Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2008.08.30
August 30, 2008, 11:29 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2008.08.30 21:32
Title: ..FOR DREAM..

Translation of the words on the picture:

꿈: Dream
현실: Reality

(One) should put reality into (his) dreams, or put (his) dreams into reality
Isn’t this decision contradictory….
Moreover, those people who do not understand this decision have their own confidence right….
Do not do as you wish and come to a conclusion that those who dream have drifted apart from reality….
There are still many people who are living warmly and intensively in their own reality and working hard for their dreams….

And what Teuk wrote:

Since I was young..I once dreamt of..a dream that would turn into this…

Dream…Something that I wish for year by year as I grow older ..Dream..

Even if it’s only once..

I asked myself..Why did I want to do this?..It seems like I never once regretted it at all..

Everyday, everyday, even if I’m extremely tired..I am still very happy…

Happy..The only happiness in my life….

Giving an insignificant me huge wings…Giving me happiness…

But sometimes..Only sometimes..

When I’m halfway sleeping and I open my eyes..I feel like I am dreaming..

All those happiness, are they all a dream..Scaring myself by thinking this way..

Being humble like I am now..Working extremely hard..I always feel insecure..

Will I be able to smile happily just like this in the future?…

Men live in memories and anticipation..And it seems like it’s correct..

Beautiful memories…Happy memories..Creating them this way and walking towards the future..

(You) Shouldn’t use your brain..but your diligence..

To go feel…

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13


Somehow, Teuk’s posts are pretty abstract?.. It occurs to me as there seems to be some underlying hidden meaning.. Something that’s troubling him. 😐

Leader-sshi’s always so serious and sincere about his work, I really hope he doesn’t stress himself too much T__T Hwaiteuk! ♥ And he’s forever so grateful about what has been given to him so far~ *Ahhh, touched*


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teukee T_T don’t stress…
he’s reflecting on life… T_T gahhh T_T

Comment by Hana

I dunno..everytime I see his posts there’s this strange he knows something will happen and one way or another…someone will get hurt.@_@
Thanks for the share~

Comment by champagne1009

Leader Oppa!!!
There’s so many people feel happy due to your presence in this world…

I think U should be happy for that…
Fighting Teuk LeeTeuk Oppa…

Comment by SuperJuniorHappy13

ooooh, his words really went in my heart ! :O i know what he means… its like sometimes, what he has seems to be….. not real and itll disappear any minute…. not knowing what the future has for you..

TEUKIE TEUK TEUK !! please dont be emooooo! youre making me emo with you xD i want you to always be happpy(= dont think about the future anymore teukie, live in the present(: saranghaaaaaeee<3

Comment by lovemixin

teukie oppa….take care of yourself..!!

Comment by Janiña

Teukie oppa, I’m worried about you, really.

Comment by Anonymous

wow,something’s troubling him, isn’t it?
oh,dont be too stressed teukie oppa!!
just think of happy memories..
dont make yourself feel sooo makes ELF so sad too..

Comment by wenela

Gosh Teuk’s entries are always so..idk. DEEP. He does worrry alot doesn’t he? AngelTeuk Hwaiting! ❤

*Thanks for translating the cyworld entries so quickly.

Comment by SJ-Love

Something seemed to have happen or i’m thinking too much~ anyhow, don’t be stress out angel! You will always be creating great memories and smiling as you walk towards the future!! 😀 And thanks for sharing the translations!

Comment by emyLi

Annyeong ilovejr. Thx for translate this. 🙂
Teukie oppa, what’s happened with you? Everytime i read his entries, i always worried about him. Pls be happy oppa. Don’t feel so lonely in this world. You still have your family, friends, & ELF.
Teukie oppa hwaiting! Suju & ELF needs you as their leader, angel, and everything. 🙂

Comment by sakuralove

gamsahamnida for translating…. he seems to be bother by something.. I hope he’s alright..

Comment by myra

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