Yesung’s Cyworld Entries 2008.07.27
July 27, 2008, 4:16 am
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Okay, initially, I didn’t plan to translate Yesung’s entries since he does it so frequently ^^;;; But I guess I’ll do it since some of you have requested and he’s climbing high on my ranks now, cos he’s just sooo adorable! ♥ Esp on Idol Show~ Haha!

Yesung’s Photo Entry 2008.07.27 02:55


Yesung’s Photo Entry 2008.07.27 02:53

Hu.. I did it well when I was practicing at home..


Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13

Lmao, the accent game on Star Golden Bell really gives me the laughs!


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thanks!!ahaha,,i nnoticed that too,,
most of the time he updated his site,,
thanks again ^^

Comment by foreverpetal

I love that game so much, and Yesung makes it hilarious. 😀 I wonder if he really practices at home, omfg I can just imagine. Cute. ❤

Comment by 15;Melissa

haha. xD
yay yesung. 😛

Comment by coriohh

thnks 4 translating~
i noe he’s growing on me too~^.^
he’s really funny but i guess he doesnt get much screen time dats y he’s not dat popular~
hope yesung will get more popular~
can sumone tell me where can i fing yesung’s cyworld translated in english~
plz n thnk~^^

Comment by mizztaznchick

they’re guests in star golden bell again!?? when!??

Comment by aneng07

LOL… he really is too cute… LOL…. but most are pictures… lol…. haha

Comment by Hana

wow, Ye Sung is so cute!!!^^
Thanks so much for this post

Comment by Linh

Thanks a lot
he look so cute in Star Golden Bell

Comment by dOnLii

How come when I translate Yesung’s entries there are only like 2-3 comments and when you do.. It’s like, 7 comments++++ ??!!!


Comment by 사유13

how cute!!!!


do anyone knows when will be the MTV Asia Award be shown and what time???


Comment by sujufan

i love this blog!!
thanks for updating!
i’ll wait for more……


Comment by aralovessuju

@ foreverpetal:
Lol, you’re welcome <333
He always updates with photo entries! ^^

@ 15;Melissa:
The accent game is TOOOO CUTEEEE! Hahah I love it so much~

@ coriohh:

@ mizztaznchick:
You’re welcome! <333
He’s growing on me so much~ He’s sooo adorable, I mean he has always been but I always thought he was kinda ignored on EHB 😦

Well, I don’t think there’s a cyworld with English translations of his entries, but I’ll try to them when I can yeah? 🙂

@ aneng07:
I’m not sure~~ Are they? I really want to see them play the accent game again! Haha!

@ Hana:
Haha I love all his pictures!!

@ Linh:
You’re welcome! <333 I agree 113%!

@ dOnLii:
You’re welcome! <333 SGB is ♥!

@ 사유13:
Lol 😉 Idk? ^^;;; ♥

@ sujufan:
Haha… I think you can go to MTV Asia to check out the timings! But if you’re in Malaysia/Singapore/Hong Kong, it airs at 11pm on Aug 2!

@ aralovessuju:
Ah I love your name~ ^^ (Cos I love Kyu~ Haha!)
Thank you so much <333
Sureeeee! Kamsahamnida!

Comment by ilovejr

yesung is so hillarious!!!!
luckily kangin wasn’t there!!!!

Comment by she_dot

ye sung i love you so much!(“^__^”)

Comment by sayaka

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