Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.26
July 26, 2008, 4:30 pm
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Wow it’s been a long time since Heenim posted in the day… Lol. Ahhhh I love the cat’s eyes~ ♥___♥

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2008.07.26 12:19

Title: Name

Which would be good?
Jungmo (X-mas from Trax) and I held our heads together and thought through it much..

  • Tell Me
  • Champagne
  • Gaegood (Very good)
  • Gaettabong (Very impressive?)

Which would be good? (-┏)

Within today I shall collate all the applications for names with my type of style ㄱㄱ
At the fancafe and elsewhere too ㄱㄱ

To add on,

  • Su Bak Yi Bak Su (From Rokkugo lyrics)
  • Ttutturu Du Ttuttu (From SNSD’s Kissing You lyrics?)
  • Omona

Gaeteuk is a nickname that I put my mind into creating, so I’ll pass on that (-┏)

Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out!
Credits; OnlySJ13, OnlyHeechul

Lol, a new cat for Heechul?? Well, I think this cat looks slightly cuter than Heebum XD Haha! I think it’s a Birman cat… Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I just love its blue eyes~ Totally reminds me of “soul in my eye”! HAHA.


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poor cat >_> soon it will learn to dance XD

Comment by sureyya

thanks so much for this post
haha Heenim has a new cat^^
It’s much more beautiful than Hee Bum 😀

Comment by Linh

waahhh… isaw a cat exactly like that the other day..!!! i knew i should have bought it….!!! i really wanted to but my parents won’t let me… they don’t like cats… now i want it more!!! waah…. i almost had the same cat as heenim… anyways… would it be bad if i wanted to name it su bak yi bak su???? wahehee… so many possible cute nicknames…. yey!!! btw is it a girl or a boy? is heebum a girl or a boy??? LOL just curious

Comment by Hana

gaeteuk is what heechul calls teukie, right?
OMO, another singing/dancing cat in the making!

Comment by iheartmeowing

lol,,i think its a Briman too,
probably 6-8 monsths old..
lol two cats!!awesome
so gaetauk is the nickname?….
lol now heebum is not alone anymore
with heenim…

Heebum: yey!!finally another cat!….i’m your boss since i’m the first one,,ahaha

jk…lol…what if heebum got actually jealous? >.<

Comment by foreverpetal

lol i out briman,,its birman…

Comment by foreverpetal

cat is a siamese XD how cute.

Comment by jeis

o_o;; it looks like Heechul’s old cat.. Chae Che? I think its name was.. but then didn’t he had to give that cat away because he couldn’t take care of it? not sure > 0<

Comment by Eden

omg it would be cute if he named it su bak yi bak su, i can just hear eetuek’s voice saying that

Comment by nataly

@ sureyya:
Lol! That’s funny! ^^

@ Linh:
You’re welcome! <333
I think it looks prettier than Heebum too XD

@ Hana:
That’s a good question, I never thought of that! Haha! Ahhh it’s soo prettyyyy~

@ iheartmeowing:
Yep that’s what Heechul calls Teuk! Haha~ A dancing & singing cat would be cool.. ^^;;;

@ foreverpetal:
Yeah! I tried comparing between a Siamese and a Birman and it look more like a Birman to me… maybe because of the signature blue eyes that Birman cats have?

@ jeis:
At first I thought it was a Siamese too.. but it resembles more like a Birman to me, imo.. Lol. 🙂

@ Eden:
Yeah! It kinda looks like Chae Che! XD
Anyway, I read on Baidu that Heebum ran away and that’s why he got this new cat. I’m not sure if it’s true though T__T He doesn’t seem so depressed about it if it really happened.

@ nataly:
LOL! HAHAHA Then the cat might just favour Teukie more~ Lol. XD

Comment by ilovejr

Ah~ It looks like my cat! The stray cat that hangs around my house anyway.

Comment by Tayku

Su Bak Yi Bak Su

– I LIKE THAT ONE HEENIM ! lol xD gaeteuk means very special right… that one’s pretty cute too !

Comment by lovemixin

Thanks for translate this entries. The cat is so cute & it has a blue eyes. Just like sapphire blue. 🙂
I like Omona for its name. It’s so cute name. 🙂 But Gaeteuk means so special too so it’s ok. Be happy Heechul oppa & keep fighting. Goodluck for Xanadu. 😛

Comment by sakuralove

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