Heechul’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.05
September 6, 2008, 2:18 pm
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Heechul’s Fancafe Message 2008.09.06 20:25

Title: Xanadu

I haven’t been here in a long time…… hehe
Recently, all the activities have stopped and I am focussing on the musical
Everyone knows that it’ll begin next week right, hehe

Something I request that all Petals should do……
I believe that even if I don’t say it, everyone should be clear~
Also, even if I don’t say it, everyone will follow ^-^

This is the first time Yongchoon* and I are in a musical, and the both of us do not correspond with (the usual) Kangchul characters and are being very nervous..
While we are performing, if everyone were to cheer and shout our names enthusiastically,
Yongchoon and I will be stunned on the spot
And the dream production “Xanadu” might become a horrifying production which will break many hearts
And those scenes with interaction, hugging and kissing……

Hope that everyone will treat this production as something that will let Heenim and Yongchoon oppa as actors; a stepping stone that will allow musical actors to grow
Even now, when I rehearse kissing and hugging scenes, I’ll end up laughing and blushing, I’m going mad (-┏)
We’d have to become closer to act scenes in pairs…… Whether we’d end up in a relationship, or whether we’d chat often or go out often so that we can become closer, and when every time I hear people say that

Hee: *Cough*…… If we get found out, the scandals will start emerging and everyone will look at me with fiery stares and might want to eat me up…… hehe

I’d always reply them as such. I feel that I have been very absolute with myself on my self-control aspect……But, with respect to my response

Jung Young Joo Omma**: Heechul, do you care about what other people see of you? Then for your whole life you won’t be able to film romantic dramas then? If you really sincerely love someone, then will you miss that opportunity just because of what others think of you?
**Another actress from Xanadu who acts as Melpomene

She gave me a very intellectual answer.
She’s right. At the end, because of excessive “self-control” I might become a “frog in the well” (a person with limited outlook).

“My fans won’t touch me at all, they’re all very polite and know their limits~ Hehe”
This is usually what I always say.
If I don’t start by trusting the fans, then everyone won’t have a reason to open their hearts to me.
It seems like I haven’t written something so profound before.. Ahhh it’s really a headache hehehehehehehe

It’s roughly something like this (-┏)
In short, it’s because I trust you all
So, if you want a Heenim who’s approved by everyone
Then please become a Petal who has good demeanour

Even if I say this and you all go,
“Get lost! I still hate other women holding hands and kissing with Oppa!! I will scream!! The woman who acts with him, you just wait!!”
This kind of fans, even if there’s only one of them, I’d really really still……^-^0
Politely refuse (them) (-┏)

N.B *Yongchoon = Yongwoon = Kangin ^-^
Translated by me, I’d appreciate if you could link back instead ^^ But if you really must take out.. Then please credit & link back!
Credits; OnlyHeechul, BLG


It seems like.. There’s much reaction and opposition from Petals to those intimate scenes that they’ll have in Xanadu.. I guess, we all know that Heechul’s ultimately professional so.. Let’s take it easy! ^-^*

Aye, though I was kinda jumping in my seat when I saw that picture of.. them.. Sonny & Kira.. k-i-s-s-i-n-g! But ah, once again, it’s just a musical right? Reel vs. real, lol. 😀


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i admire heechul for how he’s responding to the situation.
he’s so sweet to the petals!
hwaiting to heechul and youngwoon for xanadu!!

Comment by savageshrink

may i ask what is BLG?

Comment by dongwookdahae

I agree with savageshrink!
Gosh, I love this fancafe msg by Heechul oppa!
So..yes, profound and cool.
We will respect you for whoever you are, Heechul oppa!
We hope Heechul oppa and Kangin oppa will give it their all in the musical! Even in the intimate scenes!!XD
Heechul and Kangin oppas HWAITING! ❤

Comment by SJ-Love

@ dongwookdahae:
BLG is the largest China forum for Suju fans.. BLG = Bao Lan Ge ^^

@ savageshrink:
Ne!! 😀 I’m glad he stood up to tell the fans not to be too incessant about the matter! 🙂

@ SJ-Love:
Actually I felt that it wasn’t as profound as some of his other cyworld entries or anything.. But I’m really glad he stood up to clarify matters ^^;;; Hwaiting!!

Comment by ilovejr


Comment by EternalELF

Thumbs up for heenim standing up and speaking on this issue. I guess it will reach out to alot of petals and change their views. ok heenim rest assure! Thanks for the trans.

Comment by Apple

heenim really is awesome! this entry… very sweet and also logical.. how he explains to petals… >.< i wish i could watch…. T_T…. heenim… i hope the petals follow…. i’m sure they will if they still wanna call themselves petals.. hehehe…

p.s. thanks for translating

Comment by kiirohana

some fans really need to grow up…i hope they all listen to oppa!

Comment by mui_gei_tal

Thanks for translating , you don’t a great job!!!1

and WOW , another thing that prove to me that Super Junior ‘s member are so professional and serious in their career , activities and the fans. Hope all the fans will do as HeeChul asked and understand him and suport Heechul and KangIn as a professional artist who can achieve everthing path.
HeeChul & KangIn Fighting!!!!

Comment by Peach

omg! thanks for this..
it’s a very nice message from heenim.. he’s really sweet to his petals… that’s the reason why i love him..he always thinks about his fans..
it’s a very long message…lol.
he’s really a professional… i don’t mind him kissing his leading lady…it’s just work..he’s very shy about the intimate scenes as usual..
i hope that heenim and youngwoon oppa can do well in xanadu..

Comment by crystal

can u give me the exact link tO it…?thanks…

Comment by dongwookdahae

He’s really so adorable, my goodness *___*. I want him to find a lovely girl soon <33.

I hope Xanadu does really well!

Thank you for translating!!

Comment by spazzes

Thx for translate this. 🙂
So it will be a kissing scene at Xanadu. I think it just a professional act by Heechul oppa so i agree with him about a fans reaction. I’m Heechul oppa fans so i know his fans feeling about this act but i still support him whatever he do. Still, I’m so jealous with this girl. 😦
Oppa, goodluck for Xanadu. I will support you. Hwaiting.

Comment by sakuralove

Hi really thank you for translated it
i feel like heenim want to warn his fan
to be polite and don’t disturb his

anyway i’m already translate it in thai
and hope you won’t mind that i take out
your translation.i also add all credit
to you. thank you very much

Comment by swe3t-less

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