SMTown Live’08 in Shanghai Sept 13 Pictures
September 14, 2008, 3:54 pm
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So much more stripping.. I doubt it’s because of the rain, though the rain added the ‘stripping’ atmosphere to the whole con eh? Lol.. Kinda reminds of the song “It’s Raining Men” LMAO Hallelujah! *___* Beware~ Hot bods rampage!! Gimme more choc abs, yo.

SMTown Live'08 in Shanghai!

Gah, I’m such a softie for the Heechul-hyung love! 😀 For Zhoumi esp! I can’t stop grinning, really Heechul, ilusm.

+ 198291839293 moar..

I JUST HAD TO POST THIS UP FIRST. OMY. HANCHUL, YOU KILLED MY HEART SO BAD. ♥ T__T Tears of joy are spouting fountains out of my eyes nao.


LOLLLLLL Someone’s just so playful!

credits; as tagged, OnlySJ13


Need to rush off now.. Kyu’s killing me softly *___*

Will edit in more when I see them ^^


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hankyung was killing me!!
how can he undressed like that!

Comment by geng^^geng

Thank you for sharing! OMGGGG. I swear I didnt see any skin!
Okay fine. its not mine fault that I become so.. pervertic rite? Its the one who posted those pics!

Kangteuk! Maybe not, but the angle the pics are taken make them look really KangTeuk-ish. 😀

Comment by SJ-Love

awww man i dont see any heechul!!!!

Comment by aaaaaaa

wow! thank you so much! i been waiting for you to post sm town shanghai pictures ^^ 감사함니다
btw, do you have the large version of the 1st photo up there? where 13 of them on stage.. i really want that pic. ^^

Comment by sapphire13angels

oh man SJM has just made wookie look so much hotter xD
*_* HeeMi ❤

Comment by Angel

omg!! this is love!! thank you!!

Comment by esther~

just want to share,kibum was not there coz he has filming..too bad they are not 13.
but still, hangeng made me lost my breath..he is just sooo hot..
i saw leeteuk and donghae also Gosh.Chinese elf are so fortunate..
thank God i wasn’t there because if i was, i can’t post here anymore coz i will surely

Comment by wenela

sorry to comment again but hanchul reunion was like
“waah, they are together nice”
there are so many hanchul moments when i saw some pics.
they surely misses each other..(sjm and other as well)
and kyu is so handsome as usual.


Comment by wenela

kyu make mw wanna die >.<
his so cool n handsome

thx for the picz…

Comment by mei an

kyu is so cute… ^_^

Comment by yunyun

do you have the picture where eeteuk was in the cart? ü

Comment by ana

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