Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.30
July 30, 2008, 4:57 pm
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Yay~ So Heebum didn’t run away, those 2 kitties are celebrity cats and they’re looking great in this picture! ^^

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.30 15:12

Title: Together with Heebum

On the right is Heebum who hasn’t appeared in a long time
On the left is a a cat, looking like a monkey, whose name
according to everyone on ‘SimSimTapa’ who thought that it should be surnamed after me,

Kim Ya

To call it.. but how come (it) feels like a “Miss Kim~” Pass (-┏)

And lastly, I don’t know where this came from

Champagne 샴페인

Calling (-┏)

the cat Siam is because it’s a Siamese..

And also, when it comes home it’d want to sleep, so it’s a disabled (animal) 폐인..

So I called him “Disabled Siam” 샴폐인..(shampyein)

But hrough the intonation, it’s Champagne 샴페인(shampein)

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13

Haha, so it was a Siamese, sorry for getting the breed of the cat wrong ^^;;;
Everyone, say hello to Disabled Siam err, I mean, Champagne ^-^*


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pretty cats!
ahahah,,i’m jealous!..oh my jealousy these days are over flowing >.< idk why!
champagne! ^-^ nice name?…
its like an alcohol…

Comment by foreverpetal

ahh.. disabled siam is so cute…. i mean champagne… LOL

Comment by Hana

i love this entry….
thanks for posting…

do u have a hOtmaiL or yahOo id..?
i reaLLy love adding up ELFs…

i hOpe it’s ok fOr u tOo..

Comment by dongwookdahae

Whoa, so thats Heechulla’s new cat? I l0000000000veeeeee heechul~~~~~

Comment by aaaaaaa

oh gosh they’re so pretty! haha, I love Heechul he’s hilarious. He looked absolutely adorable on SimSimTapa

Comment by Jessie

Hi, thx for translate this entries.
Champagne is a good name, very cute. 🙂 The cat is so cute too.

Comment by sakuralove

i knew it. 😀 i knew he was going to name the cat champagne. wahhh i love the picture. i really want them. <333!

Comment by cm

I think Siam would make a pretty good name. But Champagne is cute too 😀

Comment by KuKKIEZ

thx for eng translation

they’re so cute!!!!!!!
both heebummie and champaigne!!!!!

Comment by poppavero

wow i though that Heebum is ran away.
but when i see this picture i really happy that it’s not.
thank for sharing

Comment by swe3t-less

Oh his cats are so adorable <333.
Thank you for translating; you’re awesome <3!

Comment by spazzes

omgg these days i was like watchign vids from long ago.. n’ was wondering, wad happen to heebumiee hehes good thing i found this and thx for sharing =) HEEENIMM always attracts me in different ways..
so the cat next to heebum is his new cat ? a girl or guy this time >< since heebumie is a guy (if i dont remember wrong) then that one should be a girl +) so they can have a mix breed baby

Comment by Nichole

Ahhrrgg….Disabled Siam?? hahaha…
but not a very good name actually..since Siam is Thailand
Sounds a bit……. T-T

Comment by Mushu

so cute~~ ^^

Hyaku!! Sungmin’s cat
He’s thai cat???
Idon’t know?

Comment by Luvsungmin

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