SHINee World Album Scans
September 2, 2008, 3:58 am
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Aye I know Yesung has been posting much and I’m lacking of updates.. Reason because I was subbing SJ-M’s Bravely Going Forward.. Consisting of 1186 lines plus 10 hours worth of subbing! >.< Brain drained.. I should go on hiatus soon, lol.

Anyway, these are pretty hot out of the oven!! WHEEEEEEE PEDO TIME ONCE AGAIN!

My SHINee World!

From Version A

From Version B

Credits; SUNSHINE.NET + 스타라이트 @ bestiz

♥ GAHHHHH. Too much is bad for my brain.

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Ahh thanks for these

Comment by Dessa

You’re ilovekido?! Aww – thank you so much for the subs! I just finished watching. The SJ-M boys were very cute 🙂

Comment by Japbobtail8


Comment by Gaegood

really, thanks for your really share suju love to fellow elf..thanks so much.
but you should have a break..have a
neway, im gonna watch that video your being busy with..

Comment by wenela

ohh.. u’re ilovekido!? i’ve been watching vids you subbed too.. thanks anyway..

and thanks for posting the scans.. was wondering what’s the diff b/w these two version… and it still can’t help me make up my mind which one to buy.. haha.. both are nice…

i love track#10 Four Seasons.. anybody got the lyric already?! 🙂

Comment by natngnear love with them ^__^
SHINee my dongsaengs [ehhehe]
btw…why the album got 2 version??

Comment by cheflab

tnx for upload…
wow, i cant wait until i receive it…
huhuhuhuuhuu… i order the B vers… dongsaengdeuri nomu gwiyowoyo ^^

Comment by genis.cheonsa

Merci beaucoup !!Mais Vous devriez vous reposez un peu !!
(I am sorry to have to write French because I write too badly in English)

Comment by Thida

Hi my name ya n u

Comment by Ya

Which one do you think I should get? Version A or B? I like the Version A’s cover. But I like Version B Photos. OMG

Comment by Shuwen

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