SJ-M’s “Me” Repackaged Album Lyrics Book Scans
July 29, 2008, 3:03 am
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It’s been quite a while since I last did an SJ-M post, and they’re going Hong Kong tomorrow~ For an awards ceremony which name has suddenly slipped off my mind XD But SHOW LUO’s gonna be there! And so are Jay Chou, Andy Lau and Wang Leehom!!! Wow, so many fandom collisions~ I really hope to see some interaction between the boys and their idols! *___*

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

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Credits;, SJ-M Baidu Bar


I’m kinda disappointed they just re-used the same set and not take a whole new set T__T Ah, I shall just patiently wait for the new MVs… apparently, there are 2 more coming up? I hope so!

Btw, I see some Siwon skin! ♥___♥

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aiyo, why old pics all the time?? *__*
Though I dont like SJ-M (as i really hates ZM, dont know why-lol) I still want to know abt others, esp my Fishy ^^
Miss his CK TT__TT

Comment by alex

Siwon and Zhoumi can pass off as twins lol

Comment by nataly

2 for SJ-M? Me and what?? >< all i know is that SJ-happy is making pajama party XD anyways… even if they are not new pics…. they look totally hot in them! especially fishy! is it just me or does he pop in the first picture… as in stand out? agh… my fishy frenzy XD

Comment by Hana

omg shiwon looks soooooooooooo <33333333
and my little ryeo!!!!~

Comment by EternalELF

agarelyreouagaj!!! LEEHOM AND SJM!? I WANT!! *drools*

haha omg. siwonskin!! ❤
and and and… i love henry’s hip *placement?* on this one x]

Comment by katrina

siwon changed his style
hot hot hot <3<3

Comment by aiqha

Oh goodness. SHOW LUO(super love!) + Jay Chou(so love!) + SJ-M!(duper love!) +Wang Lee Hom(not to the stage of love yet..) Andy Lau…WOW.
So into SJ these days that I had to abandon Show for a LITTLE while…

Comment by SJlove

kyu is so cute…. and i also wonder why people say zm and sw look alike…

anyway when are all the 13 members going to appear together?!? miss them together….

and is it also true that there’s going to be a 2nd season of EHB?!?

>sorry for asking too many questions<

Comment by yunyun

I love Kyu’s boots lol They are perfect for him 🙂

Comment by Kayla

@ alex:
Lol, I don’t know… budget constraints maybe? XD Ah well. 😦

@ nataly:
They look somewhat similar.. Kangta too.. lol

@ Hana:
I’ve heard rumours that they have a MV for “Ai Ni Ai Ni” with the colourful set of clothes~ Haha he stands out in everything for me~ XD

Lol, Yeah! PJ Party on Inga this Sunday! Woo~ Which means them rushing back from Genting?? 😐

@ EternalELF:
Siwon skin is ♥___♥ Totally gorging my eyeballs out. HAHA.

@ katrina:
NE!!!!! Leehom + SJ-M = HEAVEN! If only Wookie would sing a part of ‘Kiss Goodbye’ for him backstage or something.. and then Leehom would be so impressed that he’ll consider them for future collabs and and and… TADAHHHH! Okay, my imagination’s running wild XD

Haha Henry’s hip ‘placement’… (^_^)

@ aiqha:
Eh? Isn’t it the same as the first set they ever took as SJ-M? Haha, but Siwon’s always H.O.T! 😀

@ SJlove:
Lol, you like Xiaozhu too? Haha… He’s my old flame. Okay, current, but less now~ Well I was all hyperventilating the previous time with the Semir ad, hopefully there’s more fandom collisions coming up! ^^

@ yunyun:
Well, I guess some angles they look similar but not that alike… imo. Lol.

I’m praying its during MAA but my intuition is telling me that perhaps not every one can make it then T__T

About EHB Season 2, I think… it’s only on hiatus, they might come back together to film it when time permits, I hope they do… 😦 But I think we’d have to wait long. Bahhh~

It’s okay ^^;;;

@ Kayla:

Comment by ilovejr

sorry lah…
i acknowlegde ZM’s talents, it is just I dont know why I dislike him at the 1st time seeing him 😦
maybe because he looks like Kangta (in my eyes), lol.

And I feel like Fishy and Kyu started to be more stressful and tired after debuting as SJ-M. That really makes me sad seeing them like that. Rarely can I see Fishy’s smiles like b4. And their new costumes prevent me from seeing Fishy’s CK as the U’s ones, lmao (I’m not a pervert)

About EHB, I know it’s still not officially announced. I hope there could be season 2, but how can they make it with such tight schedule? In the meantime, all I can do is rewatching EHB season 1 *sigh*

Comment by alex

thanks for the scans! 🙂 SuJu M is cool! 🙂

Comment by Yukino

aah it feels like a rip off too,
repackage album is always a rip off, i guess ill just stick w/ my old me cd and grab this scan, XD
i dunno, i kinda hope this repackage will feature different photoshoot, or different image, maybe for that ai ni ai ni photoshoot since they’re so colourful
a girl can hope, can i?

Comment by angie

It looks like the original one…
but with a slightly different set .

Comment by Angela

cute aLL..!!
Ai ni,,DongHae… ^o^

Comment by Xiao Lie

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