Kyuhyun’s UFO Town Replies
September 11, 2008, 9:49 pm
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These were sent by the China fans.. And Kyu replied them ^^ 😀 From September 9 2008..


From: 150-xxxx-1544
Kyuhyun Ryeowook, I love you till the end of time


From: 135-xxxx-6227
Oppa, when will you be able to reply me? If you reply, I won’t eat for a whole week!!

Please eat!! ^^

From: Qin Zi
I keep having nightmares… I can’t sleep… It’s scary… Kyuhyun-sshi, what are you doing? I really miss you…

Wo xiang ni.. ^^
*”I miss you…^^”

From: see
Kyuhyun oppa, I have no more hope.. You really won’t reply me? I’m doing my homework in the middle of the night! I need the strength! You bad fella~

Ni hui Nu li de! jia you!^^
*”You will work hard! Fighting!^^”

From: Xiao Tu Ya
Sungmin oppa, I want to join your “Single’s Club”, please accept me as your member, okay? 😉

The membership fees are 20,000Won for 36 months.. Hello

Translated by me, please DO NOT take out! Linking back is fine~!
Original Source; UFOTOWN


Lol, Kyu’s Hanyu Pinyin (Mandarin romanization) is so ASJSKDJDJDHFJHFJHDJHFKDK adorkable! :^D His third reply made my heart do 1928983929 cartwheels ♥♥♥


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kyu ❤

Comment by yunyun


I want a permission to take this out and translate in to thai

Thank you

Comment by cadiac (Thai E.L.F.)

Omo kyuhyun!!! he’s so sweet 😀

Comment by emyLi

@ cadiac:
Okay sure, just remember to credit and link back properly & not take out the original one in English! Thank you!

@ yunyun & emyLi:
Kyu ♥♥♥

Comment by ilovejr


Comment by wenela

Kyuhyun oppa is so much love!
wo xiang ni~

“ni hui nu li de!” I’m gonna do my homework after this and gg to sapphirepearls, and its 12.45am here! I’ll just pretend I was the one he said that to! How encouraging! I’m think I’m finally gonna complete my homework!

Kyuhyun oppa ❤


Comment by SJ-Love

♪♪…just for one day …♪♪
let me hug you ♥♥♥

Comment by mheyca

omo kyu <3!!!!

really adorkable kyu!!wo xiang ni^^kekeke

thanx for the translation there!!:)

Comment by yizha

pls i want permission to take this out translate to spanish


i give your credits~~

Comment by kya


can i translated into spanish?

i give your credits~~

Comment by ah_kya


i’m Thai ELF

and i want to translate your article

i’ll take your credit and website

plz allow me

Fr.Thai ELF

Comment by ormink

asdfadfdd kyu’s effinng adorable!!!!!!!!! X)

Comment by kiirohana

hey, do u noe whether they have UFO town in english? i am hopeless in reading chinese and korean.

Comment by choco

woaaa,, how nice !
im happy for the people, who can chat with them (=

Comment by JoyceM

would u tell me how to join UFO? I’m Indonesian..Am i Allowed to access it?

Comment by lellytaangelteukie13

HI! minh den tu viet nam, co the cho minh biet so dien thoai cua kyuhyun ko ? Minh chi muon nghe tieng noi cua kyuhyun du chi mot lan

Comment by hoangylan

Kyu’s so cute in the bottom answer.. hello?
hahaha ^^

Comment by MK-Noona

haha ,,
i’m in one line with u 😀

Comment by MyPRinceHae18

I’m living in Viet Nam….I Love Suju 4ever…Oppa!!!!hwating!!!!I wish suju could see my comment & reply me….only one…Loveeeeeeeee:X:X:X:X:X:X:

Comment by Rocky

annyeong! i’m living in Vietnamese. i’m crazy fan of super junior and i love you suju i love Dong hae oppa very very much and i hope suju will be shiny forever !
i ♥ suju ♥ 13 member forever and no change
suju + E.L.F = onelove ♥
Hwaiting super junior !

Comment by hjne

suju please come to vietnam. specially NhaTrang ( 1 of 29 most beautiful bay in the world) ELF in VietNam always waitting for u. love u so much!!!!!

Comment by Layla

how do they give their emails to suju?

Comment by mimi kyu

kyuhyun oppa ilove you forever i can’t sleep please you really won’t reply me I am verry sad

Comment by longnhi

I promise that i’ll never cry,when i see you,suju!222,My name is Nga!Im 18,Im living in Vinh city in is my email,will u try it!?!?!see ya soon,Go2dbye!muah!

Comment by Nga ^^

Comment by Nga

i love u forever

Comment by longnhi

Kyu oppa…
Really miss U

Comment by HyuN Lee_ELF

오빠사랑해 <3'

Comment by khunnaicho

xin chao

Comment by trang

Super Junior forever ELF and me

Comment by ca'_9x

ryeo wook oppa
i love you very much forever
you’ll be mine

Comment by thybinh

Kyu Hyun oppa!! I miss you!!

Comment by fahrenheit

chao anh, em khong gioi tieng anh cung khong biet tieng han nen em se viet cho anh bang chinh ngon ngu cua dat nuoc em.em rat quy anh hyung ah.tu mot dat nuoc khac ma anh da hoa hop duoc voi nhung nguoi ban khac,xa gia dinh, ban be va dat nuoc minh de den mot noi xa la nhung anh van dang noi bat cung cac hyung khac cua SJ.em rat nguong mo anh day. co gang len anh nhe.chuc cac anh moi dieu tot dep.hy vong 1 ngay nao do co the nhin thay cac anh tren dat nuoc em-VIET NAM.

Comment by kemi

i love super junior forever

Comment by lee han chul


Comment by Giang

i love kyuhyn ….saranghaeyo…

Comment by lj bakery

Super Junior.try my best.13 Only One.E.L.F Viet Nam always waiting……
I wish i always see Lee Tuek oppa smile :)) and Suju oppa always Smile too .forever
have a nice day!

Comment by Hien_Xoi

huhu… hom 27-3 cac anh den viet nam cua chung em nhung em lai khong duoc gap cac oppa. em rat buon. nhung em mong super show III cac anh se den viet nam 1 lan nua nhe!!! em nghi la cac anh khong hieu em viet gi nhung em mong cac anh se luon khoe manh va hat that hay… em yeu cac anh rat nhieu… saranghae super junior no.1…

Comment by leeteuk

i swore that i would love u …
for as long as my heart beats…
and longer…
please reply me!do u luv me?

Comment by Van Anh_kyuhyun

tuekie oppa! i love u and love all suju oppa…i wish i alway see suju and can look oppa in VietNam…
all E.L.F will alway besided to oppa..

Comment by Nguyen

Hankyung him, look how he is okay, I miss you very much do.em see online news, people are in China told him he should not, look at this I found him to appear with Super Junior, which that make you sad, make promises that he will always be powerful, fun and happiness I love you forever and forever nhe.em support Super Junior, please do not give up on yourself! VIETNAM FAN FOREVER LOVE FOREVER 13 Angel of Super Junior!
I love you.

Comment by BUM MIN

tai sao supper junior khong du chan hankyung lai voi nhom cua minh?super♀junior duoc goi ten nhu vay khi co du 13 thanh vien. leetuek tung noi super luon luon va mai mai la 13 thanh vien

Comment by bimbom

oppa!Kyu hyun ah!saranghae yo!
I miss U very much.I say U:”I LOVE U”

Comment by giang


Comment by giang

I’m Van Anh. I really love you more than I can say. I swear that I love you as long as my heart beats.hehe. Kyu hyun ah! Saranghae yo!

Comment by VAN ANH

I love Super Junior ^_^
I love Si Won, too.

Comment by Phuong Thao


Comment by myeverything

Donghae oppa,I love you. Saranghaeyo!!!!

Comment by myeverything

Today on 1/7/2010, This day is Teukie’s birthday!!!
I love all of you !!!

Comment by Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

Tomorrow is 10/7 ,This day is HeeChul’s Birthday!
Happy Birthday Hee Chul Oppa
Good Luck to Super Junior

Comment by Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

I love YOu. Donghae oppa.
Heechul oppa, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Comment by myeverythingsuju

i love donghae oppa too !!
haha ,, 😀

Comment by MyPRinceHae18

Kyuhyun oppa so funny! They’re so lucky that can chart with Sj. Sj fighting!<3

Comment by Alex

are you reley happy kyuhyun

Comment by hannah

Kyuhyun Oppa!!!saranghae yo!!!bodo shipo!!!!how are you kyuhyun oppa???

Comment by Lilia

Kyuhyun Oppa!!!sory I spell the bogo shipo wrong…Saranghaeyo!!!

Comment by Lilia

Kyuhyun Oppa!!!what do you want for your birthday???i hope when you come to malaysia for super show3,i could give a present for you…

Comment by Lilia

i love you Kyuhyun oppa. may be oppa healthy!

Comment by Anonymous

kyuhyun oppa!! saranghaeyo!! i want to meet u!!! ❤

Comment by hidayah

kyuhyun oppa!! saranghaeyo!! i want to meet u!!! ❤
u're my kyu 4eva!!

Comment by hidayah

Oppa,do you like ArabELF ???

I hope that you love them

Comment by mano0or98

kyuhyun oppa..saranghae..

Comment by waniey kyunnie

I don’t know how to say, kyuhyun. Superjunior is really, really wonderful and so are you. I know all of you’ve tried your best, and at last dream comes true. You are super star and you have fans all over the world but you have your life, and I hope that when you have not to perform, just have time to youself,please. Keep yourself and allways smile! I just a formal girl, I can’t do every thing but I know that I love you, love you more than I can say. Thanks for giving you and superjunior in my life. All of you are the one. Be allways together superjunior!

Comment by fatcat

hae oppa ,,
love u always :))

Comment by MyPRinceHae18

kyuhyun i love you…..

Comment by indah

oppa ryeowook?
do you like indonesian’s EFL?

Comment by Hasnakautsar

Hai my kyu . I love you so .. Wo ai ni (˘⌣˘)ε˘`) ‎​ƪ(♥ε♥)ʃ

Comment by laely

annyeong!!! kyuhyun oppa ah,welcome to VIETNAM. what a tipy because im not enough money to can take part in super’s ‘s great when u are a singer.and although u are a singer but i love u because u are yourself. hehehe i hate u because u play game too much.u can hate me but u don’t leave me.are u priding yourself on your ability to sing. haiz!! i don’t care….

Comment by hoang trang

SUJU oppa:-*
:-*******really love you:-****

Comment by Meg:-*

안녕하세요 어떻게 동생 kyuh은 …?
나는 인도네시아 E.L.F. 정말, 무슨 언니 알고, 슈퍼 주니어 좋아해! 난 내 동생 번지 전화 번호 제발 부탁한다!

Comment by Anonymous

Annyeonghaseo Oppa ^^ ,, im ELF Indonesia ❤
How are you ?? I hope you and all Members SJ ,, always gwenchana 🙂

Comment by SitaHONNELF it right? oppa oppa i just want to tell you i dont like kyuhyun oppa but i like your voice very much.. thank you oppa .. wish you all the best ..hwaiting!!

Comment by Anonymous

helloooo… theres a people here??

Comment by Anonymous

I love Super Junior !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saranghaeo Oppa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Indah

Minppa ???

Saranghaeo Oppa …

Oppa,, u’re so handsome …

Comment by Indah Rohmatullah

Kyuhyun oppa…
reply please 😦
if you reply i will sing in my room xD
all of your songs..
please 😦

Comment by Cho Phaa Swift

Hi there my name is nora ..
Ilike suju so bad ..
I wrote this lyrice for donghae oppa ,,!!!

Wolde you come to my arms .
Lets forget the world .
I now our love is hard .
But please dont give up .
Me and you …
Have the same soul .
But you dont now .
How is your love killing me .
I thinking of U every secund in my live .
Also you dont now .
I can hold one more time because of you .
So what you think , if there any one read it please send it to dong hea ,!!

Comment by nora

we are miss you so much much much much much……….. ❤

Comment by yunda

miss u very much…..

Comment by leannelf

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