Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2008.07.29
July 29, 2008, 4:03 am
Filed under: Cyworld Entries, Kim Jongwoon/Yesung, Super Junior

Yesungie’s awake so late~~ Lol^^

Yesung’s Photo Entry 2008.07.29 1:55

During the beginning of 2006..
When I went to Yang Yang.. ㅋㅋ

Yesung’s Photo Entry 2008.07.29 2:02

동그리 Donggeuri~~ Together with DongDong .. ^^

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13


Camwhoring is good~ ^-^*


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LOL… suchacamwhore… so cute!!! haha…. without his entries… who would’ve known he was vain… LOL… it just doesn’t seem so at first… LOl.. sungie’s adorable!!

Comment by Hana

I don’t understand his entries xD He post one and then, a few minutes later, post again ^^”
I love your blog, congratulations! U rock (:
Pleease, dongdong, cut this hair!!


Comment by Debbie

Yesung!Gosh, I miss him so much! Lol.I like the first pic! Why he always post photos but vr little words… ):
ShinDong’s hair so cute! waha.

Comment by SJlove

@ Hana:
Camwhoring is GOOD!!! Haha~ Lol… Yeahhhh he’s too cuteeee HAHAHAHA.

@ Debbie:
Lol, he loves posting photo entries aye? ^^
Thank you so much~ ♥

I really wish Donghee would have a new hair cut too!

@ SJlove:
Lol, Haha… It’s mostly captions to the pictures but… HAHA too cute anyways 😀

Comment by ilovejr

so cute!!!my cutie just love camwhoring,just like me,hehe

Comment by Hanah

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Comment by Kazelyjk

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Comment by stephanazs

So Cute !!!

Comment by Anonymous

O^y oPPa sUg
sO kUt3

Comment by hEo_luv_hyuk

My namjachingu will always look cute…hohohoho

with that orange suits I think he’s look fresh…

The earings that he wears?
oh my God… Ijust love it so much…

Saranghae Kim jong Un

Comment by ncienomuyeppo

his so cute ilike him…….


Comment by dIaNe rEiNe

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