Sungmin’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.14
September 15, 2008, 10:08 pm
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Ming’s usual full-of-love messages ♥♥♥

Sungmin’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.14 18:52

We came back safely^^
Although I can’t exactly say that nothing went wrong at the airport

But since no one was hurt, (I guess) it’s considered as nothing went wrong~

There was really a lot of meaning to the concert~
This time in China, the rain was extremely heavy too
When the performance began, the rain slowly began to stop`~

(Those in) Korea really wish to come to right ??^^
SM Family becoming one isn’t just about this singer or that singer’s fans but it’s about everyone becoming one that’s good

This time, the performance was brilliant and everyone has worked hard
Giving applause to all of us as one!~
Especially us!!! We are the greatest!!!!!

We are the greatest so of course our E.L.F are the greatest too right? ^-^
A very happy Chuseok~^
It’s been long since I’ve seen everyone and I’m in a very relaxed mood..
Hope you’ll have a happy Chuseok~~!!^^

Please credit & link back if taking out!
Credits; 蓝色妖域
*This was double-posted at ChunHweeRong too.


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What did he mean by “Although I can’t exactly say that nothing went wrong at the airport” ?
That meant something minor went wrong?
but wadever, its Sungmin oppa!!! ❤


Comment by SJ-Love

ah~ the message is sweeter than honey…. sungminnie!!!!! he’s so sweet and (greasy?) hahaha i can imagine im aegyo-ing while saying those words wahaha

thanks again for the translations

Comment by kiirohana

when they had concert in korea, it rained and in Shanghai too.well, that means they are blessed.

[quote](Those in) Korea really wish to come to right ??^^[/quote]
sungmin oppa, if you only know, its not only in korea but other countries as well..
congratulation to everyone in their successful concert..♥

Comment by wenela

wonder what went wrong at the airport 🙂
thx for sharing!

Comment by natngnear

well i want to go too ^^
lol sungmin yeah E.L.F is the greatest ^^

Comment by foreverhispetal

What happened at the airport ?!?

Comment by shriveledprunes

Sungmin , you absolutly are the greatest for us.

did anyone know what happened at the airport?

PS. Thanks so much for your translation. Pls. let me translate to Thai at

Comment by luckyjoicy

i love how minnie’s post are always full of love and cuteness.

he’s really adorable.

Comment by gelatin

Uhmm..I wonder what happened in the airport?
Were the fans too excited?
“We are the greatest so of course our E.L.F are the greatest too right? ^-^”
I like this sentence so much^^
PS:can you allow me to translate your translation into Vietnamese?

Comment by linh

cyrustin87:sungmin oppa!why u wanna see world so early.haha.why 1 jan 1986?then how will u going to celebrate ur birthday?everybody is busy celebrating the new year!!
sungmin:i proud that everybody is celebrating my birthday
cyrustin87:yeah.u right.then did u receive lot present?? enough when i receive everybody wish
cyrustin87:haha.u cool man!!!

……a raven is passing…..

Comment by Cyrustin87

does anyone know sungmin’s fancafe web???
Does he have cyworld???

Comment by 21811

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