Xanadu Promotional Pictures for TV Ad
August 18, 2008, 10:07 pm
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Those pictures of Sonny and Kira’s heads close together.. I’m sure they’ll make your eyeballs dilate at the screen eh (If they haven’t done so)? XD

GAHHHHHH Imagine them having to do this EVERY SINGLE SESSION, EVERY SINGLE DAY. MY CELLS ARE ALREADY DISINTEGRATING LOOKING AT THESE PICTURES.. I can’t bear to drag myself down to the venue to watch this LIVE! Well, it’s not like I’m gonna watch it live.. BUT BUT BUT. You get what I mean X__X It’s pure massacre!! Just kill me please..

Xanadu TV Ad Photoshoot

I have to admit.. The actresses playing Kira are really pretty T__T

Btw, I’m in the midst of subbing “To Be Kangin and Heechul” Ep 1.. It should be up really soon~ Yay.

Credits; SJ Market


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Thanks for updating , BUT you ‘re killing me softly with these pictures :~~~~( esp; the picture of Kangin about to give a kiss to the lead actress oh oh oh my heart ….. But Thank you again very much ,i’m looking forward to your subbed clip @^_^@

Comment by Peach


Comment by aaaaaaa

wow! you’re subbing! I love you!!! lol

but yah… seeing it…. is killing me too T_T

Comment by Hana

wow! your subbing “to be kangin and heechul”??? aaaah i’m so happy! thanks a lot!


Comment by sapphire13angels

omg! you are gonna sub this! you’re the greatest. cant wait!

Comment by alice

thanks!!! if you wanna sub this….
omo….i’m so jealous….
wanna be that kira…

Comment by nawwarah

i wish i was the kira!!lol..
im really searching for people who will sub “to be kangin and heechul” and i thank you coz your subbing it..
im looking forward to it..
thanks alot..

Comment by wenela

you’re right peach..i’m going to die slowly too when i saw kangin oppa and heechul oppa’s pic with those pretty lucky girl.. T____T

Comment by sujuaddict91

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