Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Update 2008.08.19
August 20, 2008, 4:41 am
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😀 Ahem, SOMEONE OPENED HIS PHOTO TAB!!! KAJDKJSKDJSKDJKSJDKSJKJD I hope it’s a sign he’d be posting entries like erm, Heenim, maybe? Or perhaps I’m thinking too much XD HAHA. Since apparently, all the pictures there are those uploaded by E.L.Fs.. So far, that is.

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Column Update 2008.08.19 23:57

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Yahoo

Translated by me, nothing much to credit about, but I’d appreciate it if you do when taking out!
Original source; Cho Kyuhyun’s Minihompy

Cho Kyuhyun-ah, ILUSM!! You don’t know how much of a muscle cramp plus heart attack you’re giving me and depriving my brain of oxygen at 4am in the morning. 😐 Too much $$ or not enough $$? 😀 Lmao!

His self-cas are so adorable! 😉 asjkhdjshdjhsjhdjshdjshdkldjfkdjf.


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Thank you for sharing.
OMG my baby $___$

What did he want???

Thanks again !

Comment by inkon

i have a question…i can’t seem to find them on cyworld but can you give me ther URL and email me at thanks!

Comment by kittyanha

waaah.. his sunglasses is sooooo cute..
thanks for sharing this and sharing your time also..

Comment by wenela

hello,..more power and good luck..

Comment by lorie

Hi.imma new fan of SUJU and i SO LOVE SORRY SORRY.keep me addicted Super Junior!! ^^v

sisi♥cho kyuhyun forevah! =]

Comment by Sisi♥Cho Kyuhyun

hi im emirine kate r. bueno your fan from the phillipines im very big fan of u can we be friend hehehe oppah sarranghae kyuhyun hope we meet

Comment by emirine

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