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July 23, 2008, 8:41 pm
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I’m actually not very sure what this is about.. Is this some new website or something? *lost* It seems like the boys are endorsing it (are they?), and if you go to the main website here.. you can see some event/promotion they’re having? I think.. someone enlighten me please ^-^*

But the pictures are all so gorgeous, they’re all gorging my eyeballs out! XD
102 pictures in total…

+ a few more preview pictures and download links under the cut!!

Free Image Hosting at

I’m not sure why Ming doesn’t have an individual shot T__T and some members do have a lot more pictures than the rest. Lol. Hae’s got the most individual shots.. 15 of them! ♥___♥

Download Links (3.27MB): MF / MU

Credits; gyuhyuncn + sjmarket


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thanks super duper love..i love ur updates on the boys..especially eeteukie. i want to give him millions & millions of endless hugs he needs! (^^)

Comment by kay35

love the pics thanks!

Comment by Hana

is that kyu on cool shade? O_O
and,.. shindong is soooo adorable on his individual shots ^^

Comment by angie

nice pics..

Comment by nda

Kyu is so cute in that photo. ^o^
Teukie needs a hug? I can give him a million hugs. 🙂 Is him feel ok right now? I hope so. Smile angel Teukie.
Thx ilovejr. Nice pics. ^o^

Comment by sakuralove

i see many pics from the so-called ‘my portal’
and i still cant figure out what it is *sigh*
thanks for the uploading.
I think Minnie has quite a few other camwhoring pics that are extremely aegyo. xD

Comment by alex

sung min oppa saranghae…
he’s so cute…
i mizz u oppa!?

Comment by Ika Kartika S

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