To Be Kangin & Heechul Ep 1 (Eng Subs)
August 20, 2008, 11:01 pm
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Right, issues about the part 3, sorry it came out later than usual cos I usually upload all my videos in one go.. But unfortunately, there were lots of mishaps concerning this part 3.. 😦

First, I left my video to upload overnight and somehow, it crashed. So when I woke up the next morning, I uploaded it again. And my funny mother (who’s an IT idiot as well) closed my laptop and put it into hibernation mode cos she saw my mouse blinking at her and she wasn’t happy about it, hence she unplugged the mouse and slammed my laptop down to ‘save electricity’ -_-”’. So there goes my 2nd upload.. And then when I came back like at night, I re-upped it again, it uploaded fast, surprisingly within an hour and then 3 hours later, it was still under the ‘processing’ status. *SIGH* 4th time and finally successful~

Okay, that’s all for my ranting. ^^;; Thank you for reading my crap, heh.

Part 1

*Click on the video to watch it in HQ at yt! And I apologize for the static~ It’s getting harder to find HQ videos T__T

Idk if I’ll be continuing with ep 2 as well.. Time is not in my favour. Ahhh.

Btw, SJBThirteen subbed Music Space! The one of them wearing the sleeping masks! All 13 were present!! If only it lasted longer, lol. Please go support us~


6 Comments so far
Leave a comment i feel sry 4 u ilovekido.but thxx anywayz 4 subbing da episode (:.i noe we can always trust u(ilovekido)2 hav suju’s video subbed 4 us non-korean n non-chinese:)

Comment by mizztaznchick

thank you for uploading them dear, really appreciative. your mother sounds cute, my mom would have done the same. XD oh i’m ‘oukie’ on youtube by the way. :DDD haha.

Comment by mimi

Im sensing a late Kibum birthday post XP

Comment by sayuu (not signed in LOL)

thanks for subbing the first episode! ^_____^ i love it! XD

Comment by ana

i feel so sorry for you…
you have to upload them 4 times to have it done…
well thanks for your subbing btw…
hope you’ll continue subs ep 2 & 3.. 🙂

Comment by micha

really anticipating ur eng sub versions of the subsequent episodes! awesome site! sure to bookmark!

Comment by Apple

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