.. I should really get some sleepㄴ…………zzZZZZ

Please try not to take out, but credit and link back if you must! ^^
Credits; gyuhyuncn


KYU BB, WHY ARE YOU AWAKE SO EARLY!? 😀 Get some rest please. Lol, you make me smile so much till my jaws hurt like mad. Random typings + incoherent Kyu is ♥♥♥.


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he’s being so random XD KEKE sleep for the whole day to restore your energy!!

Comment by emyLi

get some rest please… and eat a lot! it sad to see you soo skinny at sohu interview..
and i’ll be anticipating to spent another year with suju!

Comment by fugainaiyaa

you really have to rest oppa
n really happy knew his fine n health…

thx a lot

Comment by mei an


U the best.

Thank you as always

Comment by cadiac (Thai E.L.F.)

I agree with fugainaiyaa! He should rest and eat more!!

Comment by min_is_mine

YAY~~its been a long time before he posted his previos msg^^

kyu, go get some rest, and hopefully, tight sleep~~you also anticipating for suju’s activity next year, rite?LOL

we’ll always behind you guys!muaackks~

Comment by yizha

very ramdom oppa need to take care of your self and used used day wisely. SLEEP keke ^_^.

Comment by lianne

‘Insane’ Kyuhyun oppa is so cute!!!
Yes. our days will be filled with laughter whether we’re happy or sad. Because we have YOU! and SuJu oppas with us forever. rite? ^^

*Thanks! Much love!

Comment by SJ-Love

hahaha..kyuhyun oppa is so excited in the year

Comment by wenela

kyu hyunie you must have take a rest. keep ur body healthy because we are very happy to see ur smile

Comment by michelle

kyuhyunnie as adorable as ever…

i’m also looking forward to 2009 ^_^

Comment by yunyun

AWW~Kyuhyun oppa is so adorable. I agreed. XD

Comment by CTN

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