Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.14 (2/2)
September 14, 2008, 11:17 pm
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*edited for accuracy*

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.14 18:22

Title: With Zhou Mi
In the ‘澈’ folder..

Ah, Zhou Mi is one among my group of cute buddies

Although I’m unsure of how numerous fans see (him) in what kind of light

But to me, before ‘Super Junior M’ made their debut, he was a cute dongsaeng

Tracing back in time to the summer of 2006..

I was in the hospital recuperating because of my car accident

Apart from Yang Ban Kim (Noble Gold–Kibum), Hankyung who came everyday keeping me busy and making noise..!!

One day, Hankyung brought Zhou Mi along

Kyung: (Came to) Say hi~ This is Zhou Mi who just came~

(In ‘Hankyung terms’~)

Zhou Mi : Annyeonghaseyo. I am Zhou Mi*

(Annyeonghaseyo. I am Zhou Mi)

*He wrote as Chyo Mi

Me (Heechul): Marinate sauce**….(-┏)

** 조미료 (Jo Mi Ryo) is a homonym for marinate sauce/condiment/flavouring/seasoning

Yang Ban Kim : Pfft..

Kyung : Puhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Me : ㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑㅋ ㅑ (Kya)

Zhou Mi : ^-^?

To everyone who’d see this (would think) I’m making it difficult for Zhou Mi on our first meeting

When I got discharged, I couldn’t even walk and making food for myself was very difficult..

The gentleman who was called Marinate sauce came to my side using rusty Korean

Zhou Mi : Hyung.. Are you okay?

(Hyung..Are you okay?)

Me : Oh Marinate sauce~ Don’t bother about me, you go out and play on your own~ㅋㅋ

Zhou Mi : No^-^ Han Geung Hyung said to let me help you^-^

(No^-^ Hankyung Hyung said to let me help you^-^)

Just like that, he helped me with this and that (+_+)

After I finished eating, he brought me my crutches

When I was about to sleep, he covered me with my blanket

He supported me to the restroom, seemingly afraid that I’d fall so he often gave me support

He switched on the TV, helped me to change the channel, helped me to switch on the air-conditioning He did everything for me

Almost like my step-mother (-┏)

Ah.. Sad and emotional tears are gonna come out, getting immersed in past memories..(유_유)

Because he is very tall but he’s a very kind and cute buddy. Hu~

A funny fella who’d stay silent about his own height when I talk about friends who are about the same height_ . Hu~

A fella just like a white pigeon who’d come to find me first when he reaches Korea. Hu~

This time, after the Shanghai concert, “Marinate sauce! Hyung’s leaving~” I said to him

This fella with a gentleman’s heart.. (His) Eyes went watery. Hu~

No matter what

The period where I couldn’t move at all, the one who became my arms and legs Marinate sauce(+_+)

Please credit and link back if taking out!
Like the previous one, please comment with the forum you’re representing if you wish to translate into your language~ Thank you!
Credits; LoveChul
GAHHHHH. THIS CRACKED MY HEART INTO 19829283982392893 PIECES. -teary eyed-
And of course, I’m as proud of Zhou Mi as ever, as always. :^D


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Comment by Deborah

❤ heechul is so sweet!

Comment by esther~

Thank you.

I will take out with full credit and translate again.

Luv Suju esp. Kyukie!!!

Comment by cadiac (Thai E.L.F.)

That made my day so much better

Comment by Tina

Hi ilovejr, I’m from sjcelebs.

Thanks for the translation of Heechul’s entries!
Would you mind that I will translate them from yours to Thai language?

Comment by jpeg

Zhoumi is such a sweetie pie! Empress heechul XD

Comment by emyLi

I know this may sound strange and I don’t mean to offend anyone, but does anyone think that maybe, just maybe, Heenim was encouraged to say good stuff about Zhou Mi so as to endear him to suju fans or people who are against sjm in general? Something like to show how much sjm members are loved and appreciated amongst suju members themselves. I could definitely be wrong, but it seems like out of the entire group Zhou Mi seems to have the smallest fan base..Just a thought that came to my mind while reading this because i don’t ever remember Heenim ever really talking about Zhou Mi before this and its strange that he’s only talking about it over 2 years after his accident!

Comment by jadyn

but during the 2008 SM Town concert…they are close too…Heechul was playing with Zoumi during they’re singing…..

and all the ELF know that Heechul always talk about truth

Comment by Anonymous

i agree with you..
i think, heechul is one of the artist that didn’t know how to lie..
well, except from his pranks..

Comment by izluna

My love for you has grown like a bajillion times since the Mi-loving at the concert and now this.
Zhou Mi~ marinate sauce. That’s so cute~ ♥
I’m gonna have to make this one of my OTPs or something. XD
Zhou Mi fighting~ ♥

Comment by rawrcarebear

this is so sweet~XD <333

Comment by champagne

waah..i keep waiting for new entries and thank God, there is something new.i miss them so badly..

neway, hangeng so good he let zhoumi take care heechul and zhoumi(seasoning) on the other hand, so obedient that he followed his hangeng hyung..
waah,i almost cry when i read this.esp the part when heechul said to zhoumi “Marinate sauce! Hyung’s leaving~”and then zhoumi cried.
waah..just this comment for now. im gonna wipe my tears drama..

Comment by wenela

so sweet…it’s so touching=))

Comment by tiffy90

huuuhuuu he’s soo sweet!

Comment by katrina

Ohhhhh Nooooo ~

Heehim .. you just broke my heart TT^TT

ohhh TT_TT

Thx for you Translated .. and also

Can I translated it into Thai language ?

I’ll translated it in this forum

Comment by korawan

oh my heart can’t take it, heenim so sweet, marinate sauce so thoughtful, i love Zhoumi and i’m happy to know he has friends in super junior

Comment by Nataly

omgggggggg heenim<333
Marinate sauce<33333333

Comment by inyeon

This is in response to jadyn.

I just wanted to say that you obviously know NOTHING about Heechul if you think he would lie just to make others like Zhou Mi more. Heechul doesn’t like people telling him what to do or say. He said in the past many times that he tries to be honest with everyone and doesn’t like to lie. Maybe you’re dislike for Zhou Mi triggered this asinine theory of yours, which is the only explanation I have for you ridiculous comment. Besides, Heechul has plenty of friends we don’t know about because it’s his decision to whether or not to share it with us. He doesn’t tell his fans everything and if you think he did then you’re sadly mistaken. He wanted to share something with us but yet you question his agenda like you know him personally. Most of us didn’t know who Zhou Mi was until the beginning of this year and Heechul has know him personally for 2 year and yet you question their friendship. You obviously don’t have a leg to stand on with your argument.

I leave you with this and I hope you read my response.

“Closed minded people reveal themselves by either avoiding discussion on issues of
current interest to most people or by taking positions for
which they offer no support, only emotional arguments.” -Bill Allin

Comment by Deb

Well said. ❤ ~

Comment by Anonymous

Dude, I had no idea any of them new Zhou Mi before 2007. That is so sweet, omg. And for taking care of Heechul, he gets ten thousand points in my book. Awwww <33333.

Comment by Julia

thanks again 4 translating this

(In ‘Hankyung terms’~)ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
and marinate sauce??? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

hee nim….u r soo sweet

Comment by cheflab

omg ♥
Hee-chul, your so retarded!
Yet, so lovable ♥
I just want to hug you ♥
Thank you for your hard work & for sharing.

Comment by Joanna

*fall all over chul again*
he’s such a sweet boy XD
@jadyn, i think heechul is very honest person, what would he fake friendship? as fellow sj, they have bound
zhoumi have his own fanbase, big or not

Comment by ultranguik

Awww! This made me wanna hig smth, but Im too lazy to go get my bolster, I ended up hugginh my CPU which was just beside.

Heechul oppa! ILUSM!!! ZM oppa is such a sweetie!!! ❤
Marinate sauce??? Why? I dun understand… because Heechul oppa wanted to eat/marinate particularly then? Whatever, they just so wonderful!!! ZM oppa’s eyes went watery when Heechul oppa left! That my eyes watery too…
*Thank you for translating and everything!

Comment by SJ-Love

To Deb:

Like I said earlier on, I’m sorry if I have offended anyone (including, obviously, yourself), and there is absolutely no need to get so emotional because i was just raising a thought open for discussion rather than an argument. I take your points but unfortunately you have gone under 2 mistaken assumptions – one, that I dislike Zhou Mi, and two, that I think Heenim is lying. This was not what I said – what I was saying is that does anyone think it’s a POSSIBILITY Heenim was ENCOURAGED (by LSM presumably?) to talk more about his interactions with sjm members? – it never occurred to my mind that he may be lying at all, and I’m surprised that that is how you took it. And just to clarify, I have absolutely nothing against sjm or Zhou Mi.

Your quote was most informative; however I do find it amusing that you claim I am questioning his agenda like I know him personally (which, if you read my comment again calmly and carefully, you will find that that is not the case) and, impliedly through your quote, that I am a close-minded person. Yet, it is unfortunate that going by the language in your comment, your criticisms can in fact be directed at yourself:
1. You seem to know Heenim personally – (“you obviously know NOTHING about Heechul…Heechul doesn’t like people telling him what to do or say.”)
2. You think you are an open minded person, even despite saying this – “maybe you’re (your) dislike for Zhou Mi triggered this asinine theory of yours, which is the only explanation I have for you (your) ridiculous comment.”

With that, I too leave you, not with a quote but with a wise saying nonethless – remove the plank from your own eye before examining the specks of dust in another’s.

Comment by jadyn

Awww! What a cute entry! 🙂 It’s nice to see these 2 geting along! 🙂

Comment by Qi Luo

Heechul is the LEAST likely of the group to follow orders. If someone encouraged him to say good things about ZM, don’t you think he’d be like, “Why should I?”

He’s a fiercely honest and loyal person, our Heenim. ♥ I already loved Zhoumi from the moment I saw him. I think he just wants Only5 supporters to understand just how much Zhoumi has done for him, and rethink their ridiculous stance.

When I saw the pictures of him all over ZM at SMTOWN Live in Shanghai, it was so sweet. It really did seem like Cinderella was playing with his dongsaeng, despite the height difference. XD

Ah, Heechul. You are so amazing for writing this. ♥♥

Comment by tacti

Ah I thought I left a comment here, but alsjdkl I guess not? 😦 Thank you for translating ♥! Heechul owns my heart omg. What a lovely person. I’m really glad he wrote this!

Comment by spazzes

Luphzt Super junior,,,yeah…!hay i’m Tasya,,i just wanna say…..!
Dong hae you’re soo sweet ~.~
sung min you”re so cute….+,+
i love Yesung… you ki bum… I love kyu hyun
chayo…suju…i love you

Comment by taCya_LuphzTsuJu

hi, i found “Daddy Heechul”
and its not subbed
where i can get the subbed one?

Comment by aiqha

I think it is really really sweet how all the boys take such good care of each other… they count and depend on each other so much and for so long, that honestly they are probably even closer to each other than i am with my own sister!

Comment by jadyn

aaawwwwwwwwwh, zhou mi is such a cutie(; marinate sauce xD lol !! hahaa! aand love how kibum and hankyung are included!! aah heenim’s bestfriends ❤

Comment by lovemixin

It is a cute story.I love to read it. Thank you for sub it.
please continue sub it for Heechul’s fan like me.
Thank you again

Comment by banmil

It was nice to read and know those facts. Thank you for your work and I kindly ask you for permission to translate it into Russian at this forum:

Comment by Xenia

Cool site, love the info.

Comment by Bill Bartmann

aw di q po nain tindihan but i like heechul oppa

Comment by jireh


Comment by jireh

i love daddy heechul

Comment by jireh

HI 😀 First time commenting after stalking Heechul’s entries here xDDD *Bricked*

MARINATE SAUCE XDDDDD Heechul–why are you such a dork?! xDDD

thank you so much ❤

Comment by .Angela~♥

I think no one is sweeter and handsome then kim hee

Comment by TEN

I thing the boys are always staying together like a brother i wish they should be always happy

Comment by TEN

heechul is a very likeable person ^_^
is heechul in his usual mood today . Everybody wants to know whether heechul in the right mood
I want to see you always ^_^
I think that my wish will be realized ~_~
I am an Arab girl
you have a very large Arab audience
I love you so much

Comment by "Robi Dis"

((I’m not a fan of SJ/SJM. I only watch a few tv shows of them recently.
So plz forgive me if I make any mistakes and my poor English))

I got another feeling about Heechul and Zhoumi after reading this entry.
I feel they are so sweet and kind-hearted.

I was really amazed by Zhoumi’s patience and thoughtful towards Heechul.
I appreciate this a lot as it is so rare for a boy be patient like that and his actions warms everybody’s heart.

And for Heechul, I used to think he’s a bit self-centred but I changed my mind after this.
He got a soft and delicated heart inside.
He even knew he had made it difficult for Zhoumi when they 1st met.
I think he just shows his love to the people he treasures in another way that we don’t always notice. He may do a lot more than others notice.

I was moved by their friendship, a lot more, their personality.
A sincere heart and a considerate personality warm all outsiders.

Comment by CherylC

That was so nice of Zhou Mi 😀 . I like him even more after reading this :)) . Heechul oppa is kindhearted too, my favorite SuJu member XD

Comment by Laura

so THIS is where the “seasoning” nickname came from! XD thats wonderful ^^

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by reem

Hi, I can’t understand Korean at all so I really appreciate you translating it:)
I wanna use this to Japanese because it’s Zhomi’s birthday and I want let people know how Heechul cares about and love Zhomi…Do you mind it?

Comment by HAL

Sorry for the late reply, but sure you may 😀

Comment by ilovejr

aaaaaa….I forgot put my URL~~~
anyway……well….Just Thank you Again!!
Lots love for you, HeeChul and ZhoMi:)

Comment by HAL

Hello! Thank you so much for the translation ^^ ♥
Do you mind if i translate it to spanish? To let more people know about this awesomeness called Zhou Mi♥? I’ll credit and definitely link back here 😀
And thank you agaaain~ ♥
Most likely i’ll be posting it here if you let me ^^

Comment by Lala

hey dear, sure you may! I’m really glad there’s so many more MiTangs around these days. Mi always deserves as much love as the rest too =(

Comment by ilovejr

happy birthday hee chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul

Comment by majnona 7abten

Heechul is such a sweet talker! he is always helping his buddies with being accepted or looking forward 😀 He helped Hangeng with that time he couldn’t show him self on the stage.. he said to him, that it doesn’t matter.. and that things will diffently be better.. and now he helps Zhou mi and Henry! So please accept them..

Comment by Kittyhala

Hi Kittyhala,

I’m all in with what you said! 🙂 everyone should admire Mi and Henry for their efforts and hard work!!

Comment by ilovejr

Henry Lau and Zhou Mi HWAITING!! Stay Strong cause there are fans who still loves you!!

Comment by Debra Arok

I’m crying…Oh Zhou Mi, that’s very nice of you..I really miss HeeChul oppa!! I really don’t get why some ELFs hate Z.Mi and Henry. They’re really sweet and kind. Is it true that HeeChul oppa is coming back to SJ on the 31st August? The thing I love about HeeChul is his personality, actually I love all of them to bits! LOL marinate sauce (Learned a new nickname! Thanks oppa!) SuJu Fighting!!

Comment by ELF4Life

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