Kyu’s Fancafe Message 2008.07.22
July 23, 2008, 11:59 pm
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Don’t tell me.. There’s an emoKyu now? T__T

I pray hard it’s not.. It’s short, but very worrying indeed.

Kyuhyun’s Fancafe Message 2008.07.22 19:35

Title: ……

What is the truth what is a lie

Who’s telling the truth

Although I don’t know who’s telling a lie..
It’s just that it hurts in a small corner of my heart

*I followed exactly as what the source showed, and I think there was only punctuation in the 3rd line..
Translated by me, please credit and link back if taking out.
Credits; Kyu’s Baidu Bar

Oh man, Kyu.. What is wrong?? (유_유) ♥

*edit; July 24*
I was looking around the usual forums, and then I saw something from Gyuhyun Family (Which I’m not a member of, ‘cos its now only by invitation 😦 ) So anyway, I saw something related to his fancafe message as posted above… I’m not sure if this is true, does anyone have a Daum account? You can go to his fancafe to find out what’s exactly happening..

The message doesn’t have anything to do with Kyu himself.. (i.e personal matters) and he was in Beijing at that time. Apparently, there’s some huge contradiction between the management of the cafe, concerning the management and concerning the fans.. and after Kyu saw that, he was really upset.. Because this fancafe has grown together with him. So I guess his fancafe message was directed at this matter?

Hopefully, it’s nothing personal, so… I guess everyone doesn’t need to worry that much?
I hope the problems get settled fast too! Then Kyu can finally rest his mind ^^♥
E.L.F Hwaiting!

Credits; SJF


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what’s wrong with my KYUtt?!
i hop he’s fine..
we luv him! that’s the truth…

Comment by -=yushin013only=-

kyuh! what’s wrong in China!?,,,
is everything okay!

wooh! after emoteuk…now there’s emokyuh!!
i want them to be better Y-Y

Comment by foreverpetal


what the hell is going on with suju nowwwwwwwwww~~?!!!

leeteukie is all emoangry

not kyu tooo?!!!

D: D: D: D: D:

Comment by kyuuwhi

wahhhh what’s with kyu?? i don’t get it… TT_TT

Comment by Hana

i hope that he stay better .__.

thanks for translate

Comment by kya

i don’t get it..what’s wrong???

Comment by nda

….!!!… emoteukie and now emokyu………T______T…..that’s all i can’t say is ” it’s okay …. kyu hwating….sj hwating !!! “

Comment by nikko

lol…that’s ehat it is!
nyways he had updates on his cyworld ^^…
i’m hoping for the translations ^^

Comment by foreverpetal

@ -=yushin013only=-:
There’s nothing too worrying about him, it’s not personal matters so… I guess it’s less worrying? But he’s still very much concerned about his fancafe… Magnae ♥

@ foreverpetal:
I found out the reason why he was “emo” but I guess he wasn’t really “emo”, well I’m really hoping it’s nothing personal/nothing wrong in China ^^

@ kyuuwhi:
Don’t worry~ I don’t think it’s that much of a personal matter so he should be fine now, I really hope the fancafe management solves their hiccups! 😀

@ Hana:
Nothing’s very wrong… I found out the reason why he wrote that post, and I’m hoping it’s true and nothing too personal about himself ^^

@ Kya:
I hope he’s feeling better too! ^-^*
You’re welcome! <333

@ nda:
I edited with the reason~ Perhaps that explains! ^^

@ nikko:
Please be gone emokyu~
Hwaiting!!! ♥

@ foreverpetal:
Yeppp.. it’s done! 😀

Comment by ilovejr

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