1st Premium Event in Japan (Eng Subs)
August 31, 2008, 9:12 pm
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This was the footage from their 1st Premium Event in Japan~

Plus lots of interview scenes which were so cracktastic! Must watch!! ^^;;; ALL IN HQ! 😀
Ming and his Japanese is so much love ♥♥♥

Please do not add the “& fmt =18” trick behind the url~ I think it’s not working anymore.. So if you want to watch in HQ just go to the direct link and click “Watch in High Quality” below the ‘Views’ ^-^* Enjoy!

P.S THANK YOU SO MUCH PINKULEMON FOR ALLOWING ME TO USE HER TRANSLATIONS! Thank goodness I found her~ If not I’d take an even longer time to get the video uploaded! T__T


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oh..ive watched it just now..
thanks so much.. for uploading it..and putting subs on it too..
thank you for your hardwork..

Comment by wenela

Thank you so much for these!

Comment by cs

ah, so you’re the one who sub/upload this, thank you so much
the video is very clear and HQ

Comment by ultranguik

yey subs! ive been waiting for this! 😀 thanks, gurl!

Comment by Kim

thanks for subs.. and yes! ming’s japanesse is so nice XD… japanese language fits his aegyo image ❤

Comment by Hana

thank you for subbing this ^^
i just found your website and omg you have so much suju stuff♥~~ thankyou!!

Comment by swtsrwlove


Comment by ji eun

i’m sooo late. TT-TT anyways~ thanks a lot!

Comment by iheartmeowing

😦 …hiks..hiks… i’m late knowing your site, this video was already not available in youtube because of claim from tokyo broadcasting. i couldn’t watch the subs about this show because the video that still available doesn’t have subs

Comment by piko

can u reupload all of this again ? i’ve been finding this with eng sub for a long time T.T

Comment by KyuFia

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