Han Geng at the Beijing Olympics
August 24, 2008, 11:45 pm
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OMG. I know this is out-of-the-ordinary from the usual posts I post.. BUT BUT. I’M IN AWE. DEEP DEEP, AWE. Geng, you are so friggin down to earth and humble!!! *___* ILUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSM. ;D

Apparently, Geng went with his friend, Sunny Le to the Olympics at the Bird’s Nest.. Yesterday I think, since he made his post at 3am on Aug 24. According to his blog post, he wrote that they went to watch the Women’s Volleyball matches as well as some Track & Field events..

Wow, I actually watched the Women’s Volleyball Finals of Brazil vs. USA and Brazil won.. WAS GENG REALLY THERE?! *____* -hyperventilates-

BUT SERIOUSLY. He’s like.. Courting death going on the subway alone IN BEIJING (Erm, no manager-cum-bodyguard around,lol)!!! LIKE WHERE SJ-M IS SO RECOGNISABLE. I’m pretty surprised he wasn’t mobbed or anything.. AHHH SO CUTE. I’m so glad he’s actually willing to go out to enjoy himself as a normal person, ahhhh ♥♥♥ Reminds me of this fancam I watched awhile ago of Yunho getting onto a taxi in Seoul, just that fangirls were trailing him all the way, lmao.

Lol, his friend is wearing the Geng Semir tee. So cute.

Original Source; 乐公子博客


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second pic of hot!
He’s so brave to go out like that, I’d be scared that fangirls would start to attach me haha.

Aww Hangeng! *hugs*

Comment by Jessie

He is so good looking it hurts. And yes it’s nice to see him just going out and having a good time, without the need of bodyguards etc.

Comment by cs

i knew he was watching!!
i always look at the t.v. to see if geng was there.
too bad olympics was over.
anyway, i could not see him with such a crowd.
he is just sooooo handsome it burned my

Comment by wenela

hangeng always hot..yeah~~he’s so brave go out without his bodyguard

hot smile~~~

i think he’s so skinny now..

hankyung! mani mokko..haha


Comment by lotadiaz

wait a second @_________@
he saw our team winning the USA players in volleyball? and I was studying this time? *dying* *dying hard*
ok ok, I’m calm now… but… is he crazy? go out like that @_@
he’s smart and i’m happy that he had fun with his friend, like a normal person..

thank you for the news, u rock (:

Comment by Deborah

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