Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.08.03
August 3, 2008, 11:53 pm
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I’m back!!! FROM GENTING, YES.

And darn, I was disappointed that they left so early… Guess I’ll begin on my fan account soon enough (not as spectacular as those who made it to the red carpet, lol) , when I recuperate from a horribly sore throat and hoarse voice… and when I come to terms that I saw them in… 3D!!! xD

Btw, I have no idea where SJ-M is… anyone knows? Whether they were still in KL as of Aug 3 or they went back to Korea with Supy + Heechul? 😐 Yep all of them are back in Korea… I guess the other 4 SJ-M boys are taking some time off China while Geng is unavailable due to the Olympics ^^;;;

Aye… Heenim at the MAA Press Con~ Messy hair but still looking SO HOT~

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.08.03 14:40

Title: Kids, come here ^-^

I’m Hee who’s anticipating (the members) first successful performance of ‘Pajama Party’

Ah, this way you can see how much I love my members^-^

Heebum.. Shampagne..

Although they watched ‘떴다 그녀 (Idol Show)’ with me, but these 2 kids..

I was watching the tv without saying anything, I felt that the warm ambience slowly disappeared

Ah Heebum -ie ya, because he has lived with me for 2 years, even if he was hurt..

Shampagne has been here for about a week already, and his stare has been gaegood (-_- )=b

Actually, last last week

Me (Heechul) : Ah Gaeteuk! Today you filmed ‘Idol Show’ right? ㅋㅋ


Teuk : Gaechul-sshi~ There was a lot of meaningㅎㅎ Because the Wonder Girls did very well ^-^ㅎㅎ

Me : Ah..^-^ That’s interesting ㅋ What did they do?^-^

(Is this something to be proud of?)

Teuk : The girls were all very cute ^-^ㅎㅎ

Me : Oh~ Really?

(I know)

Teuk : They were very kind ^-^ㅎㅎ

Me : Oh~

(I know)

Teuk : They were very hardworking ^-^ㅎㅎ

Me : Really?^-^

(I know! Ah I really feel like hitting him..)

Teuk : Gyahahahaha Ggiyahahaha << Teuk’s ‘7 sound’ witch laughter

Me : Ah~ I got a fright, but why did you laugh~? ^-^;;

(Did you plan to do something?)

Teuk : Ah we played many games~ And even formed couples ..

Me : Eu..Eung? Form what?^-^ Recently my ear’s not very good in hearing^-^;;

(Ah I found out an agitating phrase!! Pia fly (?)ㄱㄱ)

Teuk : We formed couples and even played games, but because I was the MC so I wasn’t in any pairing~ㅎㅎ

Me : Ah.. What about the other members..?^-^

(I’ll let you off for now)



Joking Joking~♡

As long as everyone finds it interesting^-^

Wearing snow boots (in the) 20th century dancing to ‘Tell Me’ in the snow

Tying a pink scrunchie to (my) hair dancing to ‘So Hot’

(It was) Said the fans were reported a few times

And said a few times in the programmes

If we really met, I think it’d be too cute

I’ve written a few messy posts about the ‘Wonder Girls’

Following the Game TV ‘Gaeguri Payite’ ‘s song and memorizing the dance steps,

Bear Mithra likes SNSD, I like Wonder Girls and we fought a few times ..

Other than that there were even more .. But we’re all just saying it (in the name of fun) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

When everyone sees me, they think I am a Wonderful, aren’t I? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

At this standard, I’m not a Wonderful but instead a Wonnampol yaㅋㅋㅋㅋ

This should be enough right (-┏);

*Rough definition of Wonnampol (a play on the similar sounding words): Someone who isn’t very good looking in their appearance but is able to give people a warm feeling in their hearts… I think.

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13


It’s getting late and I barely had 4 hours of sleep last night and 3 the night before XD So hopefully I’m doing this proper.. Ahhhh, SJ SJ SJ… They just keep breaking my heart T__T

I’m so determined to save up for a Super Show now, I don’t care. Anywhere in the world. This is too much to handle. 😦 Withdrawal symptoms are appearing 😦

Thank you to the ELFs who were at Genting… 😀 You made the stalking really enjoyable even though there were long periods of just waiting.. And the friends we made, the Philippines ELFs as well as the Malaysian ELFs… ♥ You guys were great!!


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woow. you’re back.. how’s genting???
i watch the maa from the tv.. suju was the greatest!!!

Comment by cidd13!

wahhhh you’re back! I’ve been waiting for this >.< I’m sleepy too… I’ll post a longer comment tomorrow.. LOl this is a funny cy entry

Comment by Hana

hehe, heechul, you’re such a cute wonderful!

Comment by jclee

@first i thought… just 6 of them; k-r-y + eun-hae + sung min performed
[they just stand still..w/out even move a bit]

then…suddenly..i saw..a few guys step in…

[ aaaaaa….super junior!!!! ]

the best performance of the night!!!

wish i was there !!!

Comment by cheflab

hi… uh, just want to know, did the 4 boys from SJ-M really go back to Korea with Supy and Heenim??can i know where you got the news?^^… if they really are… aaaaahhhhh… spaz spaz spaz!!^________^

Comment by sujulove

anyways, heechul so hot ❤

Comment by eternalelf

ooh.. i envy you!
i’m from indonesia, i just need to cross the sea to see Suju, but i can’t go!!!
btw, they’re great…

Comment by aralovessuju

LOL,, aaah heechul’s such a fanboy xD teeheeeee… lol gaeteuk and gaechul-ssi !!!

Comment by lovemixin

The Suju H Pajama Party performance was hecka cute!! ❤

Comment by Dessa

congrats suju!!

but it really surprise me
when i saw heechul’s hair style
i thought he don’t have enough time to
comb his hair..haha..but how peculiar
his way,petal will always love you..
that is the reason why people love him rite?

and siwon
why this man so handsome?!?!?!
really melt my heart.
i can see that siwon not so
comfortable with noisy sound
when people screaming and shouting
suju’s name but he tried to
control his face as usual with giving
a charming smile…he is just soo nice
cus he said LOVE IS PATIENT!!

seems..heechul really like wonder girls..

Comment by aiqha

haha, love Chul more and more ^^
You r saving up for SS?? Me too, but dun know when and where the next SS? I think I could go to the Shanghai or Taipei, not sure though :((
They will sell the tickets 1 month b4, rite? And also the exact time and venue wont be announced too soon? But i need to know to book the air ticket :((

Comment by natsj

Heechul is totally the 6th member of Wondergirls. XD ❤

Henry’s actually in Korea too, now. ^^ There are pictures of him arriving in the airport a couple of days ago. Maybe hanging out with Sungmin and Donghae or something. 😀 Cute.

Ahh, I can’t wait to see all 7 together again~ *sigh* Hurry up and come and go, Olympics. :/

Comment by 15;Melissa

heyyy i’m kim- suju fan from the philippines. did i meet you in genting? 😀 😀 hehe!

Comment by Kim

Welcome back ilovejr. I hope you enjoy your time at Genting. I’m so envy to you that you can meet Suju personally. 🙂
Congratulations Suju. I’m so happy they can win this award. They work so hard this time so this award is so meaningful for them. 🙂 Suju KRY, Donghae, Sungmin, & Eunhyuk perform Mirror. Love their voices. After that the rest members appears and sing A Man in Love. Love Suju a lot although i only watch them at TV. 🙂
But, why Teukie only say thank you. I’m waiting for his speech but it’s ok. He’s smile all the time so i’m very happy he is ok right now. Keep on fighting Teukie oppa. Love Heechul new hair. 🙂 Siwon’s English is good. What happened to Kangin? He doesn’t smile a lot. Please be happy Suju oppas. 🙂

Comment by sakuralove

@ cidd13!:
Genting was cold at night! HAHA… It was great live! I’ll try to post up the fancam asap cos the cameraman didn’t do Teukskin justice! x__x

@ Hana:
Lol~ Thank you!!! 😀 Sure~~ Haha Heenim being a Wonderful again~

@ jclee:

@ cheflab:
THE BEST PERFFFFF FERSURE <333 Lol, at first it was VJ Taya giving out gifts during the commercial breaks kinda thing… and then the 6 of them came out to prepare and they kinda stood on the unlit stage for quite awhile, and all ELFs went MAD after that. LOL.

@ sujulove:
Sorry for the late reply~ Some Msian ELF sent them off!

@ eternalelf:
I’ll post about it soon^^

@ aralovesuju:
😀 I hope that one day you’ll get to see Suju too! It’s every ELF’s dream~ Hwaiting!

@ lovemixin:
Haha all the gae-____ are cracking me up! LOL ^^;;;

@ Dessa:
Thank you for the link! ^^

@ aiqha:
I got a huge shock when I saw the Press Con pix… He really looked like L from Death Note. Lol… His hairstyle at MAA itself was superb!! 😀 But before that it was back to his straight hair… which I’m liking more! Lol.

Siwon… Was extremely nice… I’m so impressed with his mannerism and charisma… *___*

Congratsss~ Whooooo~

@ natsj:
I’m not sure when they’ll start selling~ I’m just saving up and slogging right now so I can react as fast as possible when they spruce up with a SS somewhere around the world~ Lol. Taipei would be good~ I love Taipei! XD

@ 15;Melissa:
Ne~ I heard Henry went back but I haven’t seen the pictures… So Zhou Mi is still in Beijing? Ah~ I can’t wait for Geng to run the torch bearer route 😀

Lol, it’ll be cool for Henry to hang out with the boys ^^

@ Kim:
OMG KIM YOU FOUND ME!!! ♥ HAHAHA. How did you know??? 😛
Remember our pact okay!!!

@ sakuralove:
Wow! Thank you for your long comment! 🙂 I enjoyed myself in Genting seeing them live~ 😀

Yessss it’s really a meaningful 1000th Day Anniversary gift for them~ ^^;;;

Siwon’s English was superb! SUPERMAN~~ Lol. He was kinda moody, I guess he was tired… but still very suave in person! 😉

Comment by ilovejr

Wow, holy crap, how did I miss this entry!!! :((( I didn’t know you went to the MAA! That’s awesome <33! 🙂 I’m so happy for you :).

And thanks for translating Heechul’s cyworld entry! Hahaha, such a fanboy XD.

Comment by spazzes

ahhhhh heechul is so so so so HOTTTT! 😀

so its you! haha! cool page. i even RSS-ed this to my facebook. 😀

Comment by Kim

Are you planing on subbing heechul and kangin’s xanadu reality show? (pls pls plssss!!!!)

Comment by aaaaaaa

super junior la` no.1 hehhehehe……I live VietNam
LOVE suJU forever

Comment by Anonymous

Waa! So cute. :))) You’re right, he is still hot even if he has messy hair. Hahaha. :)))
His attitude is really weird but cute. ❤

Comment by kerishee

By the way, thanks for translating dear. :)))

Comment by kerishee

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