Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2008.09.09
September 9, 2008, 11:55 pm
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Jongwoon’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.09 23:01

In “Y.S Design ..”

This doll .. What kind of doll is this actually?

Amazing …

Jongwoon’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.09 20:53

In “Y.S 와 ..”

August 24 .. My birthday ^^

Seong Ju and Chan Bong hyung who came to Seoul!!

Translated by me, please credit & link back if taking out!


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the doll is sooo cute!!
yesung oppa,belated happy birthday..hahaha!!
your so cool yesung oppa!!♥saranghe♥

i also want to say thanks to you ilovekido..
thank you very much for this..♥♥♥
you are also so cool..♥

Comment by wenela

that doll is soo cute ☺
do all the 13 members gonna have 1 of their own (just thinking..)

it somehow looks like yesung though ♥

Comment by mheyca

omg!! they have dolls now!!! how cute!!! so that doll is yesung!?!? hehe..

those two men (seong ju n’ chan bong hyung) are his friends??? ?? right!?!

Comment by smiling*sunshine

very late b-day post from yesung… haha

Comment by kiirohana

Wait, did he design the dolls himself or are that dolls gonna be the mini version of Yesung oppa, as in figurines?
Nevertheless, the dolls are KAWAIIIIII!

Comment by SJ-Love

That looks like a CP Shiwoo doll a fan customized to look like him. I doubt they’re modeling dolls that expensive after all of suju..

Comment by decalcomanie

ah! i think that doll is a luts model, cp shiwoo maybe? i can’t tell very well. ;_; asian ball jointed dolls are so customizable! even if they weren’t intended to be the person, you can generally find a mold to match someone and make it work. ^^

oh man! so much yesung-oppa love. :hearts:

Comment by emma leigh

I really like that song. When i listen to it, i feel really really sad. you and Leeteuk oppa sang very well. Can you sing that song with Japanese version, I really i want that i can sing that song.

Comment by bin

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