Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.08 (Cont’d): About his Ideal Girl
September 8, 2008, 11:56 pm
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Okay so this was the missing post from his minihompy.. I have no idea why he removed it though T__T

It’s basically 50 Q&A of his ideal type, lol.

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2008.09.08 03:48

Title:…Regarding (My) Ideal Type…

What I wrote 3 years ago about my ideal type…There are not many changes..

I’m looking for a virtuous girl..!!!

1.Age difference─▷ FEEL..It’s okay..

2.Height ─▷ As long as she’s not taller than me..

3.Hairstyle ─▷Long straight hair or hair which is tied up, as long as it suits (her) and waves at the hair ends..

4.Eyes ─▷ Obedient-looking eyes..Kind eyes..Alert-looking eyes…^^

5.Nose ─▷ As long as it looks pretty…

6.Mouth ─▷ Looking like a peach..ㅋㅋA small mouth would be nice..^^;;;;;

7.Skin tone─▷ Fair skin..^^;

8.Face ─▷ Egg-shaped..?ㅋㅋ

9.Neck ─▷ Long neck…

10.Stature ─▷ As long as (she has a) long neck and long legs ..And it doesn’t look fierce..

11.Dress sense ─▷ As long as it looks refined..

12.Hands ─▷Long tender hands

13.Feet ─▷ Only the feet…Only ..Ah this is difficult..Almost like the hands..

14.Religion ─▷No preference..

15.Accessories ─▷ Nice-looking ones..

16.Family relationship ─▷ Never thought of that..

17.What would you do when you see your ideal type
─▷ Laugh…^^; Almost like wanting to see through her…

18.What if your ideal type professes to you? ─▷ I’d be very happy..

19.What if your ideal type shows her love to you often? ─▷Many times~ㅋBut not to others

20.How many times will you say “I love you” in a day? ─▷ This should be kept in the heart..
Only when I can’t resist saying it…

21.What about pecks? ─▷ Many times…ㅋ

22.What about kisses? ─▷ It’s disgusting when you do it with a dry mouth..ㅋㅋㅋ

23.What kind of pose should your ideal type have when kissing? ─▷ Why is there even this..Ah ha..ㅡㅡㅋ

24.Do you like to sneak kisses?─▷ Will try to sneak kisses..ㅋㅋ

25.Do you hope she acts coquettishly? ─▷ When it’s proper..^^

26.Your ideal type’s talent ─▷ If she likes music..

27.Her interest? ─▷ Sports..Or music..

28.The place you’d like to go with your ideal type─▷ All~~

29.Things you’d like to do with your ideal type ─▷ (Get) Married

30.Smokes? ─▷ A girl who smokes isn’t good..Quit it..Not because I hate it..
But it’s for the person’s health…

31.Drinks? ─▷ As long as it suits the circumstance..

32.What your ideal type likes? ─▷Me

33.What your ideal type hates? ─▷ I don’t know what my ideal type hates..

34.What you want her to do everyday? ─▷ Call (me)..

35.Which celebrity you like your ideal type to look like? ─▷ Olivia Hussey..Han Ga In..Jeon Ji Hyun..Kim Tae Hee

36.Which celebrity do you wish your ideal type to like? ─▷Me..

37.What should your ideal type do when you cry because you’re too tired and you need to rely on her?
─▷Nothing should be said..I’d be grateful as long as she sits beside me and listens to what I said..

38.What if you had a fight with your ideal type..How would you wish to settle it? ─▷ Stop fightingㅡㅡ;

39.How should she pacify you when you’re angry? ─▷I’d initiate..
Or let me by myself..But is she still says those ridiculous things..I wouldn’t be able to control my temper..

40.Besides you, how many people do you wish the girl has a relationship with? ─▷Do girls date too??

41.How do you wish you’d meet your ideal type? ─▷ Meet each other suddenly~~ㅋ

42.How will you propose? ─▷ As long as she’s moved..

43.What standard must she have in her studies? ─▷ Girls who are like flower vases..I don’t like them..I like girls who are virtuous..

44.What present do you wish to get from her? ─▷ Anything…

45.Is it good for your ideal type to be popular? ─▷As long as it’s of a standard..

46.How do you wish your ideal type would call you? ─▷ Darling or Hubby

47.How would you call your ideal type? ─▷ My baby..ㅋㅋAck..ㅡㅡ;

48.Do you wish for your ideal type to share all her secrets with you?
─▷ Things that she doesn’t wish to say, it’s okay..
As long as she’s frank with me..

49.Whatever that’s not written above you can write here!!
─▷ What do I have to say..I don’t know..I don’t have anything else..

50.Some words to say to your ideal type─▷Why did you appear only now..I miss you..

Translated by me, please DO NOT take out! Please link back instead ^^;;;
Credits; OnlySJ13


Ahhh I’m doing this with a throbbing headache so hopefully most of it is as accurate as possible :^D Lmao, Teuk; AJKSSKDJKSDKSJDKJSDK!


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aaaah~ park jungsoo is somewhat really special..
everyday every night when i’m online, i always open this site first

thanks so much.. this is the only way i can thank you ilovekido…

if i live near you, i make you delicious food everyday every night!! hehe^^

Comment by fugainaiyaa

*hmmmm* the last question…
so teukie has someone in mind now? Omo~~ since you are less busy now, what about thinking of how to confess to her? keke.. thanks for posting the translation while you are having a headache. Anyway perhaps u should eat some Paracetamol to make yourself feel better?

Comment by emyLi

Ahh! throbbing headache, get better soon.

Comment by Nataly

I don’t understand something, in your sidebar you say you don’t understand korean, so from what are you translating ? chinese ?

Comment by hyorin

I’m thinking about something here… xD
I just want him to be happy!
And thank you again for being so hardworking and translating all those entries and stuff.. ^^
Headache? omo… =/ try to take a medicine and sleep a little bit.. maybe can help you.. ^^ Get better soon! ^^

Comment by Deborah

reading this made me giggle xD lol!!!! teukie’s picky but not picky with girls(; lol get it xD ooooh the lats question… hope things work out well teukie 😀

Comment by lovemixin

i wish he can be with sunye of wondergirls 😀
in the “idol” show they were VERY cute plus sumgmin there too ^^, triangle heh heh heh

Comment by maggie

lol i love the #36~ “which celebrity do you want your ideal type to like?” “me..”
thanks so much for translating & i hope your headache goes away ^^

Comment by swtsrwlove

thanks for sharing! great work 🙂

last question means he met someone? haha.. cool ^^

Comment by natngnear

“Why did you appear only now..I miss you..”…effing..god.
teukie has a girl that he likes
oh my gosh [not that im against it, but *sigh*]

Comment by EternalELF

Thank you for always updating for us, even when you’re not feeling well.

Please take good care of yourself and sleep alot.

Comment by Peach

>”< perfect girl :))
I think he never find her :))

Comment by Lolli Kim

eeteuk’s answer for he already met her?
hehehe ❤
i just wished that the suju members would get married before they get 35…ehhehe
i want them to be happy and have a family of their own too <3333~
good luck eeteuk oppa~~~~~~~

Comment by 901229

Gosh thats alot of question and answers! How do you find the motivation?!
Some of his answers are so CUTE! alsjkdfhljhgjhgfjhakl
So he has got a sweetheart/person in mind now? D:
but i feel happy for him. (:

*THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! Take care!!! Ah.. you’re so nice and hardworking!Still translating this huge chunk of questionnaire! *clap clap clap* ❤ ya!

Comment by SJ-Love

wait.. he said he wrote this 3 years ago.. did he just posted it again or made some changes?! is the picture of him with his x-girlfriend was from three years ago?!

Comment by maimai

Thanks for translating it!! keep smiling whenever I read this!! man..does it mean he has already met her?!!! bt hope he can really b happy!

rest more!!get well soon!

Comment by Ri[n]ko

hmm.. he is thinking of someone here..hmmm..

teukie is always cute i can imagine the blushes on his cheeks and the unique laugh while he is answering this.. ♥♥

i bet while he was describing “her” he was already thinking of a particular someone…

this is cute..I wish i will be there to see for myself what a cute couple they’ll become..

ilovekido .. gurl take care of yout health ♥

Comment by mheyca

teukie sweet!!
[hate to say this but..]if he really has someone in mind now,well im happy for him!!
hope SHE would make our teukie oppa happy also..

neway,ilovekido,you should have a rest..
take good care of yourself.
we still want more from you..(so devil of me!hehe)
take care..♥♥♥

Comment by wenela

thanks 4 sharing this!!!
i keep smiling while read them
i love no. 37 and 50
ee teuk oppa~~~~

Comment by cheflab

i only pass the first 3 and 30,31 T_T and his answers in 17 24 32 34 40 47 and 50 are sooo cute and also romantic… <3333~~~

Comment by kiirohana

hope that lucky girl makes teukie really happy! 😀

Comment by janini


teukie~ i hope you really do find your girl, i’ll be so very happy for you 🙂

i love 19, 20, 21, 24, 34, 41, 42, 46, 47 and 50! hahahaa so many! after all, he did give really cute and romantic answers 😉

hehehee 20…. “Only when I can’t resist saying it…”

awww! ‘i love you’ doesn’t have to be said but he’ll say it if he can’t resist 😀 so cute~

Comment by niniteeh

ok just cause he said that thing…it doesnt mean he likes someone. they asked what he would say if he met his ideal girl….it doesnt mean he has met her. he said i miss you because he has been lonely for a while.

you guys assume things too much….but its ok so do i =) i thought the same thing till i really read it and thought about it ^^

Comment by amanda

LOL @ number 47:
i think he found it cheesy! 😀

Comment by mel

i think he thought about the same person with “the person he want to meet” of 100 Q&A answer in 2007

poor Jungsoo! no progress after that and he still miss her lol

good luck for Jungsoo


thanks for your translation ><

Comment by chocmrc

olivia hussey?! dang! beautiful lady… this boy’s got taste! (in the 60’s olivia hussey played juliet in “romeo and juliet”)

Comment by anna

teukkie ^-^
i love you so much…i hope you find your ideal girl. woaha,,i sure wish it was me…but,,i don’t suit you…you’re too….uhm…too teukkie,,
take care of yourself, and if someone breaks your heart(again) please don’t attempt to do suicide(again)…many will cry their hearts out,,i mean it,,

Comment by eeteukkie angel

all the celebrities he metions on no.35 looks like Yoo Na from SNSD.

Comment by vicky

sounds alot like yoona/ sunye O.o And yoona and sunye are from the same school arent they

Comment by haiz

hi leeteuk hyung i know now it’s to late to write all this words down but i just want to ask you two things.So leeteuk hyung you are already had someone in your mind to think about right? and what did you do if your ideal type girl is speaking a different language? how can you understand her when she just only speak english? if you can please relief me as soon as you can.

Comment by catherine chu

ohhhh…ur just ah s!mplE man oppa…u know u are my ideal man oppa leeteuk..i w!sh could see u,meet u.

Comment by kawaiijarah

hahaha… can it be me

Comment by fishie

how are u gonna find a girl like that?

Comment by suju love

Yup, Yoona fits perfectly. Her eyes are soft and deer-like, she’s tall but not taller than Leeteuk, she calls him every day just like when they were trainees and after they debuted, she has a long neck and long legs, she’s not the type who smokes, they both (obviously) like music, the way she dresses is refined, she has pale/fair skin, she has long hands, she has long hair, her face is egg-shaped, she has a small mouth. There’s so many thing yoona has that fits! Plus, Leeteuk seems to laugh around her a lot whenever they’re together; the same with yoona.

Comment by Lori

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