Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.15
September 15, 2008, 9:17 pm
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Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.15 02:20

Title: Happy Mid Autumn Festival~~~~!

It’s been long since I’ve updated my diary (and) I miss every a lot. Firstly, I’d like to wish everyone a belated Mid-Autumn Festival! Recently it’s been a mad rush going around for rehearsals, recordings, performances… But I’m too happy to feel tired. Hehe~~~ Every time I think of the moment I’m able to stand on stage with you all by my side, I have infinite motivation. Recently, the time spent going to Korea to rehearse is more, it’s so that we can give our China friends the best stage. Each and everyone of us are working very hard, just so that we are able to thank all our friends who love us, letting you guys in China enjoy yourselves to the fullest with the SM Family’s overall radiance. Although unfortunately it rained heavily at the performance on the day before, but actually the reason was that because of the rain, we were able to show a different stage and a different state, and also respond to your inextinguishable passion. I heard all your screams, all your cheers, saw all those blue light boards, there were many with my name on it. I’m extremely happy and blessed Hehe~~~Thank you for giving me (lol, he made a typo! XD) that kind of touching moments the day before!

Our performance was very successful, this has also given me more confidence and motivation to move forward bravely. After having a short break, I headed on to Shandong yesterday morning to attend the YangShi Mid-Autumn Celebration. Even in Shandong I saw you guys, although I only only participated in a few minutes at the opening. But in my heart, it’s eternal memories. On the Mid-Autumn Festival, in Rongcheng (a place near Shandong), on the sea, under the moonlight, beside you guys~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ……

I love you all~~~~~~!~

Original source; Han Geng’s Home
Please credit & link back if taking out, and comment if you’re translating into another language~ Kamsa~!
Aish. I miss Geng lots. Ming’s got a post at Manful, and Ryeowook at Fill Me In~ Will do them up later!


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I love you too, Hangeng ge!
Did he have time to eat mooncakes? Did the Korean SJ-M members try?!?! haha.
Thank you HG ge! For flashing so much skin in the concert! Teehee.

*A Zillion thanks! ILU ilovejr!

Comment by SJ-Love

hiiiiiiiiii ^^
geng is so… aaaaaaaaaaaaaw, so cute, i wanna hug him *-*
im translating to portuguese, ok?

Comment by Deborah

waaahh..i miss hangeng so much..thanks for posting this’re the man!!

Comment by wenela

Thank you for your translation ^^
I would like to ask your permittion to translate this to my language (I’m thai ^^)and put on my webboard at

Please email me if you have any comment.
Thank you in advance ^^

Comment by mondaymay

I’ve been a silent reader for awhile til I saw your credit ended.

I have to say “Thank You” for your patient and for your translation. Since I translated your journal into Thai, I’d better to tell you here ^^”

My website is and
If you have any comments or suggestion, feel free to tell me at my website.
Right now, you’d better go to because my sujuknight got problems. We’ll be back when the problem has been solved.

Comment by paecute

when can i see sj show at my country?
my country is malaysia
sj have been there too
but no at my state
hope they can come to sibu,sarawak,malaysia
come come come!!!!

Comment by Cyrustin87

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